Is Patriot Windows Still In Business

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Is Patriot Windows Still In Business – Patriotic house in 2002 – we had a really tough time with single hung windows. Now in 2020 the seals break and you see fog/water in the glass. This happens in the upper greenhouse – which is held with small screws.

I found a local company that said they would make custom replacements – insulated glass sheets (with grids) to the required size.

Is Patriot Windows Still In Business

Is Patriot Windows Still In Business

The second picture is a flat bar after removing the screws. I stopped before I broke something and thought it must be a frame around the window.

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Any ideas how to remove the glass? I’ve read that some people use duct tape on both sides of the glass, break it and collect the pieces, cleaning the channel.

When removing the removable panel, the screw should release a stop and, when removed, the top panel. Keep us informed.

Tilt the treatment glass down to clean. All 4 sides of the glass have removable panes. There is also a strip of outer glass that you need to cut to remove the IGU. If you know the exact size and thickness of one, you don’t need to separate the others because you know how to measure them.

If you look from the outside, is the glass visible through the foam tape (usually white)? If so, it shouldn’t be too hard to enforce.

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If applied with a sealant/glue, it can be more difficult (and dangerous) to remove by a DIYer. (Don’t tell anyone, but I do this for a living. I left a piece of skin on a guy’s lawn this week while cutting the IGU).

Maybe it’s easier than you think. I removed the screen and walked out, the camera visible below.

Maybe I just need to remove the screws from the inside (at an angle) and then pull them out. I can just fold the lower wing or take it out completely.

Is Patriot Windows Still In Business

The fixed wing of the single hanger is not removable so I hope you don’t try to take it apart as it is part of the frame!

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Remove the 4 glass stops showing the tension rod and remove the IGU. Hope you don’t break it because you’ll have to measure it and send it back until you make a new one.

The combination of the extra thick gasket (photo 1), the depth of the putty, and the screw inside the leg made me feel like it was going to slide/pop out.

On the inside of the window (not the outside) the lower sash has 4 strips around the glass that stick out. They are about 3/4 inch wide. The upper wing is exactly the same.

Raises lower window and tilts down for cleaning. Then you jump down from the side rail like you started in the second picture of your first post. Then there are top and bottom stops that you pop up. This exposes the edges of the IGU. Then you go out and cut the double-sided glass tape that holds the glass to the frame. You may need someone inside to hold/hold the bottle so it doesn’t fall out.

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It is extremely rare to see a vinyl, hung window with a removable top sash. The top “sash” is usually an integral part of the window (meaning it cannot be removed).

Count your blessings, you can take it down and drop it off at the glass shop. They will probably pay for minimal work in the store.:smile:

I fined a local company who said they were working on replacing the IGU but wouldn’t bring the whole wing.

Is Patriot Windows Still In Business

Sorry for the long delay, the backyard fell and they lost the stairs (5). It took a few months to find the right contactor but a new terrace was installed 2 weeks ago.

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I wish I could fine someone for replacing the windows in this 20 house complex, everyone is in the same boat here!

I might try to remove one from the back of the case, there are some small ones that have broken seals. Patriot Window Cleaning is Minnesota’s premier exterior cleaning specialist. We are an experienced family run business offering high quality window washing and cleaning. Providing unparalleled customer service is our number one priority and we look forward to sharing our experience with you.

The windows (nine) were on the second floor. It was a cold and terrible day, but the two soldiers did excellently. I would use Patriot again in a heartbeat.

Patriot Window Cleaning did a great job. They arrived on time and performed the requested services qualitatively. I recommend Patriot Window Cleaning!

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Patriot Window Cleaning cleaned our windows and they did an excellent job! We only cleaned our windows on the inside and when you looked from the outside they still looked dusty and dirty (obviously from the outside). PWC brought the tools and knowledge to clean our windows inside and out so the birds hit them every day. I recommend their work 10/10

It turned out great, Derek and Clay did a great job on my very dirty windows. They are professional, reliable, fast and competent. I highly recommend them!

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Is Patriot Windows Still In Business

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Window cleaning Patriot offers professional services in the following categories. Window Cleaning Power House Washing Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Deck Cleaning Concrete Cleaning & Sealing Gutter Cleaning Holiday Lighting

Window cleaning Patriot offers the following services: Window cleaning Patriot offers professional services in the following categories. Window Cleaning Power House Washing Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Deck Cleaning Concrete Cleaning & Sealing Gutter Cleaning Holiday Lighting

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