Law And Ethics Practice Exam

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Law And Ethics Practice Exam – The California MFT Law and Ethics Exam Preparation Course gives you a good, comprehensive overview of the legal and ethical standards for MFT practice – just like the 12-hour CE Law and Ethics Course. If the 12-hour CE Law and Ethics course is good, it should prepare you well for the exam. So let’s compare them.

We are proud to launch the new California Code of Law and Ethics for Marriage and Family Therapy. It’s legal and ethics exam preparation and a 12-hour advanced version, rolled into one.

Law And Ethics Practice Exam

Law And Ethics Practice Exam

I am proud to have provided legal and ethical training to California MFTs for over a decade. I am

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Law and ethics courses are a staple of graduate programs across the country, and my MFT L&E exam prep book is an inexpensive and beloved resource. But it’s time to update them, and there are two criticisms of the book that actually have a point: 1, the study guide (the blue book) needs more examples to show how the rules apply, and 2, the practice test (the green book) is closer to the actual exam. to check you in on the computer. You don’t stand a chance. We discussed both when creating this course.

In order for our courses to count toward continuing education credit for those who need them, we have to impose certain restrictions: for example, you cannot skip videos, and you must complete course units in order. But as soon as you complete the CE version of the course, you will receive a CE certificate, which can be used for hours towards a license (in the workshop, training and seminar section, assuming your supervisor is willing to sign in. ) . If you have previously attempted the exam, failed, and then renewed your registration, the certificate can be used for the right to retake the exam.

Of course, not everyone needs or wants CE time. And many people want to jump into the parts they know they’re weak at, playing video games at high speed when preparing for legal and ethics exams. So we also have a test-only version that does not have CE restrictions and does not issue a CE certificate. If you enjoy listening to podcasts and lectures at 1.5x speed like I do, you’ll appreciate the optional feature in the non-CE version.

All material remains the same between the two versions of the course. The difference is what you can do with that material and whether you end up with a certificate. Here’s the breakdown. Click image to view full size:

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The California MFT Law and Ethics exam covers a fairly limited body of knowledge. We believe you can complete our course in 20 hours including all 130+ practice questions. And we’ve designed a 7-level lesson plan that breaks down the course content evenly, covering a limited amount of content at each level. If you can set aside 2-4 hours a day for study, you can complete our program in a week. This is the plan. Again, click on the image to view full size:

We build our entire operation to help you succeed. And we have a few things to say about the exploitation of early occupational therapists. So when we designed this course, we all agreed that we didn’t want to do it unless we honestly believed we could deliver the best content and the best value. Out of all the exam preparation offers. We think we did it. And we continue to develop and improve our courses based on your feedback.

You’ll notice we don’t include upgrade options. Look, we’re practical: if you think exam practice, tutoring or other services will help you on the exam, do it! But we don’t want to hold anything back just for those who can pay extra. Actually we sold as a single unit. Anyone who registers for the course receives all course content. It includes the Resources section, where we have included some optional materials on mental preparation for the exam, test-taking strategies, and more. That stuff doesn’t count for CE, but it’s there if you want it.

Law And Ethics Practice Exam

This means that anyone who signs up for our course gets the support of our entire team. This course includes instructions on how to contact our support team whenever you need to. We’ll do our best to provide a quick and helpful answer, most likely from the excellent (and write for this blog) Jeff Liebert or Emma Ziegel.

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Indeed, this has been a long time coming. We hope you find it useful. We will always be proud to call you a colleague.

Visit our Facebook page to see our launch discounts. We hope you like what you find.

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