Merrill Lynch Financial Advisor Business Plan Sample

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A frequent question, especially from office counsel is that employers make annual adjustments to compensation. Last year, the coronavirus pandemic raised expectations, forcing some firms to delay changes they were making to their 2020 plans — but that didn’t disrupt what industry insiders say is the long-term trend in adviser pay: a stable core network and constant border adjustments.

Merrill Lynch Financial Advisor Business Plan Sample

Merrill Lynch Financial Advisor Business Plan Sample

“Big companies in the last 20 years have been more evolutionary than revolutionary,” says Andy Tasnady, a compensation consultant.

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In previous years, brokerages have seen major changes, such as moving to a fee-based business model, which has affected what advisors are paid. But there are no similar changes in flight this year, he said: “It has undergone an evolutionary change that has completed its process.”

In the near future, tectonic changes are unlikely to affect advisor salaries. To begin with, there is a lot of competition, from competing offices, as well as regional and independent BDs, banks, RIAs and others. If the wire house makes cuts to the main computer network, it will run the risk of the host leaving the main brokers who have more employment opportunities than last year.

“I think for the big wires, the network is going to stay where it is. The changes are going to be on the edge. You’re going to see more changes in behavior, giving advisors adding new assets and new accounts,” said recruiter Mark Elzweig. .

He added, “It’s a very competitive world and there’s more interest in RIA and independent channels than there has been.”

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Sometimes business plans are interrupted by external problems. Last year, some firms were forced to provide assistance for FA compensation after the coronavirus pandemic caused turmoil in wealth management.

“For some companies, corporate changes are delayed because of the pandemic and then take effect in 2020,” said Tasnady, who also helped develop the annual compensation survey of Wire Financial Planning and regional and national brokers.

For example, Morgan Stanley wants to raise the threshold to net under-$5 million by about 10% for 2020, but postponed the change.

Merrill Lynch Financial Advisor Business Plan Sample

Wells Fargo had planned to tighten its policy on small household accounts last year, but never implemented the change due to pressure from the coronavirus. As part of the 2020 compensation plan, Wells Fargo advisors will be paid an average rate of 20% for households under $250,000. Previously, it was a flat rate for households under $100,000. But in April 2020, the wirehouse will calculate AUM for small households using the current value or the value as of December 31, 2019 – whichever is higher.

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Wells Fargo is one of several companies making significant changes to its 2021 completion plan, revealing new monthly income limits, some deferred compensation changes and new opportunities to earn bonuses.

Industry insiders say advisers can expect future policy adjustments such as payments for small household accounts. Wirehouses and other large companies prefer small accounts to be serviced by call centers and robo-advisors, where profit margins can be higher. And they make it easier for customers to register the following options; Merrill recently lowered the account minimum for robo-advisors to just $1,000 from $5,000.

Of course, if a company changes its strategy or is acquired by a company with a different business model, it is possible that substantial compensation changes may occur for advisors.

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Merrill Lynch raised the starting salary for advisors-in-training by $10,000 and has hired 1,700 new employees so far. We have the details.

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Andy Sieg took over as head of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management in 2017. Brian Ach/AP Images for Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Merrill Lynch Financial Advisor Business Plan Sample

Bank of America Merrill Lynch Wealth Management has slashed starting salaries for trainee financial advisers, hiring 1,700 rookies so far this year and deploying performance managers across the country to train them.

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It’s all part of the firm’s push to attract new talent to oversee its roughly $2.4 trillion in client balances as pension adviser Cliff approaches.

We spoke with Merrill Lynch Wealth Management President Andy Sieg about how firms need to change their playbook for hiring and training future advisors to add to the nearly 15,000 “boisterous herd.”

Adviser demographics is “one of the realities in the wealth management industry that hasn’t been given much attention,” Sieg said, and firms need to address how to position the next generation.

Merrill raised starting salaries for trainee advisers by about $10,000 six months ago — the current average is $65,000, plus performance bonuses to bring total pay above that base. The wider corporate market and competitive pay practices are under constant review.

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Asked how that salary stacks up to other cable houses, Sieg said, “I think it’s in the zone.”

Improving the scope is critical, especially for large banks that want wealth to offset other volatile activities such as trading.

Young people working in the property told Business Insider that the allure of a lucrative field like technology, the daunting challenge of creating a business as a startup, and anxiety in the industry for those who grew up during the financial crisis help explain why the project . it may seem less attractive.

Merrill Lynch Financial Advisor Business Plan Sample

Of course, Merrill isn’t the only power house — a term for a large, full-service broker-dealer — eyeing the pool. First, we spoke with Wells Fargo advisors last month about customer training, outreach and referrals.

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Read more: Wells Fargo has seen 1,000 financial advisers leave since the sales scandal broke in 2016. Here’s how to fight to keep talent and attract young people to work.

While Merrill had a training program that began in the 1950s, it has now gone beyond simply instructing people to sell stocks and bonds. It focuses on financial planning and also sells a wider range of offerings, such as mortgages from Bank of America, which bought the brokerage during the financial crisis.

In the past nine months, it has placed 75 performance managers across the United States to make it more practical. This includes following up on things like meetings and presentations with potential clients. The company does not issue courses for apprentices.

When it comes to experienced advisors, Sieg said they do limited recruiting, but “it’s pretty tight and the economy is a lot different than it was.”

Morgan Stanley: We’ve Grown Beyond The Bounds Of A Wirehouse

In this regard, Merrill focuses on advisers from regional and independent companies that have been in business for about two to eight years. They get three years of guaranteed pay and then settle into a performance-based pay plan.

Merrill had 14,690 financial advisers at the end of June, according to the filing, up from 14,820 a year earlier. It does not include consumer banking advisors. The firm’s total wealth advisers, including FAs, are 19,512 – up from 19,350 in 2018. Each person’s productivity has increased.

As the firm pulls back from experienced hiring to focus on making existing advisors more productive, Sieg said the hire represents “real scale” for its financial advisor development program. Merrill hired 1,700 new advisers this year in the third quarter for its training program.

Merrill Lynch Financial Advisor Business Plan Sample

It has a total of about 3,500 trainees in multi-year programs. During the third quarter, 100 more counselors were hired than in the same period last year.

It’s Small Vs. Big When Picking An Advisor

“We’ve moved beyond the days of solo practitioners in our business. Eighty percent of advisors at Merrill Lynch are now on teams,” he said. This gives them access to a relatively broad client base, but also means they have to specialize quickly – for example in investment management, planning or business development.

It usually occurs in the trainees third or fourth year. “Now it becomes more important in your career because now you don’t just have 10 clients. You can have 50 clients,” Sieg said.

Read more: UBS America’s head of private wealth says he thinks losing “a few hundred” advisers won’t be a problem, seeing as how robos could help retain the bank’s wealthiest clients.

Business is always a “very challenging career path,” says Sieg, and a successful advisor needs a variety of skills to stand out in a crowded field.

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Merrill is trying to deal with the disruption on several fronts. Sieg says there is a dropout rate of people who know a year because they don’t “know what this career is.”

“We are trying to improve it

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