Mx Keys Combo For Business Gen 2

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Mx Keys Combo For Business Gen 2 – Logitech MX Master 3S and MX Keys for Business Gen 2 Review by Hubert Nguyen, 8/10/2022 12:39 PDT

Logitech recently introduced its new Combo for Business Gen 2, including the new MX Master 3S mouse and MX Keys keyboard. I have several keyboards and love to try new keyboards. Since this is such a popular combo in the enterprise space, I wanted to take a closer look.

Mx Keys Combo For Business Gen 2

Mx Keys Combo For Business Gen 2

I haven’t tried the first generation of MX keys yet, but this new one is for Windows and Mac OS. The build quality is high and the keyboard is very robust. In fact, the metal material comes with a weight that many people like.

Logitech Mx Keys Combo For Business Gen2 (graphite)

When you hold it, it’s easy to understand that it’s not plastic. Its weight suggests that it is a static keyboard that sits on a desk. The keys are soft and quiet. They have a unique design with a circular overhang in the middle. I think the typing accuracy should be improved as well as the curved keys.

In my experience, this offset makes my typing more or less accurate, but it feels a little different, so I highly recommend it if you try it out in the store. Whether you like the feel of the keyboard is a very personal thing, but I can vouch for the overall build quality.

MX Master 3S is a very precise (8000PPI) and ergonomic mouse. Again, shape and ergonomics are subjective, so it’s best to figure this out for yourself. I found it comfortable to use and more comfortable (but less portable) than my MX Anywhere 3 mouse.

This mouse will work on any surface including glass as most hotel rooms require a glass top and I guarantee you won’t always have a mouse pad handy. The MX Master 3S may seem a bit clunky at first glance, but I don’t mind that.

Logitech Mx Keys Review

Two input devices can be connected via Bluetooth or a Logibolt dongle, giving you great flexibility. Strangely, there is nowhere to store the small Logibolt USB stick. It’s a shame, as both devices seem to have plenty of internal space.

Neither device works as a USB-C cable input, but both have a USB-C connection for charging. I appreciate USB-C charging because I don’t want to carry around a micro-USB cable anymore. I think Logitech should add a USB-C input to maximize the connectivity options given the relatively high price.

Logitech claims that Logibolt is very secure, and IT departments around the world seem to agree, as I see it as a common choice in many large companies. It is optimized for use in offices where everyone uses wireless devices and is resistant to interference.

Mx Keys Combo For Business Gen 2

Both the keyboard and mouse can be wirelessly connected to multiple (3) computers (including phones and tablets), which I really like. During the pandemic, we learned about the need to manage work and personal computers in small spaces, which means sharing desks, keyboards, and mice whenever possible.

Logitech Mx Keys Mouse And Keyboard Combo Gen2 Bolt Receiver Bt Graphite 2yr Wty

Logitech nailed it very well and they are to be commended for that. At least they make it relatively easy. However, the experience was not as smooth as it could have been. For example, replacing a BT keyboard (manually) will not replace a BT mouse, and while there is a good reason for this, it is frustrating.

Currently, the best way to sync the two switches is to use Logitech Flow software, which helps you switch your mouse and keyboard between multiple computers.

This is a feature like Borderless Mouse (Microsoft) or Synergy. The general idea is to redirect mouse/keyboard input to another computer if the mouse cursor crosses the screen boundary.

Logitech makes this much more efficient by switching the Bluetooth connection only ONCE when the pointer crosses the display boundary. The infinite mouse constantly generates network traffic between computers and requires thousands of real-time updates that are extremely sensitive to network delays.

Logitech Mx Master 3s For Business And Mx Keys Combo For Business Gen 2 • For Men

This brings me to the many Logitech apps and it can be a bit confusing when you have products in different categories.

For example, if I pair a G series (gaming) with an MX series (business) mouse/keyboard, I now have two sets of software to control the settings of the Logitech input device.

Ideally, I’d like to have one Logitech app with built-in apps or a GUI. Most people don’t see it at first glance, but if Logitech succeeds in moving consumers from casual business to gaming, this is what it looks like.

Mx Keys Combo For Business Gen 2

Add to that the fact that each brand tries to lock you into its own system of settings, and you realize that settings (such as RGB keys and macro keys) cannot be exported from one keyboard brand to another. Even within a single brand, export is either non-existent or very intuitive. True, this is a marketing decision, because a JSON file is enough to export the parameters. Logitech Mx Keys Advanced Illuminated Wireless Keyboard And Mx Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse For Mac Bundle (2 Items)

Logitech MX Master 3S for Business and MX Keys Combo for Business Gen 2 are high quality products. It comes with excellent software support and I like a lot of the technical aspects of both input devices.

I’ve seen them open at various electronics chains like Best Buy, so you have plenty of opportunities to take a closer look and see how they feel. Again, I recommend tapping on any input device to create your own feedback.

I like mechanical keyboards, but clicky keyboards annoy co-workers, understandably so. Both devices are very quiet, which makes a big difference when you’re sitting a meter or two away from colleagues. This number must be less than 1,000,000. If you want to order more, please contact our sales team.

An end-of-life (EOL) product is a product that is no longer produced by the manufacturer. An expired product is often replaced by a new version.

Logitech Mx Mechanical Mini Wireless Illuminated Keyboard, Clicky Switches, Backlit, Bluetooth, Usb C, Macos, Windows, Linux, Ios, Android, Metal Compact Clicky (satisfying Click) Keyboard

End-of-life products don’t mean they’re no longer for sale, and EOL means different things to different manufacturers. All EOL dates are approximate and subject to change.

Performance-tuned fabric surface for precise and consistent control. The rubber base stays in place for intense gaming. Surface texture optimized for Logitech G mice and maximum gaming performance. The G240 allows players to achieve high sensor accuracy and precision. The G240 uses a surface texture comparable to the optimal test environment for Logitech G mice. At only 1 mm thick, the G240 maintains a low profile. The soft cloth adds comfort as your wrist moves over the edge of the mouse pad.

Logitech MX Keys Combo for Business | 2nd generation – Keyboard and mouse – Backlight – Wireless – Bluetooth LE – QWERTY – US English – Graphite

Mx Keys Combo For Business Gen 2

Linux, Google Chrome OS, Android 9.0 (Pie) or later, Apple iOS 14 or later, Apple iPadOS 14 or later, Windows 10/11 or later, Apple macOS 11 or later

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This product is currently in stock. Please contact our sales team for availability and availability.

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