Orange County Women’s Business Association

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Orange County Women’s Business Association – Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace Yorba Linda, CA Featured for New Hope 11

A business luncheon and fashion show celebrating the Caribbean Breeze Women theme. The event was organized by an amazing group of women who are members of the Orange County Chapter of the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU) and their chapter is called OCAHU. I created these powerful women years ago.

Orange County Women’s Business Association

Orange County Women's Business Association

(WIB) needed a better way to do charity work and give back the credit it deserves. After searching, New Hope became their charity of choice.

Junior League Receives Well Deserved Award

Every year the program gets better. This year, over 400 people from Southern California attended. At the event, guests received matching raffle baskets, silent auction items were won, and some winners received an all-expenses paid trip to Aruba.

Over the years they have given their time to help New Hope achieve our mission. Many thanks to the wonderful group of women who use their touch and skill to make jewelry. Year after year all proceeds go to 8 Week Bereavement Support Groups; It was used for family camping and more. The total dollars raised for this year have not yet been received, but we are very hopeful that last year’s amount will exceed $30,000.

As our guest, we bring you a young woman who could benefit from our partnership with Sunburst Youth Challenge Academy in Los Alamitos. Her name is Mia Causey and she was the guest speaker at the luncheon where she shared how New Hope helped her find hope and healing after Nana’s death. After her speech, many people thanked Mia for her bravery and willingness to face the unknown. A woman tells Mia that she has a similar life story and is very happy. Best wishes to Mia as well. The generosity of the guests and the dedication of the women in the business allowed me to work with young people like Mia. Together, we change lives. Orange County women from all walks of life came together Friday to launch an eight-month mentorship program for businesswomen.

Members of the National Association of Women Business Owners of Orange County met for lunch at the Summit House Restaurant in Fullerton.

National Asian Pacific American Bar Association

“I’m so happy for each and every one of you,” said NAWBO Orange County Board President Maureen Ryan.

“Gifts about life, about work, about others that enrich my life and enrich my soul. I’ve gained knowledge,” Ryan said of his years as a mentor.

This program is designed to help Orange County business owners maximize their personal and business success. They provide industry insights; They explore new opportunities and learn what it takes to build a successful business.

Orange County Women's Business Association

“It’s a great way for them to not feel alone in their work,” said Dee Elliott, founder and director of the program.

Joint Business Mixer, Mona Niko Gallery, 6 9 22, 6 8 Pm

This year, the Orange County chapter of the Elliott organization became vice chancellor of professional development for mentoring; The successful team; Monitoring power supply and education.

As a NAWBO member, Elliott pursues her interests, whether personal or professional; She said she could turn to her members and they would always help.

“Whatever your problem, whatever your problem, whatever your challenge, you can always find someone at NAWBO who can help you,” Elliott said. “I think that’s especially reassuring for new businesses.”

Advisory Program Committee Members (R-L): Kimberly Rogers; Host Chair; Kimberly Gerber; Advisory/Training Chair; Linda Caso, Counselor Relations; Dee Elliot Founder and Co-Director; Andrea Messina administrative support; and Pam Adams, Hospitality.

Material Donation Program

The program is about women helping women, and that’s important to Elliott, who created the program for the organization’s Orange County chapter nearly a decade ago.

About 300 women have gone through the program as mentors, but only 25 women are accepted into the program each year.

This is the first time the organization has allowed former adults to re-enter the program. A second-time instructor said his business has doubled since he started the program. The first time was amazing; She said she wanted to take it to the next level.

Orange County Women's Business Association

Follow-up calls and support meetings from event organizers help ensure a successful relationship throughout the year. Mentors also do homework to help them reach their goals.

Hosting A Networking Group Mixer Los Angeles, Ca

Mentors and coaches will always face difficulties or problems throughout the year, but the program begins with warning and advising each party about potential problems. If every woman is committed to the relationship, it will succeed.

Elliott owns the copyright to the program, but has recently sold it to companies and other chapters of the organization, including the New York NAWBO chapter, hoping the program will go “viral” throughout the organization.

“They really do an amazing job fitting her,” said seven-time trainer Barry Carrion of Carrion Consulting in Newport Coast. Her areas of expertise match the consultant’s needs.”

Carrion said her experience; Considering her own failures and successes, she says she is supported by the program’s format, where she is an accountability partner. It helps the mentor to move towards their goals. Mentors also serve as a sounding board, she says, providing feedback. Carrion said it’s important for the mentor to focus on the mentee’s goals and make sure they are realistic and realistic. Still challenging.

Oc Fair & Event Center

Barry Carrion of Carrion Consulting in Newport Coast has been a consultant to NAWBO’s program for seven years.

“It challenges me and excites me,” said Carrion, who keeps in touch with all of her former members.

It is very structured and the selection process is taken very seriously. Carrion said both activities contribute to the program’s success.

Orange County Women's Business Association

“The structure they put together is enough,” Carrion said. “It’s not so much to block and block the relationship, but enough to carry it forward and appreciate it.”

Dh Casters State Of California Awards & Certifications

On the financial side, Elliott said the $300 program fee will set her back thousands of dollars. On the other hand, the value of the program and its help to women is priceless.

Because coaches and mentors are often in different industries, Elliott says they get a fresh perspective on their business. She said it gave her a new set of eyes to see everything.

As a member of NAWBO, a businesswoman can get new clients or referrals or contacts, but there’s more to it, Elliott said. By joining the organization, women can learn every skill needed to run a business and be successful.

Carrion, who has been involved with the National Association of Women Business Owners since 2002, said joining the organization and working with others at the same level helped build her business. She said the organization helps her develop and build trusting relationships with other business owners. When CEO Roundtable was created in 2005, half of new members came from referrals from fellow members.

Orange County Paralegal Association

Dr. Triple Guide Images for Healing in Newport Beach. Mickey Wilson said the organization is unique in part because it’s only for women in the industry. Men have their own organizations and groups, women have groups for parenting or community efforts, but not businesses.

Wilson, who joined the organization five years ago and is looking to engage and hire women-owned businesses, said there’s a different energy to working at women-run companies.

“I have mentors,” Carrion reflected at any time. “Looking back at that time, I realize how important it was to my success and it’s like paying it forward to me … It’s my way of paying it forward and I have it.”

Orange County Women's Business Association

Steve Rosansky completes 10 years as president and CEO of the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce with record membership and strong programs.

Th Annual Celebration Of Women In Business Luncheon & Fashion Show :: New Hope Grief Support Community

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