How To Think Like A Business Owner

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How To Think Like A Business Owner

How To Think Like A Business Owner

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Web designer, business coach, podcast host, mother of two, and follower of Jesus. Helping business owners prove their worth and stand out online is my passion.

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I had the honor of interviewing my amazing client and friend Rick Mulready! In this interview, I ask Rick all about his business and the behind-the-scenes of life as a 7-figure/1-year-old business owner. No matter where you are in your business right now, you can learn a lot from Rick’s insight into the ideas, techniques, thoughts and actions that have led to success.

I’ve learned a lot from Rick as a client (I redesigned his logo and website last year!), and funny enough… his podcasts were one of the first things I learned about when I started my business a few years ago. That’s why this interview is so important to me!

How To Think Like A Business Owner

Rick Mulready is the host of The Art of Online Business Podcast and a leading expert in teaching online entrepreneurs how to optimize their online business to take it to the next level. .

Think Like An Owner (podcast)

It has the no-nonsense power to make Facebook and Instagram advertising easy, teaching thousands of online businesses worldwide how to generate leads, sales, and promotions.

He built a 7-figure business as an internet expert and tutorial creator from scratch using Facebook and Instagram ads and showed other internet experts how to make games without endless confusion and trouble.

He spent 12 years in Internet marketing with AOL, Yahoo!, Funny or Die and Vibrant Media before starting his own business.

Rick talks about how his business has evolved and grown over the years from being a “Facebook ad guy” to coaching and giving many offers to help people grow their businesses. He currently has two major offerings, Accelerator Coaching Program and Mastermind and Offer to Optimization, as well as his podcast, The Art of Online Business.

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Rick talks about this issue of managing your energy and knowing your ‘magic moment’. This is a great idea for integrators like Rick, especially those who spend a lot of time teaching or talking to other people.

This idea helps you to see if your day is clear and how your brain works. There are many people, Rick, in the morning. He says he takes care of the morning and organizes activities to earn money during this time.

Rick tells us that he plans his week around specific event dates. For example, Monday is a meeting day, Tuesday is a good day, Friday is an all day.

How To Think Like A Business Owner

He says that at first he didn’t want to put something on his calendar because he felt tied to it and it didn’t give him the freedom he wanted to pursue. BUT he found that he has more energy when he does things on the calendar, because you count all the important things.

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Rick says he uses some of Michael Hyatt’s ideas to create his own dates with his own twist on Google Calendar. There are different calendars for different things, including a good one that shows time limits for different events based on intensity.

It’s important to think, and it’s important for Rick to talk about his business. He says he’s surprised by how well it’s going. He says, “Imagination is 80% of the success of your online business.”

He sees many psychological issues with his Accelerator students. People say, for example, because some form of marketing, like advertising, didn’t bring in any money for two days, it “didn’t work” or people didn’t want to buy it. give. According to Rick, their focus should be on testing strategy and playing the long game. If it doesn’t work, that’s normal. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you’ve failed, and not knowing what you’re doing is not what you think it is. But you can choose to listen to your thoughts or not.

Rick says there is another gap in the data. He reminds us that numbers don’t lie. Most people don’t track their credit for their business. But once they start tracking it, it’s easy to post those numbers and decide what those numbers mean to you.

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Edit the entire section to explain how Rick’s attitude and personal experiences can make or break you as a business owner.

Rick reminds us that as business owners, you need to track your numbers. When you start tracking your numbers, it’s important to remember that these data are not reliable. It’s just a number. Be careful what you provide for your personal data.

That being said, you need to pay attention to your numbers so you know what’s working and what’s not. This is what Rick calls “Chief Beauty”. This is where you step back, evaluate your performance objectively, and make decisions based on data rather than fear or emotion.

How To Think Like A Business Owner

The business metrics Rick mentions include looking at things like revenue, gross and net profit margins, and revenue forecasts. Apart from this, keep focusing on the important things in your business. They are important indicators of your business. These are signs that your business is growing.

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Rick says he’s still dealing with balance. He says the difference between when he started his business and now is that he knows how to move ideas.

Different attitudes, but now instead of looking at others in the industry and pretending that it’s impossible, he has the attitude of “I’m not the one who teaches and helps people” because he’s not one of them.

It is important to understand metaphor and be able to put it into perspective. Rick says it will never end. You learn to deal with it differently.

Another thing that Rick said about comparing fights is not looking at what other people are doing. Many people suffer from hearing loss and the best way to prevent it is to stay on track.

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Rick talks about achieving his goal of becoming a 7 figure business. He achieved this goal and said it was amazing but also expensive. He suffered a lot in his life at that time. According to him, he strives for goals because everything he has seen in his life has been successful.

Now his reason is to define success for you and build a business that works for you. 4 days or the purpose of working money

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