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Keep Track Of Orders App – If you’ve found yourself “organizing” your orders on sticky notes or a notebook, it might be time to get a little more organized and streamlined with free order management software for small business.

Many Silhouette masters had no intention of selling their items when they started creating Silhouette CAMEOs… but inevitably a friend, neighbor or friend of a friend asks, “Can I buy you one?” Almost overnight you have a small business with no order tracking.

Keep Track Of Orders App

Keep Track Of Orders App

It’s an easy request to remember or jot down on a notepad, but taking it from someone who was in that position six years ago and now has a handful of employees… is no way to scale. You need a small business ordering system. Also, trust me…it’s MUCH easier to implement an order management system from scratch, and the free Google Suite tools make it easy.

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If you use Etsy or another site with a cart system like Shopify or Wix, you may not need to do this, but most Silhouette small businesses start on Facebook or word of mouth, and that’s where you need help. system.

How to Track Small Silhouette Business Orders This is my suggestion for how to track Small Silhouette Business orders. Go to Google Forms. (If you don’t already have a Gmail account, you’ll need to create one before you create the form. Now is the time to create a free email address for your small business!)

You will create the form from scratch or by using one of the templates. If you are new, I suggest using the purchase order template; you can change it.

At the top of the form, name it… I suggest naming it something like “Order Form (store name)”. In the description, you can say something about the information you’re collecting and tell them what’s going to happen. The next one. First you will send them an invoice for payment (yes…yes, you will get the money BEFORE you start doing anything). Please explain delivery time etc.

How To Track Etsy Orders On Desktop Or Mobile

Then add blocks by clicking the + for any important information you want. Each block should request (drag the slider) different information to collect.

If there are blocks you need to delete, click on them and select the trash can to delete the entire block.

Automatically sending requests (responses to the form) to the spreadsheet At the top of the form you will see that there is a second tab labeled “Responses”. You will NOT see your answers here. Instead, you’ll automatically set this up to download to a spreadsheet in Google Sheets…also for free. Click the little green spreadsheet logo and a window will appear.

Keep Track Of Orders App

I’m assuming you haven’t created a spreadsheet yet, so click “Create New Spreadsheet” and select “Create.”

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A spreadsheet will open and you’ll notice that there are now columns at the top for each piece of information collected.

Anyone who fills out your order form will see their information automatically uploaded to this easy-to-access spreadsheet.

If you want to be notified every time someone places an order, click the Tools menu and select Notification Rules to set up email alerts.

Tip: Want to take your automation a step further? Use Zapier to automatically send an email or compose an email to anyone who places an order to say thank you or provide follow-up. Zapier is free for up to 5 sessions. Connect Google Sheets (select: when adding a new row) > Gmail (select: email draft). In the worksheet, you can create a system for organizing orders by status or color as you like. You can even add additional columns like “Order Status” or “Paid/Unpaid” as a note to yourself. These columns will remain blank when the form is filled out.

What Is A Purchase Order? (example Included)

Share the purchase order with customers Once you’ve set up the worksheet, return to your purchase order. We need to get the link so you can give it to anyone who asks about your order.

Click “Submit” at the top of the form. Click on the one that looks like a page of paper and check the “Shortcut” box.

Now you can send this link via SMS, email or message to anyone inquiring about ordering so they can fill out the form. You can even put the link on your Facebook page or share it on your other social networks.

Keep Track Of Orders App

Want more tips for starting, growing and running a successful Silhouette small business? Check out my e-book How to Cut Profits.

Haven: The New Must Have App

Note: This post may contain affiliate links. When you click on them and buy products through my links, I receive a small commission. This is what helps fund Silhouette School so you can continue to buy new Silhouette related products to show you how to get the most out of your machine! Shopping wasn’t always so easy. Now you can order groceries for the week in minutes, send a broken phone in for repair, do your holiday shopping and have it all delivered to your door in just a few days without ever leaving your home. your house. Online shopping is convenient, comfortable and a blessing… right? Well, it can also be a headache.

If you do most of your shopping at various online retailers, it’s easy to lose track of the packages that have been delivered to you. Knowing when a delivery is going to be late or if you need to be home to sign is important, so you need a centralized hub to keep track of them. Arrive, a Shopify project, solves this problem by allowing you to track all your packages from all online retailers in one place.

To get started, install Arrive from the App Store. The service is currently only available in the US and Canada, but you can install it by searching for it in the App Store or tapping the link below on your iPhone.

Now open Arrival and you will be prompted to sign in. You can do this in two ways: sign in with Google or sign in with your email address. If you sign up with Google, Arrive will automatically search your email and get live tracking numbers to help you find your deliveries. Once it finds the tracking number, the delivery will appear in the app.

Where Is My Order?

If you choose this sign-in method, tap Sign in with Google, select your Gmail account, and give the app access to your messages and settings by tapping Allow. While Arrive promises to protect “your private information,” you may not want it to have access to your emails, so you may want to use another method.

You can also choose to sign in with your email address (including Gmail) but without Arrive accessing your account. To do this, tap “Login with email” on the first page and enter your email address. A confirmation email will be sent to you. Tap “Open Email App” to be redirected, find the confirmation email and tap “Confirm Email”. Arrive will not have access to your email account, meaning you will need to manually add tracking numbers.

If you’ve given the Arrive app access to your email, deliveries made to accounts associated with that email address should automatically show up in the app, but not all deliveries will show up. If Arrive is having trouble finding all of your shipments, or if you haven’t given the app access to your email, you’ll need to add your deliveries manually.

Keep Track Of Orders App

To add a delivery, tap the big plus sign (+) in the top right corner of the app. Enter your tracking number, name the shipment and select your carrier. Arrive has over 400 national and international companies to choose from. When you’re done entering your information, tap “Add Delivery” at the bottom of the page. The delivery will be shown on the card on the home page.

How To Export Your Amazon Order History To A Spreadsheet

If you copy the tracking number to the clipboard and enter Arrival, it will detect that you want to add a new delivery and make this process even easier.

Tracking deliveries through Arrive is easy: tap the delivery card and see real-time package tracking. You can see where your package is currently located on the map. By touching the card that appears at the bottom of the map, you can view more detailed information about your shipment.

Tap “Details” in the upper right corner to view service providers (seller and delivery service), product details, and order details. If there is a delivery problem, you can contact the delivery service here. If the retailer you purchased the product from has Shopify integration (Apple, Target, Nike, etc.), you can also contact them via

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