Microsoft Dynamics 365 Functional Consultant Salary

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Functional Consultant Salary – Wondering how much it costs to hire a Microsoft Dynamics developer? Find Microsoft Dynamics Developer salary rates in different countries

Since its introduction in 2016, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has become the most powerful solution for business relationship management. With the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft has enhanced the core functionality of its CRM solution, offering a range of new and improved business tools to help businesses streamline their sales, marketing and customer relationship processes.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Functional Consultant Salary

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Functional Consultant Salary

Practical implementation of MS Dynamics 365 helps employees improve their productivity and knowledge by giving them a deeper understanding of their business processes. At the same time, automated sales and customer service processes help businesses simplify communication with team members But how much does it cost to hire a Microsoft Dynamics developer?

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In this article, we will look at the global MS Dynamics market, Dynamics AX developer salary and the estimated cost of implementing Microsoft Dynamics.

The global market for CRM software has shown steady growth over the past decade and this trend is expected to continue in the coming decades. According to the 2020 report by Statista, the global CRM software market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 2.8% to reach USD 40.26 billion by 2023. The same report by Grand Review Research estimates that the market value of CRM software will register CAGR. 14.5% to reach $114.4 billion by 2027 Some of the biggest drivers for this growth are the increasing demand for better customer support services, effective customer acquisition and retention, lead management and field management.

The MS Dynamics world is largely a candidate-driven market, making it challenging for companies to hire MS Dynamics consultants, especially those capable of implementing NAV, AX and CRM. Dictated by supply and demand forces, the shortage of developers in MS means that Microsoft Dynamics CRM developer salaries and salary expectations for Microsoft Dynamics consultants are relatively high compared to other jobs in the technology industry.

Finally, clients are always interested in getting the maximum possible benefit for their business with a lucrative Dynamics GP Consultant Salary, Dynamics X Developer Salary or Microsoft Dynamics NAV Developer Salary.

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In this section, we’ll explore different places to hire Dynamics 365 consultants and compare Microsoft Dynamics 365 developer salary rates in different regions. These 20 countries appear on our list because they are the best technology destinations in the world Below you will see a table of annual compensation, with MS engineers from the USA, Switzerland and Denmark occupying the top 3 positions. This means that employers and business owners are willing to pay $122k annually to implement, integrate and support multiple Microsoft Dynamics solutions.

The bottom three countries are Australia, Canada and the UK, with prices ranging from $96k to $87k. In Western Europe, MS programmers earn $75k to $54k, while Eastern European countries are willing to pay their developers $51-$33k. The cost of Ukrainian specialists is 3 times lower than that of their American counterparts and 1.5 times lower than that of engineers in Germany, Finland, Austria, Sweden, Belgium and France.

However, Ukrainian Microsoft Dynamics specialists earn more than developers working in Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Polish companies. This is because Ukrainian IT specialists gain credibility among European and American organizations due to their experience and advanced skills.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Functional Consultant Salary

Source: Research by Nigel Frank International, Pascal (for Latvia and Lithuania), Salary Experts (for Estonia and the Czech Republic) and our recruitment team (for Ukraine rates).

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In the table below you will see the monthly salaries of engineers according to their experience level: junior, middle and senior. This amount does not include bonuses or various incentives However, the authors say that they consider the impact of the coronavirus on the labor market

We decided to highlight how MS Dynamics program salaries can vary within a country depending on their seniority level. For example, the difference between the salaries of junior and mid-level developers in the US and Switzerland is about $2k-$3k. This also applies to the average and senior monthly salaries of these countries Cracks in Canada, the United Kingdom and Ukraine are smaller and equal to $1k–$2k.

Comparing the countries, this table shows that professionals in Switzerland and the United States receive the highest and almost equal compensation for all three levels of programming experience. Canadian employers are willing to pay junior and mid-level developers slightly more than in the UK, where senior engineers in both countries earn around $8,000 a month. Ukrainian junior developers salaries are 7 times lower than their US and Swiss counterparts and 4-5 times lower than Canadian and UK MS developers salaries. However, Ukrainian seniors earn 4 times less than American and Swiss and 2.5 times less than Canadian and British top MSc engineers.

We decided to look at how much Microsoft developers spend per hour in the 20 countries we previously considered. So, in the table below, you will see the average hourly rate for the average Dynamic CRM developer/programmer. Countries are ranked from highest to lowest hourly wages

Cost To Hire Microsoft Dynamics Developer

From the figures in the table below, we can see that the most expensive MS Dynamics engineers in Switzerland, Austria, USA, France, Canada and Belgium –– more than $100 per hour. Hourly rates vary significantly in Western Europe and the United Kingdom, falling between $96 and $32. Employers in the Netherlands, Italy, Australia and Denmark are willing to pay $50-$96, while businesses in Germany, Finland and Sweden have an hourly rate of $32-$36.

Prices in Eastern Europe are less than $30, so MS Dynamics developers in the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, and Poland earn an average of $17–$25 per hour of work. Ukraine does not seem to be the cheapest option However, it is a better option for a business to hire CRM developers from Ukraine and pay $23 per hour – because you can be sure of their skills, experience and professionalism.

Based on the information presented, it is easy to conclude that Microsoft Dynamics developer costs in Ukraine are relatively low. But aside from the low Microsoft Dynamics CRM developer salary, there are many benefits of working with Ukraine MS developers.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Functional Consultant Salary

To begin with, Ukraine has become a mecca for talented and qualified MS Dynamics developers for companies and businesses. Higher education in the country includes various IT courses, which has led to the development of a large pool of technical skills. As a result, Ukraine has emerged as a leading destination for IT outsourcing in Eastern Europe.

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With a large pool of skilled technical workers, Ukraine is located in a convenient time zone compared to other countries. The time difference with New York is 6 hours 2 hours with the United Kingdom, which makes it easier for international companies to conduct virtual negotiations and business meetings.

Today’s IT environment is highly integrated, which means brands are constantly turning to systems like MS Dynamics CRM to streamline time-consuming processes and increase their market value. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Deployment Costs There is no standard rate because development costs vary by industry, company size, business needs, type of collaboration, and experience level of the development team. With Microsoft Dynamics Technical Architect Salaries highlighted from different countries, you shouldn’t have any problems choosing the right location for you.

If you are interested in deploying a new MS Dynamics solution or want to improve an existing solution, you should work with an outstanding MS Dynamics developer.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Functional Consultant Salary

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