Men’s Business Casual Pullover

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“Business casualty” can mean many different things. Here’s how to dress to make sure you fit every definition.

Men’s Business Casual Pullover

Men's Business Casual Pullover

You’ve done the hard part. You find a job, go through the interview process, and get an offer. Now all you need to do is make a good impression on your colleagues.

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A big aspect of your first impression is how you dress. But if you’ve been told that your office is “casual,” you don’t know what to expect. What percent of casual business is “business” and what percent is “casual”? What should you wear on the first day of your new job?

You can get ideas from celebrity appearances on talk shows, including The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. These are business casual events because while the atmosphere resembles a hotel room, the celebrities are usually there for business reasons – to promote a new movie, record or initiative.

In this piece, I break down the nine classic looks that define business casual for men so you can feel confident and comfortable.

When Will Smith appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, he wore a bright sweater with matching socks, pants, and clean white sneakers. This is a simple business look and you already have all or most of these items in your wardrobe. Solid color sneakers are a nice touch, especially if you’re on your feet a lot. However, you can wait to wear these types of shoes until your peers wear them and avoid wearing shoes that are too big or heavy.

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When Austin Powers and Shrek star Mike Myers appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, he wore a V-neck sweater with a white button-down shirt and a colorful tie on top. This type of color scheme represents the business norm. The tie is playful and fun, but not too flashy. Shirts and sweaters are cool. Myers chose to keep his shirt open, making the look more casual than the others.

She also wore jeans with black loafers. Many say that sex shouldn’t be considered casual, and it shouldn’t be. I recommend waiting to see what your coworkers are wearing before wearing them.

Hamilton writer Lin-Manuel Miranda wore a suit on Jimmy Kimmel Live that you might think is a commercial look. He still has a pocket and is tied. However, there are two aspects of this outfit that make it business casual. The first is that Miranda wore his tie loosely around his neck as Myers wore it under his sweater. It suggests informality, and it’s not like Miranda wears the same tie on the red carpet.

Men's Business Casual Pullover

Second, Miranda rocks white tennis shoes like Will Smith. You will never see a person in such work clothes.

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The Avengers star Mark Ruffalo wore a crewneck tee with black pants and brown shoes as he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel. A blazer and a dark and simple color scheme will cover it up and make it look more professional.

If you’re going to wear this look, make sure you don’t wear a jacket – if you do, you’re basically just wearing a t-shirt. This is definitely more common.

Try to wear at least one nice t-shirt under the blazer. A wrinkled shirt isn’t perfect, but a wrinkled white t-shirt looks like you slept in it the night before.

“Today Show” host Jimmy Fallon wears formal clothes during his show, but he looked more casual when he sat down with Ellen DeGeneres. He changed the suit to a khaki blazer and trousers, brown oxfords with polished shoes and a skinny tie that made him look more casual even though he was still wearing a shirt and tie.

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He also wears fun and colorful socks, another staple of business casual. Like Myers’ tie, it allows him to add a fun accent without being too flashy.

Director Ron Howard appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and decided to ditch the sock decision by wearing chuck boots instead of socks that showed his shoes instead of socks. Chucks are very comfortable and easy to slip in, but give a clean and professional look.

Howard also wore a simple blue shirt and jacket to go with the black pants. Again, you get some color, but it’s not on your face. It’s simple and comforting.

Men's Business Casual Pullover

Most of these men wore simple clothes with an odd color here or there. Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman switches up the look by wearing a patterned suit with a simple black sweater and black boots. Here, the splash of color comes from the actual suit, not a tie or a pair of socks. A bit of a peacock trick, but not too much.

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If you’re a Black Panther — or think you might be — it can be fun and make a statement. However, don’t go too far. You want the way you dress to complement your presence in the office, not define it.

What star John Krasinski wore to the show tonight isn’t that different from what you normally wear or what I wore when I was 13 and dressed up. He was wearing a long-sleeved shirt.

However, the shirt suits him and he pairs the dark shirt with light trousers, matching dress shoes and striped socks. It’s professional without sacrificing comfort, which is really the whole point of business casual.

If you need to buy a new outfit for work, keep in mind how Krasinski looks here. Her choice of clothes is simple, but everything suits her. He can wear similar combinations with each piece for easy change. When you buy for yourself, you should do the same and go for quality/reuse quantity/type. A shirt can look professional if it fits and is pressed properly, and a dress shirt can look worn if it is stained or wrinkled.

Business Casual For Men: The Ultimate Style Guide

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s appearance on The Tonight Show ranges from business casual to business formal. He was wearing a suit, jacket with gloves and nice dress shoes. If he wore a tie, I would probably consider it a business formal look.

Johnson ditched the tie, opting to wear his dress shirt with the top two buttons open, revealing his tattoo underneath. Note: He has been a professional wrestler for decades and only has two buttons. There’s no reason your office needs more than that.

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Men's Business Casual Pullover

If you’re starting a new job soon and don’t know what to wear for business, think about what you’d wear on a talk show like The Tonight Show. You can also watch those talk shows to develop ideas about what is acceptable to wear. However, try to maintain a conservative look, as what is acceptable for professional performers to wear is different from what you should wear for work. For example, you probably don’t need something you can rock at the Met Gala.

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For now, these nine classic looks can be a good start. A more formal look should be versatile enough for any office, and you can wear them on your first day with confidence.

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Men's Business Casual Pullover

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