Nonstop Flights From Rdu To Lax

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Nonstop Flights From Rdu To Lax – RALEIGH, NC (WWAY) — JetBlue announced Thursday that it will launch five new nonstop locations at RDU this year.

New stops include Cancun, Mexico, Montego Bay, Jamaica, Fort Myers, FL San Juan, PR and Los Angeles, CA.

Nonstop Flights From Rdu To Lax

Nonstop Flights From Rdu To Lax

Cancun and Montego Bay are the first international flights to return to RDU since the start of the global health crisis. The LAX route is JetBlue’s first West Coast flight with RDU.

Jetblue Launches Five New Daily Nonstop Destinations At Rdu

“RDU is very fortunate to be able to expand with a new location at a time when the airport continues to lack air service,” said Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority President and CEO Michael Landguth. “We hope passengers will support the new routes by traveling to warmer climates during the winter months.”

JetBlue has operated at RDU since 2006 and is popular with RDU business travelers with frequent flights to the Boston and New York markets. JetBlue also offers leisure travelers visiting South Florida or connecting to Ft. Lauderdale to 25 destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

JetBlue’s announcement follows American Airlines’ plans to resume nonstop service to LAX in October and to London and Cancun this fall. Delta Air Lines plans to resume nonstop service to Paris in spring 2021, and Allegiant will resume service to Punta Gorda, FL (PGD) in October. Air Canada plans to resume flights to Toronto and Montreal from RDU once international restrictions are lifted.

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Nonstop Flights From Rdu To Lax

The new program announced by the airport aims to encourage airlines to offer more direct international flights to RDU.

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The airport said in a statement that the program “provides financial incentives to airlines.” According to the announcement, connectivity will improve with the addition of new international locations. According to the airport, more people are expected to travel abroad in the summer of 2022 as well.

“RDU’s new International Service Incentive Program allows the airport to offer a convenient, nonstop vacation,” an airport spokesperson told WRAL TechWire today. “The main objective of the program is to encourage the successful launch of new services from RDU to international destinations, including transatlantic services.”

Eligible airlines cannot serve RDUs from 2019 and must be “at least 1,400 nautical miles” from the airport.

For example, the discontinued American Airlines flight to London and the Delta Air Lines flight to Paris are not eligible for this incentive because they apply to routes that have not operated since December 2019, the airport said. “They are struggling with existing incentives to waive transport costs to markets on their return,” a spokesman said.

American Airlines To Fly Rdu To Cincinnati Starting In 2023

According to the airport’s website, there are currently three non-stop international flights. These include flights to Cancun, Mexico; Montego Bay, Jamaica; and Toronto, Canada. Before the start of the global coronavirus pandemic, five non-stop international flights were available on the airport’s website.

According to the official, a total of 802,000 passengers traveled through the airport. This is 8% more than the airport’s previous forecast.

“RDU passenger traffic exceeded the national recovery in September, which is a great sign for our market,” said Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority President and CEO Michael Landguth. “Trends over the past few months suggest that RDU is well positioned to continue its recovery.”

Nonstop Flights From Rdu To Lax

The September 2021 data “suggests that the industry is returning to the sustained boom it had before the Delta version,” the airport said in a statement, adding that the number of deaths due to COVID is declining.

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