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Jack Of All Trades Resume – They say diversity is the highlight of life, but it can be a serious threat to your career. Maybe it took you a while to find your passion, so you focused on this or that. You may have taken a few detours due to a tough job market. Or maybe you’re one of the millions of people who juggle several part-time gigs instead of one full-time role.

Exploring different options can work for you as it broadens your knowledge and opens you up to different areas. The problem is that if you apply for a position you really want, one that matches your skills and career goals, hiring managers may pass you up in favor of people who take a more linear path.

Jack Of All Trades Resume

Jack Of All Trades Resume

Career experts see an increase in the number of masters looking for work, and they attribute this to several different factors. “Because of all the layoffs during the recession, workers were forced to take jobs they didn’t really want, but maybe weren’t the right fit,” said Hannah Morgan, strategist at Career Sherpa. The spirit of the millennial generation is also entering. When millennials aren’t promoted as quickly as they’d like, they tend to move on to a more desirable position, Morgan said, even if it’s not in their career path.

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But, despite all the job prospects with a general education, employers are increasingly looking for people with special knowledge. Because there’s no longer an expectation of lifelong employment with one company, many companies aren’t making a commitment to employee development and training, Morgan said. “They know there’s someone out there with the same skills they’re looking for, and it’s easier for them not to train,” he said.

If your resume contains seemingly unrelated positions, the trick is to weave them into a coherent story that will convince employers that you have the skills they are looking for and make them happy to hire you. Here are some strategies to help you do just that, so you can turn your work history from a liability to an income.

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Look carefully at what kind of job you have and where you want to go. Then start painting a picture for hiring managers that explains why your career was a logical progression, even if your path was circuitous. For example, you had one job in marketing and another in accounting, because you eventually want to run a company, and you wanted to have experience in both departments to combine your knowledge.

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When you combine one job with another, it simplifies the benefits of the overall experience. Instead of being a toy, you reproduce it as a commercial skill. “Let’s say an employer is looking for someone who is fast,” Morgan said. – It was done by a worker. Identify yourself in your resume and cover letter as someone who has a direct impact on the job.

Also, “generalists can provide a broader view of the business, which can be very valuable,” says Charlaine Lauby, author, speaker and president of consulting firm ITM Group. “But organizations still need generalists to be productive, so make sure your resume can show specific results and value them if possible.” Include a line that says “Innovated new workflows and increased efficiency by 15% in 3 months,” highlighting how you achieved rapid, measurable improvements.

Without these details, your resume can send the wrong message. “If you don’t explain your contribution to each role on your resume, some students may think that the reason you’re moving from one job to another is because you’re not successful or don’t know what you want to do .” he said. Miriam Salpeter, owner of Keppie Careers.

Jack Of All Trades Resume

He suggests that you read your resume and ask yourself about everything on the list, “now what?” Your bullet points should show clear, measurable results you’ve achieved.

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Remember that employers receive dozens of job applications every day, and if they don’t immediately see that you fit the description of the employee they are looking for, they may move on. “Candidates need to help employers help them,” said Lauby. Your resume and cover letter need communication that tells a complete story. “

The best way to do this is to redesign your cover letter and cover letter according to the job description. Most job seekers simply scan a company’s ad, tweak their resume a bit, and send it to HR. But if you want to reassure the hiring manager about your work experience, don’t hide this important information. “The job description describes what the employer is looking for,” Morgan said. “What you talk about in your resume should be exactly the same.”

Of course, we do not suggest that you repeat the same language used in the description; instead, provide a specific example from your experience that addresses each requirement. For example, Morgan suggests that if the message says that the candidate must be able to create a new business, one point on your resume should touch on when you did.

If the connection is lost, more creative thinking is required on your part – for example, make a new connection with the community or build a relationship with a key customer so that they recommend your services to others. “You can have the same experience in another industry,” Morgan said. The goal is to find a common point of intersection between your past and the situation you are applying for.

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If you feel that your work history could be a problem for the employer you are meeting with, it is worth getting it right. “Know what your elephants in the room are,” Morgan said.

When asked about your experience and qualifications, explain how your previous job taught you to use the specific skills the hiring manager is looking for. For example, your technical skills are at a high level because the unemployed forced you to learn many programs quickly. Exposure to different workplaces honed your team-building and collaboration skills, which helped the business grow. Make it clear that you left because you naturally seek challenges and opportunities to make a measurable impact. “Let’s say, ‘I wanted a serious challenge at work, so I went ahead and got that challenge and got a quick result,'” suggests Morgan.

If an employer asks you directly about your short-term track record, it may be a sign that they are concerned that you might jump ship if you join their team. “Insist on putting your best effort into every job,” says Salpiter. “Then explain in detail what skills you’ll bring to his organization, why you’re excited about the position, and how much you’re willing to contribute on day one.”

Jack Of All Trades Resume

, where you can list your best skills and career path before employers receive a real CV with your information. Solpiter suggests naming it to position you as a challenge seeker who gets results quickly. Eliminate any doubt about your commitment to the job by saying something like, “Over the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to use xyz technology to [fill in the blank] in various positions. Working in different fields has keeping my skills sharp and up-to-date. As a result, my employers see that I can achieve more in a short time than most people who have been with the organization for a long time. I am constantly learning and look forward to working for a company that over time can grow and participate at ever greater levels.”

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Social media can also foster a sense of responsibility that may be lacking in broad experience. “Use your own

Live or actively participate in a LinkedIn group to demonstrate your professional knowledge and interest,” said Salpiter. “Consistently sharing information, articles and resources with people shows that you know the industry well and follow it closely.”

Once you’ve put all these strategies together, hiring managers can clearly understand your rationale for selecting jobs that are all over the map and see how they fit together naturally. You will be perceived as a stronger candidate than someone who climbed the ladder with laser focus. Proven work sample + writing guide to get your next job in 2023. You can edit this Stock Clerk example for a quick start and easily create a complete one in just a few minutes. Just fill in your details, upload a new one and apply for a job today!

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