Integrated Marketing Communications Graduate Programs

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Integrated Marketing Communications Graduate Programs – Beginning in fall 2022, Lubbock Christian University’s () Department of Communication and Fine Arts will offer a Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communications.

“We are the pioneers of this,” he said of the event. While degrees in media and communications have long been offered, the new integrated marketing communications degree bridges the gap between those fields and other business-oriented disciplines such as commerce.

Integrated Marketing Communications Graduate Programs

Integrated Marketing Communications Graduate Programs

“There’s a false dichotomy in academia between media and social media,” he says, “but really they’re two sides of the same coin.” Dr. Hughes explained that the degree applies to logos, packaging, corporate advertising and all aspects of reaching the public through paid advertising or public relations, noting social media.

Advertising And Marketing Communications

“Social media is a powerful tool,” he shares, “but it’s like a sharp blade. Likewise, from a societal perspective, we need to be aware of the real risks. social media – and on the other hand. For marketing ideas, there’s never been a better tool to target our audience.”

Two new courses have been created for the program. Both focus on social media, Hughes explained. First, Social Media focuses on media in general, focusing on how social media works, its advantages and disadvantages, and the ways in which it has been used historically, and how it can disrupt modern life. The second new method, E-Marketing and Social Media, focuses more on the targeting power of social media and marketing, especially in terms of information and audience.

“This part of the research is still new,” he continued, “but I’m sure it will be offered in many places within the next 10 years. We are very happy to be able to offer it ‘on time’ and at the same time keep ourselves going. progress ‘ It has been marked,” he said. public face, how to communicate with people non-verbally and verbally, as well as advertising, public relations, strategic thinking in an organization.

The Department of Communication and Arts has partnered with the School of Business to create the degree, and students in the track will take courses such as introductions to digital media, marketing principles and consumer behavior.

Best Jobs For Graduates With A Communication Degree

The final part of the program is a foundation that helps students gain the experience they need to succeed in the marketplace.

“We pay a lot of attention to their teaching experience,” said Dr. Hughes explained. “It opens up a new way to engage our employees, because we don’t want them to be in a big company – we want to put them directly in the external communication area of ​​the company, so they can focus on that. social media and sending their messages through those channels. It attracts good attention and maintains the strength we set for quality.

The communications degree internship requires students to complete 120 observation hours in the business department. They work closely with their companies and regularly report on their work. They want to have a big conversation with their supervisor, and the whole experience culminates in a final presentation to the department, usually their company leader. Dr. Hughes said many of these courses lead directly to employment after graduation.

Integrated Marketing Communications Graduate Programs

Students with this degree will be prepared to enter many fields, he said. Public relations, advertising and marketing jobs are ideal, but the beauty of the program is the focus on change.

Imc Full Time Master’s

“It’s very wet,” he said. “Today, those platforms are Facebook and Google, but what if that changes? We teach students about ideas because those ideas don’t last. When we talk about returns and investments, we’re asking, ‘How many 1,000 people can I raise?'” , what will I spend on 1000’, those principles are still important. But we’re talking about Tik Tok, Instagram and whatever the next big wave in social media is, that’s not going to change.

“This degree and training can be applied to many types of companies,” said Dr. Hughes added. “It’s not just for grocery stores to sell specialties — there are churches and small businesses and even government agencies. It can be used in many different places.” Wanted by any company in any part of the world. Professional communicators. WVU’s online IMC program is up to the task and not only supports you, it connects you with those institutions.

Amanda Science M.S. 2014 in the field of integrated marketing communications. She is now the director of marketing for Julie’s California Superfruit in Santa Monica.

The Master of Integrated Marketing Communications program at WVU was established in 2003 as the nation’s first IMC master’s program. Since its development, it has grown in industry and remains in a class of its own. You get a comprehensive view of each channel that matches your interests or your company’s needs.

Integrated Marketing Communication (imc)

You will take 10 fully online asynchronous courses with no personal commitment. Choose from a variety of options to customize your rank.

Follow one of our 7 specializations as part of your degree to focus on an area of ​​interest, such as creative strategy or health communication.

Our unique team of 20 students focuses on a specific area of ​​interest and allows you to study alongside like-minded students.

Integrated Marketing Communications Graduate Programs

Current offerings starting in Fall 2023 include the Creative Strategy Cluster, which focuses on creating content to support marketing campaigns, and the Executive Cluster, which is designed for mid-career professionals to complete assignments as part of an internship.

Integrated Marketing Communications By Robert F. Lauterborn Signed Book 9780844233635

IMC attempts to integrate all marketing activities, including advertising, public relations, direct marketing, social media, and sales promotion. Integrated media communication involves a human-centered approach where messaging resonates with audiences and is consistent across all channels. When you study IMC, you will learn how to organize marketing activities to ensure that messages reach customers through a variety of media. As technology advances and digital media becomes more important, companies can use that media to create effective and consistent campaigns and messages that connect with audiences. As a graduate of the IMC program, you will not only excel in marketing communications, but you will also be able to analyze data and manage strategic plans.

We’re here for you every step of the way… we answer your questions, help with your graduate school and financial aid applications, schedule your classes, provide technical support, welcome you to graduation, and connect once. you cross the finish line.

“No matter what stage of life someone is in, any goal or dream can be achieved if they are willing to put in the work. Ask yourself – what do you want, why do you want it?” and how to get it? With desire, patience and perseverance, anything is possible.” Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) “is a strategy designed to ensure that all messages received by a customer or prospect about a product, service or organization are relevant and consistent to that person. Over time.” But what does that mean? Advertising, IMC seeks to integrate all marketing communications, including public relations, direct marketing, social media, and marketing communications. So what’s so special about WVU’s Master of Integrated Marketing Communications program? This system allows students to access their degree anywhere in the world! Degree requirements include an introductory course, four core courses, four major courses, three elective courses, and a capstone course. Typically, most students complete these courses and earn their degrees in about two years. The WVU IMC network is 1,200+ strong. WVU IMC alumni have the opportunity to connect with alumni around the world. Combine the new curriculum with these links and IMC graduates will be exposed to many levels of marketing. Alumni hold the following positions: Brand Managers Marketing Directors Public Relations Directors Business Owners CEOs In a recent alumni survey: 94 percent of total respondents rated their overall satisfaction with WVU’s program as 8 out of 10 or higher. 100 percent of respondents said they would recommend the IMC program to a friend or colleague. 76 percent of recent graduates reported an annual salary increase of $5,000 or more after completing this master’s program. WVU IMC graduates have career prospects. IMC graduates can pursue careers as marketing managers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, sales managers make an average of

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