Is Pennco Windows Still In Business

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Is Pennco Windows Still In Business – We are locally owned and owner operated from Philadelphia, PA and offer a wide range of HVAC services. We look forward to working with you! Call us or click for an estimate today!

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Is Pennco Windows Still In Business

Is Pennco Windows Still In Business

The service was excellent! Marcel was extremely professional, respectful and attentive to my home. He was confident in his work and taught me things I didn’t know about his system. When I call the service, I prefer him himself!

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The owner came and discovered the problem. A leaky pipe built in and a computer board related to the heating system. He was on time, very informative and professional at all times!

My heater broke and I was in dire need of service. Not only was the job perfect. I highly recommend it

Furnace Tuning, A/C Tuning, Vent Installation, New Furnace Installation (Gas & Electric), Thermostat Installation, HVAC Inspections, Smart Thermostat Installation, New A/C Installation, A/C Maintenance, Furnace Maintenance.

All statements related to operations and core services due to COVID-19 are for informational purposes only, self-reported and not verified by .

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Strive For Services Heating and Cooling accepts the following payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Check

Strive For Services Heating & Cooling offers the following services: Furnace Tuning, Air Conditioning Tuning, Air Conditioning Installation, New Furnace Installation (Gas & Electric), Thermostat Installation, HVAC Inspection, Smart Thermostat Installation, New Air Conditioning Installation, Air Conditioning Maintenance, oven maintenance. It worked great as expected. It fits perfectly as expected. Have a Bee Window slider with a broken lock and it can lock due to a broken spring strip inside. The problem is that the door is over 20 years old and the manufacturer that made the lock is not in business. Bee Window has no other source and there is no way to solve the problem because it is a deep lock and everything else is not. Home Depot saved the day with the real deal online.

Big learning curve. I wanted to replace the mortise lock on the slide for my mother-in-law and discovered that there are several types of these mortise locks. I bought it at a store and it wasn’t until I tried to install it that I realized I needed the DEEP version so that the locking mechanism (the round shape on the side) would be properly centered. Unfortunately, these mortise locks are not often found in hardware stores.

Is Pennco Windows Still In Business

The sliding door lock worked well, but the locking mechanism was difficult to engage. The guard must have been out of tolerance because it wouldn’t allow the locking mechanism to work so I reinstalled the old retainer and it works fine.

So This Is Why I Can’t Open My Window…

The existing lock on my patio door broke. I used a wooden bar to keep the door “locked”. I had no idea what kind of lock this door was. After looking around at Home Depot, I found the exact charcoal. Very easy to install. So happy!!!!

Replacement for a damaged item. I had to look it up and find it on the Home Depot website because the store staff wouldn’t or couldn’t help. Not available in store. The product is brand new and works as designed.

Everything was great. I just wish I could have found the product in store instead of having to order it and pay for shipping. That’s why I shop at Home Depot. So I can find what I need right then and there in the store. Offline.NORTHBROOK, Ill., April 29, 2015 // — Offered for sale is a complete window factory in Ashland, Kentucky, including all equipment and machinery.

The business includes a 200,000 square meter facility and some of the latest robotic window manufacturing equipment in the industry. Both lines in operation can produce more than 1,000 insulated vinyl windows per day and can also produce patio doors.

New St, Duryea, Pa 18642

Included in the facility are GED glass cutter, Austrian Fux window assembly machine, heating tunnel, glass assembly lines, Erdman glass tools, aluminum bender TFB, GED roller, urban corner cleaner, urban frame welder, urban frame line, Wegoma DMX -20 Miter Saw, Wegoma Autoloader, Geller Notch Boxes, Pertici End Miller, Winpro Screen Express and other equipment.

“This facility is a rare opportunity to purchase a complete vinyl window manufacturing facility,” said Alex Mazer of PPL Group. “The right buyer will be able to use this facility to add to other facilities or immediately create a strong competitor in this industry.”

PPL Group and Myron Bowling Auctioneers are handling the sale. Bidders can register and find more information at [email protected] or by contacting Alex Mazer at 224-927-5329.

Is Pennco Windows Still In Business

PPL Group is a leading private equity firm that uses its capital to assist companies in restructuring. The company structures innovative turnkey sales transactions and delivers management solutions for entire facilities, production lines, asset groups and entire companies. PPL also works with large companies to ensure the best possible economic recovery for surplus and abandoned assets, including investments, sales and auctions. Likewise, the company works with small and medium-sized businesses during change, transition, restructuring and bankruptcy in a wide range of industries. PPL is headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois (

Absolute Auction Of A 210,000 Sf Warehouse In Ashland, Ky. Former Home To Pennco Inc

Myron Bowling Auctioneers is considered one of the nation’s largest and most successful industrial auction firms, conducting approximately 80 auctions annually throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico, serving public companies, the United States Bankruptcy Court and lending institutions. others and transformation management companies.

Founder and former director of the Industrial Auctioneers Association, Myron Bowling is a member of the National Association of Auctioneers, the National Machinery Dealers Association and the Institute of Certified Auctioneers.

Pennco Windows grew out of a family business founded in the 1950s. Ashland Lumber Company was founded by father and son W.L. Pennington and R.E. Pennington. Later, the company founded a company for the production of aluminum doors and windows and founded it in 1961. In the same year, the family leaves the woodworking business and concentrates entirely on the production of windows and doors. Over the years, the company has been involved in many different innovations such as the addition of thermal windows, vinyl windows and the use of the latest robotic technology in the production of its doors and windows.

Detroit Process Machinery & PPL Group announces sale of all assets of its industry-leading powder metallurgy facility available for immediate liquidation

S 15th St, Easton, Pa 18042

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