Jack Of All Trades Business Card

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Jack Of All Trades Business Card – Want to win a job like this? This client received 26 logo designs from 14 designers. They chose this Sergio Coelho logo design as the winning design. Join the search for free design jobs

I need a jack of all trades logo for a sole trader based in the Netherlands. The name of the company is still being decided – but the owner is looking for a light logo that would represent a company that can do everything for you from building a home, adding a room to an existing home or a full yard, wiring, plumbing, terrace changed Works, etc. I’ve included an image from a Google search that shows what the owner is looking for, but obviously he wants the logo to be as unique as possible. He doesn’t have any color palette in mind—except strong, bold colors. The initial design may include a jack of all trades logo because he could use it for his masterwork and use his name as the main name of the company. I hope that all makes sense. Feel free to ask questions to help steer you in the right direction. I’m doing this as a birthday present for her – so my deadline is set.

Jack Of All Trades Business Card

Jack Of All Trades Business Card

Reason: I had an unexpected business trip and needed to delay the closing of this project by five days.

Jill Of All Trades

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