Leveraging Credit To Start A Business

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Leveraging Credit To Start A Business – You will get a lot of advice on whether or not you should get a loan for your business. Without getting into this argument, yes, “bad debt”

It will have a negative impact on your personal and professional life. But if you know how to use it properly, a business loan can really change your business and your life in a big way. It can also bring in extra cash and cash flow.

Leveraging Credit To Start A Business

Leveraging Credit To Start A Business

So, if you have good business credit (or are ready to learn how to get there), know how to turn $1 into $2 in your business, and now want to learn how to take your business to the next level, this book is for you.

Leverage Home Equity: Heloc Vs. He Loan

Before I get to the good stuff, I want to share my story. Find out where I stand before I open a business loan. Now explain what changed my perception and understanding of business finance. Now learn how a business loan can change your life.

Before I discovered the incredible value of commercial real estate loans and how to use them to fuel real estate investment, I did some technical research. My job is to place high level IT professionals and entrepreneurs earning $100-$300 per hour with large companies like Johnson & Johnson and Merck.

My job has good pay, nice office, lots of windows and nice environment. Plus, I can get a commission when I refer others. It took a lot of hard work and one last job to get to this point, but I really enjoyed my work then.

At that point in my career, I can earn more than just a basic salary, which is important to me, and I like my colleagues. I know that if I do well, I can make a lot of money, and I find comfort in that.

Gaining Leverage Using Small Business Credit Cards

But one Wednesday morning around 8:30 I was driving to work and looked over the road and saw some guys playing golf. And I found myself wanting the freedom to play golf in the middle of the day. At this point I began to question the 9 to 5 lifestyle and began to feel like a caged bird.

Suddenly, I didn’t want to work from 9:00 to 5:00 every day and cut two weeks of paid vacation every year for the rest of my life. Instead, I want to spend time with my family and be free to travel whenever I want. I’m 20 years old. And before then, I don’t believe I can live this life for another 40 years when I’m ready to retire.

I can achieve my dream, I decided to try anyway. I took a break and started a real estate investment business while working full time.

Leveraging Credit To Start A Business

At that time, I had to use my own capital – credit cards and personal funds – to finance my business. My personal credit card helped me because it allowed me to act like I was a serious business. And my goal is to get the money the big company gets, use the money to pay off the debt, and repeat the process. So, it worked.

U.s. Bank Business Leverage® Visa Signature® Card

However, the more you use your credit, the worse your score will be because your usage is high. So my credit was ruined when I started the business. I still believe, but there are obvious problems.

In the early stages of my business, I was a sponge. I tried to learn everything I could. So I subscribed to every email that I thought could help me achieve the success I wanted, even though I got text messages from each one.

I got an email the other day with a headline that said something like, “26 year old earns $100,000 in 100 days.” Although I don’t believe it’s true, I’m still interested. So, I clicked online, watched the webinar and paid for the course.

Then I bought every course and book I could get on business credit. From these sources, I extract all the best parts, remove useless or old information and use the new knowledge to improve the business plan.

Leverage Personal/biz Credit Unlock Up To $150,000, Low Interest Rates!

Then in 2007, the magic happened when I decided to start a direct mail campaign. I want to send a letter to real estate owners who may have distressed properties because I want to invest in real estate. And I thought that was the best way to get off the ground. So I applied for a corporate credit card to fund the campaign.

When I was approved for a $25,000 business credit card without revealing my personal information, I was shocked. At the time, my personal loan was $15,000. I used my credit card to run my campaign and my business was established.

So, I got a few business credit cards, put away $100,000, and invested heavily in the business. When I saw that the model was working, I entered it twice. Before that, I couldn’t afford a radio ad. But when I had credit, I was able to use ad networks that produced significant results. As a result, I started getting a very good return on my investment.

Leveraging Credit To Start A Business

Shortly after getting a business loan, I was able to quit my tech job because I was making more money in real estate.

The Business Credit Level Up E Book

And it doesn’t matter if I have a lot of credit on my business credit card because no one can see it on my credit report.

Now I can get success faster because I have extra money. I have an opportunity that I didn’t have before. I can do a lot of marketing which opens up a lot of money. I can get an office, hire employees, and start a real business within 90 days of getting a business loan.

As a result, years later I had a real estate portfolio and could play golf whenever I wanted. My wife and I can go anywhere and see what we want – we’ve been to 16 Caribbean islands and I’ve been to places like Japan and Thailand. So, we moved into the life we ​​dreamed of. This is quite possible.

There are other, accidental changes that have happened as a result of what I have learned, and they are also interesting. Shortly after realizing that a business loan was the key to getting the capital I needed, I attended a seminar. And while I was there, someone who heard me talking about what happened to me stopped me.

Diy Credit Blueprint — Financially Fit Blueprint

The stranger asked me to repeat what I said. When I told him that we could get all this money from our business, not a personal loan, he asked me a question that would change my life forever.

We are on our lunch break and he suggested that I come up with five tips for getting a business loan to share with the audience. Then, at the end of my interview, they asked, “Does anyone want to know more?” If so, we’ll ask you to go back to the room and sign up for a workshop to learn how to implement these five tips to get new business support in the next 30 days.

At that time, I despised public speaking. I said I wanted to stand in front of a crowd and tell my story

Leveraging Credit To Start A Business

I took the index card, came up with five points and showed it to the crowd, my heart was pounding all the time. After I finished my 15 minute presentation, a third of the group got up and went to the back of the room to report on my lesson, where we are going to explore these five topics. I was like a happy dog ​​with all the energy and joy of this new discovery that I got to share with this person.

Leveraging Personal/business Credit And Loans & Building Streams Of Income, February 1 2023

I thought about my recent training and reading material. Then I took what I liked in the best parts and left the rest. And when I launched my personal training business in the back of the training room that day, I believed that I could offer something of value to the market.

The reason the name Business Credit Workshop is so simple is that I had a few minutes to think about it. I have now helped over 1,800 people get the loans they need to take their business to the next level. And that doesn’t include all of our members who take advantage of the background training we provide.

Today I have a database of bankers.

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