Lawn Care Business Tips Tricks & Secrets

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Lawn Care Business Tips Tricks & Secrets – As the weather gets warmer and spring is on the horizon, it’s important to have a lawn care plan that works for your lawn. I live in the south (Atlanta specifically), so the tips below apply to the southeast. Most of our lawns are bermuda grass, so I focus on maintaining this bermuda grass.

Pruning is always important, and should not be underestimated. If you cut too soon, the frost may kill the roots. Likewise, if the plant is left to grow too long, it will lose the sun and nutrients that the roots need.

Lawn Care Business Tips Tricks & Secrets

Lawn Care Business Tips Tricks & Secrets

The cut is only 25% of the battle. A good practice for lawn care is to apply fertilizer before weeds emerge. Again, healthy growth begins in winter. So if you don’t work all winter, you might be fighting all year. But hope is not lost. You can still upgrade this year and be ready to move into the perfect yard next year.

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Get your lawn ready for spring by mowing your lawn for the first time of the year. Always cut only

Your grass may not be green yet, but two weeks after the first cut, do it again. Remember, our goal is to minimize

One length. One of the most hidden elements in green mass is mulch.

Mowing: Mowing grass is cutting the grass to the minimum level of the mower to encourage new spring growth.

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Mowing your lawn short allows sunlight and other nutrients to enter the soil, thereby warming it quickly and promoting healthy growth.

If your lawn is too long after two cuts, your third cut should be a strip cut. When wet, also remember to collect shallow cuttings, as the goal is to spread the soil in the sun.

It is important to remember to trim your lawn only after the diabetes has passed. In Georgia, the last freeze usually ends after mid-March.

Lawn Care Business Tips Tricks & Secrets

This is the growing season for Bermuda grass. Grass grows faster as it gets warmer. Generally, I recommend mowing your lawn every 2 to 3 weeks. In the summer you should really cut every 2 weeks. Remember not to cut at all

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Bermuda grass goes dormant in October/November as temperatures cool. Your last cut of the year is mid-October. When the grass goes dormant, it turns yellow/brown and stays that way until it grows again in the spring.

In addition to regular mowing, it is important to follow proper weed control and fertilization schedules. Many homeowners hire someone else to do this work (eg Scotts, Trugreen, etc.). If you want a DIY cure, you have to be persistent.

Whether you buy a Lesco product recommended below or choose a Scots or Stagreen brand, you will see a series of 3 numbers on the bag to identify its contents.

Although some Lesco products are available at Home Depot, I recently learned the secrets of pro shopping. First Site is a national company with locations throughout the United States. I started buying my landscaping supplies from professional stores.

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Apply pre-emergence primer in late January or early February to prevent summer weeds and thistle emergence. My suggestion here is to use Lesco 0-0-7.

Your Home Depot or Lowe’s may promote products like coarse gravel and fertilizer, but these are mixed with fertilizer and are not needed at this time because the grass is not yet ready to grow.

Apply the second round of early growth approximately 4 weeks after the first application. It reinforces what you’ve already applied, and helps if there’s been a lot of rain since the last application (a typical March rain). This round should include nitrogen to promote spring lawn growth.

Lawn Care Business Tips Tricks & Secrets

Fertilize in late spring/summer to encourage growth and development. At this time, weed control is not necessary unless the distributor is working properly. Fertilizer helps feed the grass.

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Repeat another round of calving 6 weeks after the last calving. Another benefit of compost is that it helps promote better water retention. Therefore, your lawn does not need to be watered as much and it does not dry out as quickly. If you have dry weather (2 weeks without rain), make sure to water your lawn.

As we move into the fall months and the temperatures begin to cool, you should protect your lawn through the winter by fortifying your roots with potassium and Fall Winterguard. It also helps prevent weeds in the fall and winter.

When the lawn is dormant, apply a stimulator to keep winter weeds at bay and prevent crabgrass seeds from growing while the lawn is dormant.

Doing all these things is boring and you still have grass sometimes. If you use pre-winter plants when they should, you may be disappointed with the appearance of spring plants. When this happens, you should use a post-emergence herbicide to kill these weeds. If you are spraying, do it a few days before mowing the lawn. Mowing disperses weed seeds, so you should kill those weeds before mowing.

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I have had success using Spectracide weed control (concentration or hose addition) to kill weeds. Another option here is to use Lesco Three-Way products.

The main purpose of mulching is to remove dirt from the soil so that sunlight, water, and nutrients can reach the roots. This helps promote a strong and healthy root system, which is important for green growth. This will help loosen the dirt and allow the bermuda to spread easily.

The best months for core conditioning are late April or May. Your gardener may offer this service, but I’ve found that many students offer it for less money – search for students in your area who offer this service at

Lawn Care Business Tips Tricks & Secrets

If you live in an area where grasses grow in the fall (for example, in cold northern countries), it is a good idea to irrigate in the beginning of the fall so that the grass roots can get water, oxygen and other body nutrients. In southern countries where Bermuda does not operate, you can avoid air travel. Mark Koger: Books, Biography, Latest Update

Some areas of your lawn are slippery. This could be due to the weight of the vehicle, the amount of bermuda weed, or something else. Following the fertilization schedule above will help harden the area, but if you want to replant the seeds, the best time to sow new seeds is late April- April or May. With warm weather the seeds will germinate and grow vigorously.

If you decide to plant, apply 3-4 weeks after your last weed treatment, and do not apply weed for 4 weeks after planting. Weed treatments inhibit plant growth.

If you enjoyed reading the above, pin it to your board. Then check out some of our related DIY projects below.

From time to time I will post links to the products I use. The products that I bought at home are definitely worth mentioning. I also display affiliate ads on this page to generate revenue to maintain this blog. If you click on a link and purchase a product, I will receive a small commission from the sale at no additional cost to you. Copyright © 2023 Media, Inc. all rights. all rights. ® and related trademarks are registered trademarks of Media Inc.

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The most effective advertising for lawn service and landscaping companies is social media, ads, business cards, flyers, door posts, flyers, direct mail, and word of mouth.

This type of free advertising can have a powerful effect. You may want to create a YouTube channel that links to your website with short homemade videos that offer lawn care tips. Submitting a news story to the Rotary Club or your local radio station will make you popular in the community. Find local and national competitions to enter your field. Joining a garden club group will help you meet locals who appreciate the practicality and beauty of the yard. Create a Facebook page and post green tips to your followers every week. You need to build a following by reaching out to your Facebook audience. Volunteer to teach a class on worm casting, composting, or natural fertilization at your local community center.

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Lawn Care Business Tips Tricks & Secrets

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