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New Italian Restaurant Salt Lake City – Wrap up, wrap up. It’s time to quickly move on to a new, popular and ongoing list. We’ve seen a whirlwind of openings this year, and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon. Since the last roundup in July, there are three dozen more spots to report, so roll up your best pants and wash. As always, I prefer to start space with an alphanumeric period, which is my prerogative (see cute pictures).

The past twelve months have seen major updates to Lazy Kitchen. A downtown SLC location follows the recent opening in Midvale, the third for the business. It will open in the former Curry Up Now location at 200 S. (Old Cedars of Lebanon). Along with it comes Medvale’s cousin, the counter-order model, which also appeared in the original Central 9th. The Lebanese menu has also been revamped and reworked. Now the focus is more Mediterranean, and the ordering format is ‘choose your protein’, ‘choose your style’.

New Italian Restaurant Salt Lake City

New Italian Restaurant Salt Lake City

What is left? Honestly, all good – it’s still the warm and inclusive place it’s been since day one – and the food is still fun and fresh. The lamb burger features crispy ribs as a bacon substitute. Crispy Grilled Chicken Escalope is a new addition to the menu and is perfect with the fluffy rice and lentil mix.

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You may remember downtown’s Curry Up Now, the cozy cocktail bar next door to Mortar and Pestle on Edison Street. And that was replaced by the new backdoor from the Lazizza team. It’s still over 21 bars and still connected to the restaurant in front. There is a new look, more luxurious and elegant. I hate to drop the title above, but it’s the best descitopn I’ve found. A plush sofa, dimmed lights and a wooden alcove.

The back door remains a private and separate entity. If the mood takes you, stop by for a cocktail, no need to order food. If you do, you can take advantage of Lazy’s ready-to-eat meze menu.

Viet Farm’s ever-growing poultry farm grew into one. Pretty Bird’s fourth Midvale location opens its doors this month. It is a very modern place. The interior is all soothing geometric tiles and angles and cubbies.

The command is the same electronic guy you first encountered around the Sugar House. A sales system will greet you at the front door ready to take your order. Press the bright screen, take the number, go and put the seat back. Part of me wants to scream “computer, chicken” at the screen, but at the moment, at the moment, everything is sliding and pointing.

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After a few minutes, when the food arrives at your table, everything is enough. Note that the technological utopia will collapse if you dare to buy alcohol (there is wine, beer and seltzer). After that the friendly staff has to go check ID, but oh well, Utah. It should be noted that the Pretty Bird menu offers a bottle of Dom for $275. The chicken is free 😉

More chicken, this time sukar with Somali rice. At this new SLC location (145 E, 1300 S), East African cuisine is served alongside instantly recognizable Middle Eastern and South Asian dishes: shawarma, tandoori, biryani and more. Want to dive into Abadir’s menu first and try it all? Abadir also offered a buffet, although I didn’t get the details of what it included. If you know, let me know.

I’ve been following the second coming of this American-Korean fusion outfit for a while; But surprisingly, he couldn’t find the final opening. A sharp-eyed reader kindly messaged me to confirm that the Weeping Cottonwood Heights location is indeed open. Angry Korean (sort of the Seinfeld equivalent, if you will) has been a favorite of mine since they opened.

New Italian Restaurant Salt Lake City

Early life in South Jordan – the work of Peter Kim and Young-Ho Kang, two Korean chefs with extensive experience abroad. It includes a stint at Momofuku under Kim’s New York king of umami, David Chang, before Kim’s move to Michelin-starred Korean restaurant Danji. Kang, a successful sushi chef in the United States and Korea, met Kim here in Utah. If you want to dive into fusion, look no further than the Korean Cheesesteak pictured above, which is topped with grilled Korean bulgogi beef.

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A second location of the popular donut shop is now open in Centerville (330 W Parrish Ln). P.S. If you want to recreate that dish in the picture, you’ll need to bring your own peaches. Read more about it in our recent pitch story here.

It continues in the valley with the opening of a new bubble tea shop in West Valley City (2927 S 5600 W). Milk tea, fruit drinks, brown sugar drinks, it’s all there. Prices range from $5 to $8 per drink. Their menu currently does not include food options.

Is it a sign of the end times? Is it a way to feed a hungry family on a tight budget? You Decide This Arizona fast-casual has been simmering in the pot for a while, but passers-by tell me it’s now open. Check out our first overview and company profile here. So cry bravely, it’s your call.

New to Manganites town (or is it Manganese) – Cattleman’s Burger Company. In a world of arugula, brioche buns and twenty-in-the-wallet cravings, the five-dollar burger is almost a cryptozoological revelation. But that’s where the menu at Cattleman’s Gameli starts, it’s not just about offering fries for two bucks more. No, they’re not filled with truffles and parmesan either.

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Now open in Draper, the fast-growing Soul Food Bistro fame is the first Utah location. The business is the creation of Floridians Frederic and Taya Jacobs, who provide former stars; You can find Oprah in the Rolodex, can you? The SLC opening is the second location for the brand after the Sunshine State flagship store — Tennessee will be next.

The menu starts with classics like beef, catfish, meatloaf and fried chicken, before moving on to the healthy staples of gold-dusted chicken wings. Chain or not, it’s a culinary tradition we miss a lot these days, even with community planning in mind.

“Once they start singing the bistro, the plan is to donate a portion of the restaurant proceeds to an LGBTQ+ center and support an organization for homeless youth,” wrote Stephen Russell in a Tribune story. Here’s a little more about the launch via the press release.

New Italian Restaurant Salt Lake City

We hope that such a show will stop on this new Asian grid. Hot Fusion is bringing a variety of Chinese grills to the ballpark area, and it looks interesting. In addition to braised chicken heart and braised lamb, the menu ends with a variety of Szechuan dishes; Twice Boiled Pork and Boiled Fish. Stupid Ash students gather.

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Then on to Harrisville and this new Japanese restaurant, “Harajuku Grill & Sushi, offers a relaxed, feel-good atmosphere for everyone, including the kids!”. , countless sushi preparations with cooked dishes – from soba to katsu with steak and seafood.

A second location for this coffee hot spot has opened in South Salt Lake (1588 S. Main St.). Open seven days a week for caffeine and baked sugar lovers. Honeysuckle’s peach and cream croissants look especially perfect on the online menu. I can think of worse ways to lose a five dollar bill.

Spanish Fork operates one of four locations for this taco brand in Utah. Location 1253 N. Canyon Creek Pkwy connects Pleasant Grove, Orem and Eagle Mountain. Jurassic also operates several food trucks in Utah.

This second location of Los Tapatios officially opened at the end of August. The new location in Taylorsville (3269 W 5400 S) will bring the same Jalisco cuisine as the original, which first opened in 2020. The menu is full of the beauty of today’s gastronomic dance – birria – available in every imaginable format: tacos, cake, mulita, burritos, quesadillas and ramen. It’s a stunning collection from start to finish, the kind of thing that will have you posting a dizzying TikTok video in no time. If that’s your thing.

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Find out more about this new Coffee Camas from KPCV as they have ten minutes to listen to the commercial. Lucky Ones makes coffee

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