How To Start Your Own Pr Company

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How To Start Your Own Pr Company

How To Start Your Own Pr Company

Public relations is a business that involves working with the media and companies. According to small business resource, it’s important to publish your customer’s story in the newspaper or have them promote your latest venture in a talk show. It’s a complex industry that requires knowledge of journalism, creative writing, media advertising and group behavior patterns. According to the US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, a degree in journalism or marketing is required as a foundation to start your own PR firm. Once you have an educational foundation, you can start working for your company.

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How To Start Your Own Pr Company

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Being Your Own Pr Firm

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How To Start Your Own Pr Company

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From the outside looking in, it seems like there are a lot of gatekeepers in the media world. So when small business owners want to take pictures as part of their marketing strategy, it’s understandable that many will try to hire someone with connections in the field.

The bad news is that it can be prohibitively expensive for many small businesses. The good news is that it’s completely feasible for creators to manage their own PR as long as they have a larger budget. That’s it.

Serial entrepreneur Candace Smith said of her former business, an Intimacy subscription box: “I was very busy because I didn’t have anyone to outsource to. Ultimately, that experience inspired us to launch our PR efforts for the French Press in 2020, shortly thereafter we launched the Hustle Accelerator to make PR knowledge more accessible to creatives.

When Jessica Spivack Lowenstein, head of platforms at VC firm K50 Ventures, was trying to get exposure for both the company and her portfolio companies, she first tried to sign a contract with a contractor, but it was expensive. He then told Insider that he gave the Hustle Accelerator a try and was surprised at how viable the DIY approach was.

Pr Entrepreneur, Consultant And Coach

Spivack Lowenstein and Smith shared the steps small businesses can take to start registering with the press.

The first thing business owners need to do, Smith says, is understand their PR goals. “Knowing the general direction you want to go and the story you want to tell puts you in a really good position right from the start,” he said.

These goals should be based on a realistic understanding of the return on your PR investment. So it’s about building brand awareness, credibility and a pipeline of future customers, not driving immediate sales, and it shouldn’t be too broad. “Think strategically rather than ‘I want to be in the news,'” Spiva Loewenstein said.

How To Start Your Own Pr Company

“Success isn’t about getting paid right away. It’s about getting your name out there and being a brand champion,” Smith added. “Don’t be fooled by this idea of ​​wanting to win quickly. One of the worst things you can do is to chase a publication instead of coming up with a solid visibility strategy. It’s a marathon and a sprint.”

The Ultimate Guide To Hiring A Pr Agency In 2021

For Spivack Lowenstein, he thought about his K50 goal to connect with founders and potential founders as they seek funding. Technology store “

With a firm goal in mind, you can spend time researching where your voice fits best in the media environment.

Smith also recommends looking at how your competitors look.

When Spivack Lowenstein did this exercise from a VC perspective, he found articles on the best startups and trends to watch, stories from founders commenting on business news, and a roundup of startups in a variety of industries. “It was a very interesting exercise to think about what the story was that we wanted to tell, what it looked like and when we should present it,” he said.

Ways To Market Your Agency And Get More Qualified Leads

When creating a list of articles and posts to follow, don’t just focus on celebrities. Smith recommends thinking of media outreach like applying to college. “Don’t overlook niche publications, local TV stations and smaller podcasts. There could be a dedicated audience eager to hear from you,” he said.

When you’re ready to pitch your idea, don’t put it in your public post inbox. You need to target specific journalists and content creators. “When you’re researching the media landscape, find out who’s writing the stories you want to publish,” says Smith. Then, “focus your laser on the five to 10 people you want to build a relationship with,” he said.

Remember, in your outreach, it’s not about what your company or content writers and creators can do for you, it’s about what you can do. “My biggest learning is that I have to work as a journalist,” Spivak Loewenstein said. He invited the journalists for coffee and talked about how to help them, and it was a success.

How To Start Your Own Pr Company

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