Is Better Business Bureau Worth It

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Without trust in business, nothing else matters. Here’s how displaying the BBB seal on your website can help instill that trust in your customers.

Is Better Business Bureau Worth It

Is Better Business Bureau Worth It

How can you show customers that you are a trustworthy company that cares about doing the right thing?

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While there is no 100% disease-free method, there are a few things you can do that can go a long way in putting clients at ease.

The Commerce Bureau was founded in 1912 and originally “provided an impartial forum where consumers could resolve complaints about businesses.” Since then, it has grown into an organization dedicated to holding companies accountable for their actions, highlighting trustworthy companies and defending consumers.

While retailers in the days before the Internet displayed the BBB seal in their store windows, today 400,000 certified businesses display this trust seal on their websites. In addition to those businesses, 4 million businesses have profiles on, attracting 160 million website visitors each year.

What are the benefits of being an accredited BBB member? Here are six big ones.

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Better Business Bureau is one of the most recognized and trusted consumer protection brands in the world. We’ve all had one, if not many, experiences with companies treating us badly and not caring about results. BBB accreditation can go a long way in reassuring consumers about what their experience with your brand will be like. is one of the 800 most visited websites in the United States. While millions of businesses are listed on, verified business profiles are much easier to find and more attractive when found.

In addition, this page contains a statement from the BBB confirming the company’s certification and commitment to make good faith efforts to resolve any issues that may arise.

Is Better Business Bureau Worth It’s high authority means that when anyone Googles your business name, your BBB profile is likely to be at the top of the results. In other words, one of the first things customers will see when they search is the fact that you are certified by the Commerce Bureau.

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Also, a BBB link back to your website boosts your website’s backlink profile, which is very important for Google rankings. Also, your BBB page serves as a good off-site brand, which is another factor Google considers when deciding where to rank pages.

When you decide to work with a particular company, many people visit their page on the BBB website. Assuming your profile is strong, it is very likely that they will request a quote directly through the BBB site or click through to your company’s website.

Also, when someone comes to your website and sees the BBB Trust Seal, it can go a long way in making them feel comfortable doing business with you. They will know that you have worked to meet standards set by a non-partisan outside organization, and not just based on your word.

One of the most important aspects of being accredited by the Better Business Bureau is that you have access to a free mediation service for any unresolved complaints. When a customer files a complaint with the BBB, your business will receive a notice from the BBB and have 28 days to resolve the issue.

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You will improve your BBB rating by responding effectively and quickly to customer complaints. When the customer does not cooperate, but BBB determines that the company made a good faith effort to resolve the matter, the arbitrators will document the circumstances surrounding the unresolved dispute and close the case in favor of the company.

Trust badges on websites are very important, and the Better Business Bureau seal is one of the best around, and only approved businesses can use them.

On its website, the BBB notes that 85% of consumers feel more comfortable doing business with a reputable company, and prominently displaying the BBB seal on your website is proof that this is the case. A study by independent UX research firm Baymard Institute found that the Better Business Directory is second only to the Norton Seal in instilling trust in online consumers.

Is Better Business Bureau Worth It

At a time when people fear being scammed, the BBB Trust Seal can go a long way in assuring potential customers that they are working with a company they can trust.

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Is Better Business Bureau Worth It

The Bureau Business Bureau (BBB) ​​​​is one of the largest and most respected independent business review organizations in North America, and its A+ rating is a wonderful testament to business success and longevity. It increases customer confidence that your company has fair and ethical practices, and when things go wrong, you can trust them to fix it.

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Ultimately, an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau is one of the best ways you can communicate your commitment to quality to your customers.

So once you have it, what’s the best way to store it? Here’s how to maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Even if you’ve just been approved, it’s still worth checking how the BBB rates your business and understanding what you need to do to pass the A+ threshold.

Just like in school, BBB letter grades are based on points out of 100. To earn an A+ grade, you must score a 97 or higher. The rating you receive from BBB represents how confident BBB is that your business operates responsibly and will make good faith efforts to resolve customer complaints.

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BBB scores are based on the transparency and integrity of your business. They follow a code of ethics that outlines what they look for in companies with BBB A+ ratings: These companies “Build trust, build with integrity, tell the truth, are open, keep promises, are accountable, protect confidentiality, promote integrity” .

If you feel that you already run your business according to these values, you may have the opportunity to earn an A+ BBB rating. But what is the BBB rating really?

But because of the BBB rating, only five out of 13 things get a rating for your business. With most requirements, you will lose points for not complying; your reward for compliance is not getting points, not losing them. For example, if you meet all state licenses, you get 0 points. If you don’t, you lose 41 points.

Is Better Business Bureau Worth It

Since the penalty for not meeting any requirement is at least 21 points, which takes you away from 97 points on the A+ scale, we will focus on the ways you can earn points. They are:

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It is very simple. These add up to 100 points and you need to score 97 points to get an A+ BBB rating. Before we dive into them, it’s important to remember a few things:

This measures how many complaints your company has registered against you in the last three years. Your complaint volume also takes into account the age of the complaint, if you had two complaints in the last 24 months it will count less than if you had two complaints yesterday. The more complaints you have, the less points you will get. It is worth noting that the size of your company is also taken into account, so large companies with many customers are not in the best interest.

A low complaint rate is important to maintaining an A+ rating, but it is not the most important factor. For starters, without generally improving the way we do business, it’s not much

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