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New Construction In Lexington Ma – Discreet ground connection The residence is carefully positioned on the area to create privacy from the street and neighbors. while planting side lawns that catch the southern sun. Stairs rise to meet the house. This allows the structure to be kept connected to the floor while sitting above the high water level. The elevated outdoor living area remains firmly connected to the indoor living area. while the edge of the steps reconnects to the actual bottom floor. The external placement and connections were completed by ZED in collaboration with landscape architect Soren Deniord Design Studio.

Exterior finishes and solar Exterior finishes include milled wood siding, stained fiber cement siding and stucco. A parapet on the roof hides solar panels above. Meanwhile, the site’s gutters and drainage system deliver rainwater to irrigation tanks and dry wells that replenish the aquifer.

New Construction In Lexington Ma

New Construction In Lexington Ma

Cook, eat and relax in this Henrybuilt kitchen between the indoor and outdoor dining areas. Large south-facing sliding doors open to seamlessly connect the space. Using a retractable awning to provide shade during the summer. while still exposed to the warmth of the winter sun. The interior living area continues from the dining area to the sunken living area. ready to receive the outside view through the corner glass wall

Lexington Ma New Construction

Accessible Guest Suite The design of the state-of-the-art guest suites caters to both on-site seniors and regular visitors for extended stays. The courtyard on the north side of the house offers its own private outdoor space and privacy from neighbors. ditto The second-level master suite opens to a private outdoor roof terrace.

Light and access A wide internal staircase with glass balustrades leads from the upper floors down to the well-insulated basement. Basement design used as play/transfer area. Meeting the needs of both natural light and convenient accessibility. In addition to the open staircase Light also enters the north side of the space through a Passive House high-performance aperture (PHI), covering a 6 x 16 foot area. Glass doors at the base of the stairs, which provide additional light and access from the upper deck to the. playground

Energy Energy consumption is reduced by highly efficient building envelopes, highly efficient mechanical systems, and then compensated by renewable energy. All windows and doors are made of high-quality triple-glazed glass with thermally insulated aluminum frames. The outer wall assembly uses dense pack cellulose in the stud cavity. continuous air barrier and 4-inch rigid foam exterior insulation. A 10kW solar system on the roof guarantees clean energy generation. The final air leak test gives 0.6 ACH 50, which is a very airtight home. It is a testament to the fine engineering details. progress test and build quality Compared to a new house built to specifications This house uses only 19% of energy.

Open living concept floor to ceiling windows Indoor and outdoor dining areas 2 private decks Older suite on site. lighted basement A range of projects designed to improve the Lexington Center in a variety of ways. Soon, this initiative, called Central Streetscape, is the result of 10 years of work by residents and employees. His goal is to make the city center safer and more accessible. All this enhancing the unique landscape of the Lexington Center. Construction is expected to begin next month and survey work will begin this week.

Diamond Middle School

Workers will improve the area accordingly. Massachusetts Avenue, from the Visitor Center on Meriam Street to the police station. The intersection behind the station between Woburn Street and Massachusetts Avenue will not be part of the project.

Lexington entrusted the job to IW Harding Construction, says city engineer John Livesey. Viewer will capture the entire project to record construction progress. A drone will fly over the Lexington Center for full views of the streets. Workers will begin digging test wells as early as April 20. These small excavations will give developers a better understanding of underground conditions to ensure there is enough room for the necessary facilities.

A few weeks after these processes are completed. Construction will begin in earnest, according to Livsey, this will happen in mid-May. The entire project will take two seasons to complete. Lexington’s construction season typically runs from about April 20 to November 15, as the cold weather is unfavorable for most construction projects.

New Construction In Lexington Ma

The reason it took so long, Livsey said. First, the project consisted of reviewing the center’s trees and the ground they stood on, he said. The Lexington Center’s trees were unhealthy and limited. And workers would dig several feet below the pavement to make room for healthy new plants to grow.

Hathaway Rd, Lexington

Another reason for the long schedule: Considered for many of the businesses of the Lexington Center, construction will be done in stages, consisting of small areas at a time. This is to reduce the disruption to shops and restaurants in the area.

“We didn’t want to go in there and dig up all the work and create such a mess that nobody could use the center,” Livsey said. “The center was fully operational during construction. And we want to encourage people to continue using urban areas.”

Multiple teams will work simultaneously. But it generally progresses from one end of the center to the other at the beginning.

The Center Streetscape project aims to improve the area in a number of ways. Roads will be resurfaced and road and sidewalk lights will be added. New bike racks and extra seats will be installed. Bumpers will be added to ensure the safety of pedestrians. While junctions will be modernized and accessible.

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Livsey said the drive to make the center ADA compliant and safe for people with disabilities was a driving factor early on in the project.

“Most areas do not meet current accessibility standards. It is dangerous to travel. Non-standard ramps, etc. All this will be improved,” he said.

Special care is taken to preserve its beauty. Today’s streetscape traces its history to 1966, when Lexington resident and architect Hideo Sasaki drafted a comprehensive plan to renew downtown. Sasaki’s plan is striking. It expanded the sidewalks and added trees to make downtown more walkable.

New Construction In Lexington Ma

Countless public meetings and thousands of hours of work over the past decade have brought the project to where it is today. Livsey says a task force was formed about five years ago to speed up the plan. Assigning a large number of tasks

Waterstone/bridges At Lexington Official Site

“As an engineer It’s exciting to see it finished… Having said that, we always take care before the construction starts. It’s a lot of work. We want to make sure quality control is in place and we communicate with the public and businesses as much as possible to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible,” said Livsey.

During construction Traffic will continue to flow through the center, some lanes will be closed. But much of the work is limited to the sidewalk, Livsey said, as the final paving process nears completion. Some roads may be temporarily closed.

Residents and business people can hear excavators and hammers pounding, but that’s for a day’s work. And residents will be notified if any construction is required overnight.

“We want to show respect that this is not just a commercial thoroughfare. It’s also a residential corridor,” says Livsey. We don’t keep people up all night.”

Edward J Roy Dr #313, Manchester, Nh 03104

Find out more about the project at The municipality will periodically send out newsletters to inform the public about the progress of the project. Anyone can sign up for the newsletter on the city’s website.Lexington’s Cobblestone Luxury Senior Community is set to open in 2022. Construction has begun on the 17.5-acre campus adjacent to the Belmont Country Club in Lexington.

LEXINGTON, Massachusetts (April 2021) – National Development’s Lexington Waterstone and EPOCH Senior Living, a luxury senior living community, is growing. Construction has begun on the 17.5-acre campus adjacent to Lexington’s Belmont Country Club.

When Lexington’s Waterstone opens in the summer of 2022, there will be 116 independent living and 40 assisted living units. The floor plan is open and airy. well decorated bathroom wardrobe and designer kitchen.

New Construction In Lexington Ma

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Raymond L’Heureux, Senior Consultant at Waterstone of Lexington, said: “There is tremendous interest in Waterstone of Lexington because of our beautiful surroundings and our incredible buildings. About half of the new freehold housing has been reserved.”

“Lexington Waterstone

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