Klm World Business Class 787-10

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Klm World Business Class 787-10 – I started my Middle East journey in KLM Business Class for the first time flying from Toronto to Amsterdam.

After visiting the Air France / KLM Lounge, I was ready to board the plane and see what the business class experience is like on the Dutch flag carrier.

Klm World Business Class 787-10

Klm World Business Class 787-10

If you want to book KLM Business Class at the best price, the Air France/KLM Flying Blue program is the best.

Where Does Klm Fly Its Boeing 787 10 Dreamliners?

With Air France/KLM Flying Blue becoming the transfer partner of American Express Membership Rewards in the summer of 2021, it’s even more accessible for Canadians to earn rewards with KLM.

Fares start in the region of 55,000–60,000 Flying Blue miles for a one-way trip from North America to Europe.

In addition, Flying Blue offers monthly promotional rewards that reduce the number of miles required for rewards. Fortunately, Canada’s landscapes are beautiful.

Currently, economy class fares are available from Europe to North America, but not elsewhere. That’s why I ordered this flight with KLM.

Take A Peek Inside The Entire Klm Fleet

The flight is a round trip from Budapest to Toronto that I booked for US$750, which is good for transatlantic business class. I previously flew from Paris to Toronto in Air France Business Class in December 2020.

After resting and eating at the Air France/KLM Lounge Toronto, I headed to Gate C34 to board.

I was one of the first to board the KLM Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, which joined the airline four years ago.

Klm World Business Class 787-10

Among KLM’s long-haul flights, the KLM 787-9 and 787-10 are the only ones that offer business class with direct access to all seats, so I’m happy to fly the flagship airline tonight.

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The 787-9 has 30 folding business seats spread across eight rows in a 1-2-1 configuration.

(If you end up on a 787-10, the seat configuration is the same, with 10 rows instead of 8.)

Herringbone rear seats provide additional comfort and each area has a frame section around each seat, while the center seats have a separate section for those who do not travel together.

Facing middle seats are best for those traveling together, while window seats are best for solo travelers.

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Seats 1A and 1K are ideal for maximum privacy, while seats 2D and 2G offer maximum privacy when traveling as a couple. However, proximity to bathrooms is another thing to consider.

The building has an old business feel with cool color shades while maintaining an airy and bright atmosphere inside the building. Black leather seats with blue interior seats create a sharp look and unique touch.

I found myself in Seat 8K at the back of the cabin, preferring to stay away from the other passengers so as not to disturb them with my pictures and photos.

Klm World Business Class 787-10

Each seat has a small storage compartment with glasses, a reading light and headphones. The console also has seat controls, with four buttons that slide the seat forward, in sleep mode, and back again.

Impressions Of Klm 787 Business Class

In addition, to the right of the storage room is the control of the entertainment system, the phone and a small lamp built into the seat.

Pressing a button in front of the seat opens the 16-inch entertainment screen. The animation is violent and the screen is driven by sound.

To the left of the entertainment screen is a coat hook, and below it is a footrest to elevate your feet while lying down.

To the left of the chair is a drawing table. At the push of a button, it pops up and appears in its full size on the moving rail.

First Flight With A Klm Boeing 787 Dreamliner

There are no window shades on the 787. The windows are controlled by a computer with a touch panel below them, unlike today’s airplanes.

Overall, I thought that the KLM business chair has a solid design and showed off its details perfectly. In addition, the seat is very comfortable and comfortable, even better than what you will find on KLM’s large Boeing 777 seats, but less personal.

After your stay, enjoy a glass of champagne and a friendly introduction from the house manager.

Klm World Business Class 787-10

When I got to my seat, the flight attendants had put the pillow there and removed it, which is standard practice in most business class rooms.

Klm Will Fly The 787 10 To India

The mini kit was just like my seat, with everything for a long flight: socks, toothbrush and toothpaste, eye mask, earrings, moisturizer, lipstick and lip balm. required procedures. It must be completed before you are admitted.

While not the best, I thought KLM’s business class kit was still unique and worth adding to my collection.

Finally, the flight attendant will give you a food and wine list to check before take-off, as well as an order for take-out shortly after take-off.

Since the flight is short across the Pacific Ocean, the food service is quick so that passengers can relax as much as possible.

Foto’s: Dit Is De Klm Boeing 787 10 Dreamliner Van Binnen

The first drinking session started when we reached the height of the car. I ordered sparkling water to start.

Since I was in the 8th row, the food took some time, so I took out my laptop and finished. I liked the light on during meals, it made the room feel warm.

I asked if I could try both desserts if they were available, and the staff happily obliged after I ate.

Klm World Business Class 787-10

The most popular was the tuna, which was delicious. I fell in love when I thought of a gourmet meal on a Dutch plane.

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The second meal was tomato soup. I found the sauce to be good, but the bread roll (soft and warm) is perfect for dipping.

Next up was a main course of roast beef, which was sweet, tender and flavorful, a perfect match for my Argentinian Malbec.

I wouldn’t say it was my favorite dish, but it was a respectable dish that didn’t disappoint, and I was happy to finish my plate.

After the main meal, my tray was removed and dessert and black tea were brought to wrap up the meal.

Great Seat, So So Service: A Review Of Klm’s Business Class On The 787 9 From Amsterdam To Toronto

Although the food was good, I was impressed with the presentation that was given throughout the meal.

The tableware is classic and romantic, but still has a modern feel, with great details on plates, bowls and cutlery.

Furthermore, the staff’s service is friendly, communicative and warm; They showed interest in my photography and video work and were passionate about their work.

Klm World Business Class 787-10

KLM’s in-flight entertainment includes movies, TV, music, sports and children’s options. More than 250 movies in 14 languages ​​can be watched ad-free while streaming.

Video: Klm’s Boeing 787 10 Dreamliner: Orange Blossom

The entertainment screen also includes 3D maps and zoom and zoom features, features that are becoming increasingly popular.

In terms of Wi-Fi, KLM offers 30 minutes of free messaging, which allows passengers to receive and send messages; However, sending and uploading photos and videos does not work.

I bought a 24-hour Wi-Fi package for 18 euros, which I can use as an access code on desktop and mobile (but not all devices at the same time). The airline also offers one hour of Wi-Fi access for €8.

After the prayer, I went to the bathroom to freshen up. I found a toilet the size of a Boeing 787 with a baby changing table on the floor.

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In the case of the bathroom, there are small blue Dutch houses on the wall, which I really like – and a reference to what happens after the flight.

Returning to the cabin, I moved the 8G seat to my side to sleep.

The 22-inch-wide seat converts to an 81-inch bed, which is good for a high-level sleeper, but I found the footwell to be small. This is a common complaint about seats like this, and I found them more comfortable on KLM than on other airlines.

Klm World Business Class 787-10

Sometimes I sleep on connecting flights, but this time I would set an alarm so I wouldn’t miss breakfast. As a result, I got less than three hours of sleep on this overnight trip.

Review: Klm Business Class Boeing 787 10

For breakfast, a mixture of eggs and biscuits was served on a single tray, as was often the case on eastern airlines.

Black coffee and orange juice help me recover after a short nap. Overall, the presentation is the most important part of the dish.

At the end of the flight

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