Is Tracfone Going Out Of Business

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Is Tracfone Going Out Of Business – The Verizon-owned company says thousands of TrakFone users will see their numbers ported to other carriers without consent / bad actors gain access to customer accounts.

Verizon-owned TracPhone customers saw their website moved to another carrier without their consent last week as part of what (via The Wall Street Journal) described as the work of an outside attacker. The Straight Talk and Total Wireless brands were also affected

Is Tracfone Going Out Of Business

Is Tracfone Going Out Of Business

“We recently became aware of bad actors accessing a limited number of customer accounts and in some cases fraudulently transferring mobile phone numbers to other carriers,” TracFone said in a notification. The company did not return several requests for comment

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About 6,000 customers were reportedly affected. Some will see their lines transferred to T-Mobile-owned Metro PCS

The company investigated the incident, “and found no fraud or data breach on the T-Mobile side of this port-out.” Most importantly, we do not own or store the account number or PIN data required to validate a Tracfone account and required for outbound porting of Tracfone customers, so this cannot be done during the transfer process. He said the company is working with TracFone on the issue.

Steven Sims of Atlanta has been a Total Wireless customer for about three years when he chose the plan to save some money and says he and his wife are mostly happy customers.

But on December 31, she said, her phone number was transferred to another carrier — Metro PCS — without her permission. “This disables my phone number so I cannot receive or make any calls,” Sims said in an email.

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Earlier this month he said as a small business owner, he lost money because customers couldn’t contact him and the company didn’t have compensation for him.

He said his number was suddenly transferred to MetroPCS from December Total Wireless customer service was unhelpful and told him to return the MetroPCS number, which MetroPCS said was wrong.

Sims said his number was finally returned after 12 days and he had planned to switch providers but had not done so until Wednesday.

Is Tracfone Going Out Of Business

Last September, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) said it was examining ways to strengthen regulations to reduce mobile phone fraud, including port fraud. This occurs when a fraudster pretends to be the owner of the phone number, opens an account with a different cell phone carrier than the victim, and transfers or “ports” the victim’s phone number to a new account with a different carrier.

Verizon Completes Tracfone Acquisition After Fcc Approval

It was unclear Wednesday who was behind the attack on TracFone, but the company said in a notice that it was trying to notify customers, but given the nature of the activity, no messages were sent to the affected cell phone numbers. More time will be available. “Available to some customers.” Tracfone is urging customers to change their PIN number and says it has “upgraded” it to improve security. To use our website properly, you may need to use an alternative browser or a newer version of Internet Explorer. (IE10 or higher) must be upgraded

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Is Tracfone Going Out Of Business

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Verizon To Acquire Tracfone Wireless, Inc.

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Rated 3 out of 5 by Stubborn Old Man from Poor Verizon TrackFone Service Made this trip to replace my last phone that was not working properly after the 3G service stopped working. TracFone is not easy to call or transact but it has gotten worse since Verizon bought it. It took me 3 months to get my place with another phone switched from Verizon to AT&T because Verizon doesn’t work where I live. That’s 3 months of paid service with a non working phone and no refund good at least this phone is set up on AT&T and working now

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Is Tracfone Going Out Of Business

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Verizon’s Tracfone Customers Complain Of Attackers Stealing Their Phone Numbers

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Does LOCKED DOZ mean this device won’t work without a dedicated SIM card? Verizon Communications’ (NYSE: VZ ) acquisition of TracFone is a significant move into the crowded home wireless space. The wireless giant is set to fend off aggressive T-Mobile US ( TMUS ) , and the deal highlights problems in the premium 5G market. My investment thesis is neutral at $60 in version

Verizon paid America Mobile $6.9 billion for TracFone. The deal includes $3.125 billion in cash and an equal amount in Verizon stock, plus an additional $650 million in future cash payments.

With a market capitalization of $250 billion, it’s undervalued for Verizon Tracfone is an $8.1 billion annual revenue business, and the wireless giant can expect growth for a company with a recent history of stability.

Is Tracfone Going Out Of Business

The deal’s value has been further questioned since Dish Network (DISH) paid $1.4 billion for Boost Wireless’ subscriber base of just 9 million customers. Dish pays subscribers just $156, while Verizon pays up to $329 for the TracFone sub.

Thousands Of Tracfone Users Saw Their Numbers Ported To Other Carriers Without Their Consent

How Verizon is lagging behind in 5G network coverage, buying the right TracFone with an official report. The report shows that the wireless giant has less than 1% of the US population.

Verizon isn’t converting existing premium 4G LTE customers to higher-cost wireless service with 5G because the service isn’t available in most areas. At the same time, Verizon is trying to sell the deal in part on the opportunity to increase sales of these value customers to premium services like fixed wireless and 5G. Deals seem to be picking up, but the question is where the business will end up in the next 1-2 years

As home wireless providers turn on 5G networks, Verizon made a surprise decision to buy a major prepaid cellular provider with 21.

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