Master Of Arts In Global Entertainment And Music Business

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Master Of Arts In Global Entertainment And Music Business – Be inspired by the diverse cultural and musical environment we provide and let our excellent teachers help you develop into a versatile and visionary musician or teacher.

Your studies include individual lessons and group classes. Together with other students, you will form a cross-cultural team and expand your unique artistic portfolio. You will develop new work, cross-cultural collaborations, performances and your own projects.

Master Of Arts In Global Entertainment And Music Business

Master Of Arts In Global Entertainment And Music Business

With us, you will explore topics central to the professional global musician, including: artistic identity, cross-cultural collaboration, multidisciplinary approaches, world music, music-making, improvisation, rhythmicity, global pedagogy, entrepreneurship , global singing, experimental instrument building, research-based practice and community participation.

Beginner’s Mind By Yo Yo Ma

You can customize your program and choose elective courses from any department to suit your interests. You can also choose courses organized by the other two Helsinki Academies and complete joint studies open to all students.

Our syllabus is currently being updated. Teaching according to the new core curriculum will start in autumn 2024. Remember to keep this in mind when reviewing the current core curriculum.

The program’s teachers are experts employed by the Sibelius Academy as well as visiting teachers and artists.

Helsinki is one of the most popular places to study in Finland. View candidate statistics from previous years.

Online Master’s In Communication

At the university, it is possible to gain a bachelor’s degree and a doctorate in third-cycle studies. After completing his undergraduate and doctoral studies in Helsinki on his third degree studies. After completing a master’s degree, one can apply for a doctorate in music and specialize in research, the arts, or applied doctoral studies.

An annual tuition fee of €5,000 for students who study in English and come from outside the EU and EEA countries. North Carolina Central University ( ) is launching a new online Master of Music in Jazz Studies program in the summer of 2023. Applications are now being accepted.

Students registering for the Masters in Music Studies will have two pathways to choose from – performance or composition and arrangement. According to Lenora Helm Hammonds, DMA, interim president, when the program begins, it will be the only historically black college or university (HBCU) in North Carolina to have an online Master of Music program in jazz studies, and in some Will be one. of Country. The Faculty of Music, Head of the Postgraduate Studies Programme, Jazz Studies and Director of the Vocal Jazz Ensemble.

Master Of Arts In Global Entertainment And Music Business

Helm Hammonds, who has been working and performing around the world for 17 years, said he has been developing the new program for five years and expects to enroll 20-25 students initially.

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“We have found that many of our students who apply for the Master of Music degree are non-traditional students who do not want to graduate immediately,” he said. “Some of them have worked in the field as professional musicians and decided they want to add a degree to their arsenal of teaching resources, or they want a PhD and need a continuation of their undergraduate degree.

High school teaching band and choir directors who are musicians can continue to lead Hammonds’ attractive new online master’s program. “They have bachelor’s degrees in music, but many of them haven’t studied jazz, so we expect many of them to sign up as well.”

Offering a Master of Music degree since 2008 in traditional, face-to-face classes. After the COVID-19 pandemic forced colleges to begin offering online classes, and as colleges and students adapted, questions began to arise about whether universities would offer an online Master of Music degree. Thanks to technology, what was previously considered impossible – playing and performing in an online environment or singing or playing an instrument – no longer seems so difficult.

“People were wondering, if you look at it, does it appear at the same time?” Helm Hammonds said. Other questions included the accuracy of the sound, whether the students would be able to reproduce what their teachers were trying to achieve, whether it would be possible to visualize the students’ perspectives virtually, and how to project three-dimensional aspects onto a flat screen and will be displayed. “Now we know it’s possible,” he continued. “We have learned that people are open to teaching and learning online. Students are mobile and the digital culture makes this a relevant and timely idea.”

Master’s In Music And Worship

The Music Department comes under the umbrella of the College of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, which has the necessary resources on campus to be successful. He added that initiatives and incentives were offered to departments to develop online degrees, making it “a perfect storm of resources and circumstances that helped us get to this point.”

Some online courses will be taught by music teachers who teach in-person classes, as well as Grammy-winning jazz star Branford Marsalis and Joey Calderazzo, accomplished pianist with the Marsalis band. Both artists take part in the residency programme.

Helm Hammonds said, “We have as the pillars of our department these two very important, distinguished musicians who are still living artists with very active touring and recording careers.” “It is a combination of academic, theoretical and practical parts, where there is a masterful practice between lecturer and students, which is not always found in jazz studies programmes. We intend to stand on the things that have helped us become the world famous.”

Master Of Arts In Global Entertainment And Music Business

In addition to winning third place in the Jack Rudin Collegiate Jazz Competition at Jazz in New York at Lincoln Center earlier this year, the Vocal Jazz Ensemble also won a major award from DownBeat magazine, one of the country’s leading jazz publications.

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At the helm Hammonds thanks his colleagues, including Brian Horton, DMA, Director of the Jazz Studies Program, Thomas Taylor, Assistant Professor of Drums, Dr. Jazz Studies, which will take students a year to complete.

North Carolina Central University () prepares students to succeed in the global marketplace. Consistently ranked as the Best Historically Black College or University, major programs in science, education, law, business, nursing and the arts prepare students for professions ranging from clinical research to computer science. Founded in 1910, it is committed to diversity and access to higher education. With a mission to address the health gap, the university’s two world-class research institutes provide students with real-world experience collaborating with faculty scientists and professionals in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The University’s Strategic Plan for 2019-2024, Creating a New Landscape for Student-Centered Success, focuses on four areas: student access and success; innovation, research and entrepreneurship; collaboration and partnership; and organizational stability. a visit

Participates in the NC Student Dialogue Ambassador pilot program to help students practice and build skills for finding common ground on major public challenges.

The students received the Best Student News Brief and Best Student Feature Reporting awards from the Carolinas Radio Television Digital News Association on November 12, 2022.

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Pay tribute to influential Black activists and historians with free lectures and film screenings during Black History Month. The Harvard/NEC program is a five-year program leading to a Bachelor of Arts (BA) from Harvard College and a Master of Arts (MM) from the New England Conservatory. The program benefits collaborative and intellectually gifted students who wish to pursue a business education at NEC and a rigorous liberal arts education at Harvard. During the first four years of the program, students follow the FE program at Harvard in a concentration of their choice and take study classes at the NEC. Both institutions are encouraged to participate in teams and a specific range of courses is suggested for the NEC part of the degree. The NEC is required each year to establish a Judging Promotion Panel to ensure that students meet the requirements of the PGC. The purpose of promotion at the end of the third year is to confirm the extent to which students have prepared for postgraduate studies at PKW. Students will graduate from Harvard in four years. Students will receive the MM from the New England Conservatory upon successful completion of their fifth year of study (fully at the NEC).

Applicants must complete applications for admission and financial aid to both institutions (the NEC requires auditions; Harvard does not). Both applications require students to demonstrate an interest in the double degree programme.

Most students apply in their final year of high school, but Harvard students who are in the first semester of their freshman year can still apply for the double degree program. You will need to complete the NEC graduate application and audition and tell them you are a current Harvard freshman interested in transferring to a dual degree program.

Master Of Arts In Global Entertainment And Music Business

It is not possible to apply to the program after the first semester of your freshman year at Harvard.

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Note: Accepted in both

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