How To Transfer Google My Business Ownership

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How To Transfer Google My Business Ownership – In today’s post, we’re going to talk about the Suggest an Edit feature that Google displays on your Google My Business listing and how it works.

Of course, anyone visiting your Google My Business listing (including your competitors) can click the “Propose an edit” link and then type any kind of edit to the information about your business that appears on your Google My Business listing, without your consent.

How To Transfer Google My Business Ownership

How To Transfer Google My Business Ownership

We’re talking about information that is important to your business, such as how your business name is displayed, your working hours, phone number, the products you offer, such as whether your business is permanently closed. All of these bits of information are for anyone who wants to click the “Suggestion” link and try to make changes to your business information.

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This means that as the owner of your Google My Business listing, it’s important that you understand what the “edit recommendation” feature is and how it works so that you have control over the information presented on it to the public. Your business

Spammers, competitors, dissatisfied people and anyone can try to tip your listing. This means that if you don’t pay attention to your Google My Business listing, you could accidentally show your customers the wrong information about your business. This can lead to unexpected negative reviews, scare off customers and lower your online rankings. Read on for more information

Okay, let’s take a quick step first and see what Google My Business is first (if you already know this, skip to the next section below).

Google My Business is a free tool from Google. Allows you to display your business information on Google Search and Google Maps. Basically, the purpose of a Google business listing is to help customers find you when they search Google for the products and services you offer.

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What you need to do to get started with Google My Business is that you must first claim your Google My Business listing. Next, you’ll need to go through Google’s verification process to confirm that you’re the real business owner. Finally, you need to complete and optimize your Google My Business profile with your business information

According to Google’s website, “Companies verified on Google are twice as likely to be reviewed by consumers.”

This means it’s essential for business owners to verify their Google My Business listings and maintain accurate information so customers can contact you, find your location, and view the services you offer.

How To Transfer Google My Business Ownership

If you want to know the full story about what Google My Business is and how it works, click here for a link to the full Google documentation. If you’re confused, need help, or don’t want to set up your Google My Business profile yourself, let us know and we can do it for you. This is one of the services we offer

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It’s very simple. When people come to your Google My Business listing, the listing displays a public link that says “Suggest an edit.” People can click the link and start filling in the bits of information they want to change about your company. Here’s an example of what it looks like:

For example, someone might click the “Edit Listing” link to report that your business is permanently closed, that your hours have changed, or that you have a different phone number than the one shown.

According to Google, “Google uses information from a variety of sources to keep your Business Profile as accurate as possible. For example, user reports and approved content. If sources report that the information provided by the business owner is incorrect or outdated, the profile will be updated by Google. You can view all such updates. “

All of this means you could wake up one day and discover that Google has made changes to the information displayed on your Google My Business listing that you don’t want.

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The answer is yes, a competitor can edit your Google My Business listing. They can go to the “Suggested Edit” feature just like everyone else and try to edit it.

Think about it, if they mark your business as permanently closed or suggest hours of adjustments and advice on your phone.

While we don’t want to think that something like this could happen, I can tell you from my own experience that unfortunately it can.

How To Transfer Google My Business Ownership

Anyone (including complete strangers, dissatisfied people, competitors, etc.) can click “Suggest & Edit” and add what they think the information should be on your listing, say, and then send it to Google for review.

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When someone clicks “Suggest Editing,” Google opens a pop-up to decide what information to edit. This is what it looks like when you try it

After that, the user just needs to select the specific information they want to suggest to edit and then enter what they want to change. It’s a simple process that’s relatively easy. Here’s an image to show you:

After users submit edits, they are sent to Google for review to determine if the changes are implemented in practice. If you read Google’s documentation, Google is vague about whether they will implement the change and how long it will take for the change to take effect. It is only according to their will

Once Google determines that the submitted suggestions are relevant, they will email the listing owner that the changes will be made immediately.

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Along with the emails they send, Google displays recommendations on various Google My Business dashboards. This is what it looks like according to Google:

When you log into your Google My Business dashboard and click Details, you’ll see the changes at the top. Here’s what that looks like

Fortunately, you can reject or accept changes, but if you notice or don’t see them, Google will continue editing. (Better check your email!)

How To Transfer Google My Business Ownership

Yes, listing owners can’t tell Google who edits their business listing. They will only see a notification from Google sent to their email and displayed in their Google My Business account. Explain where the edition comes from.

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Google gives no timetable. According to their support article here it only says that updates “may take a while” if they happen at all.

But that means your business could be at risk if your listings aren’t accurate. Be careful with your Google My Business listing and be proactive about the nature of the information you post online.

If you need help managing or setting up your Google My Business listing, the Attraction Marketing team can take care of it for you. Google My Business verification and optimization is one of the services. We claim and verify your Google My Business listing, optimize it so that the information is complete, and we can continuously monitor it to make sure the information changes. Contact us today to learn more about our local SEO services

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How To Transfer Google My Business Ownership

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