Journal Of Integrated Science And Technology

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Sustainable Energy & Fuels publishes high-quality scientific research that will guide the development of sustainable energy technologies with an emphasis on innovative concepts and methods.

Journal Of Integrated Science And Technology

Journal Of Integrated Science And Technology

The journal is an important resource for researchers in energy and advanced chemistry and its relationship to materials science, physics and biology, covering new and emerging fields such as:

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Energy sciences and technologies that avoid the use of critical raw materials or harmful environmental impacts during preparation, production and end-of-life are particularly encouraged.

It contains either a full study or a preliminary report, but in each case must be original and more important work of interest

Readers and high innovation ensure fast publication. Authors must provide in their application a rationale why the work should be urgently published as a communication. Judges will be called upon to evaluate the work on these grounds.

Posts have high visibility in the magazine because they are published at the beginning of the issue. The volume of messages usually does not exceed four pages of a printed magazine.

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Full articles contain original scientific works that have not been published before. There are no restrictions on the length of the sheet. Authors should include a brief discussion in the Introduction that sets the context for the novel and provides motivation for further research.

Reviews and perspectives are usually commissioned by the editorial board and editorial team. Suggestions from authors are also welcome, and questions should be directed to sustainabilityenergy-@.

Reviews and perspectives should be high-quality, authoritative, cutting-edge reports on your chosen field of study. They should be timely and complement the existing literature, not duplicate existing articles, and should be of general interest to the journal’s broad readership.

Journal Of Integrated Science And Technology

All reviews and views will go through the same rigorous and thorough peer review process as regular research articles. Notes on the preparation of these articles will be received from the editor and forwarded to the reviewers.

The Future Of Scientific Publishing

Review articles provide a detailed, balanced and authoritative current account of a chosen field of study. Review articles typically contain 10,000 or more words of text along with supporting figures and tables.

Perspectives presents an authoritative report on the current state of the research field. A point of view can take the form of a personal research report or a critical analysis of a current topic. Some unpublished new research may be included in any form. Visualizations are typically 5,000 to 10,000 words of text with supporting figures and tables.

“Comments and Answers” is a tool for scientific discussion and exchange of opinions between authors and readers regarding materials published in

To be published, a commentary must present an alternative analysis and/or new understanding of previously published material. Any response should continue the discussion presented in the original article and comments. Comments and replies containing any form of personal attacks will not be published.

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Comments received for publication will be forwarded to the authors of the relevant paper, and those authors will have an opportunity to respond. Both comments and responses will be subject to rigorous peer review in consultation with the journal’s editorial board, as appropriate. Comment and reply will be published together.

The following guidelines are journal specific. For general guidance on preparing your article, visit our Preparing Your Article and Author Resources pages, which cover all of our journals.

Authors and reviewers should consider the following guidelines for articles reporting the efficiency of solar conversion devices. Authors should ensure that the following information is provided in the original manuscript or additional information as appropriate.

Journal Of Integrated Science And Technology

The performance should be presented to an appropriate number of significant figures along with the standard deviation, which also includes the presentation of error bars on the graphs.

The Journal Of Agricultural Science

The Sun AM 1.5G 1 reference spectrum should be used as a standard to verify power conversion efficiency and justification provided if not used.

The full experimental conditions under which the efficacy was measured must be specified. Particular attention should be paid to documenting the active region of the device, the calibration protocol, and the properties of the light, including spectral emission and intensity. It may also include, if appropriate, but not limited to, air temperature, use of storage compartment, properties and characteristics of the test chamber and standard chamber used for calibration, including dimensions and non-spatial uniformity, and calibration and measurement protocols.

Independent certification of the photovoltaic performance of the claimed device is encouraged if the primary claims are based on the absolute value of the claimed efficiency.

When incident photon efficiency (IPCE) measurements, also called external quantum efficiency (EQE), are performed, the results must be integrated into a final short-circuit current that can be compared to 1 Sun AM 1.5G power conversion efficiency data. The details of how this calculation is done and any correction factors should be clearly explained.

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Authors and reviewers should note the following guidelines for articles reporting electrochemical data and battery configuration. Authors should ensure that the following information is provided in the original manuscript or additional information as appropriate.

The configuration used for the electrochemical tests (full cells or half cells, reference electrode [if used], test temperature, etc.) should be clearly stated in the test information.

When reporting electrochemical performance data, authors should clearly state how many experiments were performed on which the data are based (single measurement? n-time measurement?). It is necessary to clearly explain the calculations of electrochemical indicators (including information about the use of charge or discharge values). Therefore, all electrochemical data should be presented to the correct number of significant figures, with standard deviation and error bars on the graphs.

Journal Of Integrated Science And Technology

When reporting electrode characteristics, the electrode thickness and mass percentage of all electrode components (active material, additive, binder, etc.), total electrode mass, and electrode area geometry must be specified.

Journal Of Materials Chemistry A

When reporting device-level performance values, the mass percentage of all battery components (active material, additive, binder, housing, current collector, electrolyte, separator, etc.), total battery mass, and electrode geometric area must be reported.

The mass percentage and theoretical capacity of the active material must be provided if the theoretical capacity of the material under study is known. The theoretical power must be used to calculate the C-rate. On the other hand, strict use of A g-1 is recommended.

The battery capacity calculation should report the resulting capacity (in mA·h g-1; where appropriate, volumetric values ​​may be added in units of mA·h cm-3) together with the cycle frequency and the number of cycles at which the capacity is clearly specified Mean capacitances for ≥3 cells with one standard deviation are preferred.

Is a hybrid (transformational) journal that offers authors the choice between publishing their research in a traditional subscription-based model or opting instead for our Golden Open Access option. Learn more about our transformational journals. which follows the S plan.

Pdf) Examining Of Secondary School Students’ Integrated Science Process Skills

Pay an Article Processing Charge (APC) of £2,500 (+ any applicable tax). Our APC is inclusive and makes your article freely available online immediately, forever, and includes your choice of Creative Commons license (CC BY or CC BY-NC) at no additional cost. There are no publication fees, so you only pay when your article is accepted for publication.

If your institution has a Reading and Publishing Agreement with the Royal Society of Chemistry, the APC for Open Access Gold Publication in

Please use your official institutional email address to submit your manuscript; this helps us determine whether you qualify for Read & Publish or other APC discounts.

Journal Of Integrated Science And Technology

Through a traditional subscription model without having to pay APC. Articles published in this way are available to institutions and individuals who subscribe to the journal. Our standard license allows you to make the accepted manuscript of your article freely available after the 12-month embargo period. This is known as the green way to pave the way.

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The journal appeals to a large international audience that spans many communities, including all academics and industrial scientists interested in the development of alternative technologies for sustainable energy use.

** Average time from submission to first decision, including rejected manuscripts without review for the previous calendar year

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