Places To Travel In Japan

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Places To Travel In Japan – While you may know your way around sushi, anime, and karate (if you don’t, we don’t know where you’ve been), Japan’s true treasures are almost impossible to miss! Go from tourist to globetrotter with the help of a local Japanese bento box in hand.

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Places To Travel In Japan

Places To Travel In Japan

Many Japanese charms overlap – take Tokyo for example. While sights such as Tokyo’s Sky Tree conjure up images, tourists can experience Tokyo’s temples, bars and theaters as they are in the more traditional districts of Asakusa and Ueno. From streetlights to neon signs, don’t let the crowds get in your way – Tokyo is the safest city in the world right now.

Quirky Places To Stay In Tokyo, Japan

Home to history buffs, Kyoto is famous for the geisha district of Gion, thousands of temples and shrines, and delicious matcha ice cream. Don’t miss Kyoto’s signature dishes with triangular yatsuhashi buns, Kyoto kit kats and kyo loop di loop sticks to satisfy even the pickiest of palates.

Eaters, rejoice! With fun and delicious things around every corner, Osaka is a street food lover’s dream. Get your hands on takoyaki octopus balls and Osaka’s delicious seafood pancakes (okonomiyaki), but wait until you’re done before exploring the luxurious Osaka Castle and exotic spa world. In Japan, it is rude to eat out while on a trip.

Let’s face it, it’s hard to tell the story of Hiroshima not so far away. Although the city still bears the scars of its past, Hiroshima still thrives and thrives in peace and creativity. From the turquoise waters surrounding the island of Miyajima to the beautiful memorial to the victims of the atomic bomb, Hiroshima fearlessly demonstrates Japan’s ability to rebuild and remember.

It is now Japan’s second largest city that started as a small fishing village – talk about rapid growth! Yokohama is easy on your budget and home to some of our favorites, including the Kirin Brewery, the Ramen Museum, and the Bowl Noodle Museum. If you’ve had enough carbs in your life, don’t fall asleep or you’ll miss out on some of the most beautiful night views of Japanese cities!

Most Beautiful Places In Japan (photos)

A short train ride from Kyoto, Nagoya is considered the birthplace of pachinko and the birthplace of Toyota. Smaller than Tokyo (but no less touristy), the city is not only great for day trips, but it’s also an artist’s paradise. Home to numerous art museums, eclectic architecture and spectacular bird views, even the most seasoned birdwatcher will be in a hurry!

Call us foodies, but we promise not to underestimate Kobe’s world-famous beef. Before you sit down to a steak to cut everyone, start by strolling through Nankinmachi (Kobe’s Chinatown), then take the cable car to a romantic evening above the clouds on Mount Rocco.

Popular with locals and visitors alike, Nara is home to deer (but no antelope). Protected by the Conservation Act, these cute little deer are so friendly they’ll pull a granola bar out of their bag. The deer are cute, but Nara’s real treasure is its 1,300-year-old idols and temples. (Tip: A Shinto shrine usually has a large stone at the entrance – step over it, not over it! Only beginners step directly onto the block, which is the revered part of the torii gate. .)

Places To Travel In Japan

If you haven’t heard of Sapporo’s famous beer, you can here (if so, we forgive you). Although Japan’s natural beauty is stunning all year round, Sapporo is a winter kingdom of beer and ice cream. Home to the 1972 Winter Olympics, this mountain town is nothing short of skiing, ice carving competitions and (of course) beer. Flights to Sapporo (and Japan in general) are not cheap.

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For the more adventurous, Shizuoka is well deserving of its hidden gem, an urban yet laid-back seaside town that’s not yet on the tourist radar, with breathtaking views of Mt. Fuji and some of the best ramen shops in Japan. For a once-in-a-lifetime experience, head to Miho No Matsubara Beach, a black stone beach lined with coastal trees.

A city of 2,000 hot springs, Beppu offers visitors the chance to relax in style. Beppu, easily accessible by shinkansen or bullet train, is worth an extra day or two. The nearby volcanic hot springs are known as the “8 hells of Beppu”, but don’t let that deter you. With the mountains and stunning cable cars in the area, the small spa town of Beppu is closer to heaven.

Mount Fuji, which was worshiped by Buddhists and Shintoists in ancient times, is still considered sacred. Whether you climb to the top or gaze at it from afar, Mount Fuji is a must-see for visitors to the heart of Japan. As an active volcano, Mount Fuji is shrouded in fog and rain, making the photos confusing. However, nothing beats the excitement of seeing Fuji-san in person!

Simply put, postcards can never do this place justice. Kinkaku-ji is a Zen Buddhist temple with a pristine lake and glittering golden roof. You would never guess that Kinkaku-ji is a taxi ride from downtown Kyoto. The famous reflection pool at Kinkaku-ji gives a sense of the underwater kingdom.

Places To Visit In Japan For The Culture

Just one hour from Hiroshima, Itsukushima Shrine (aka the Great Torii) rises out of the sea. There is no other way to describe the great torii and its homeland, the island of Miyajima, as legendary. With the mountains in the background, the shrine seems to be floating on water, just like the gods themselves.

Although Japan is beautiful all year round, the fields of lights of Furano and Biei transform this world into a summer scene from The Sound of Music. Carefully look over the sea from the fields of lavender and rainbow-colored poppies in Hokkaido and you can see the coast of Russia – that’s everywhere in the north of this colorful state.

Those who brave the gates of Nara’s Todaiji Temple will cross paths with the park’s deer, the world’s cutest but fiercest animals. These deer are called the messengers of the gods in Shintoism, and they are innocent of their heads and grain from their pockets. Pass deer and crawl up giant wooden pillars (the size of Buddha’s nostrils) to stand at the feet of Vairokana, the world’s tallest Buddha, for blessings.

Places To Travel In Japan

If clear waters, white sand beaches and mysterious island forests are your thing, Okinawa is your home away from home. Made up of over 200 islands in the China Sea, Okinawa is all about relaxation and getting back to normal. It’s no surprise that these low-lying islands are the home of karate, with rolling hills bordering bays with deep blue waters. (Tip: Reinvigorate your body and mind at Okinawa Karate Kaikan, the world’s first dojo.)

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Remote mountain towns like Shirakawago and Gokayama, known for their thatched roofs, have existed since 1000 AD. Often these cottages are not time controlled and are protected by a developer’s “buffer zone”. High in the Japanese Alps, these villages are subject to changing seasons, making them a must-see at any time of the year.

Shibuya is Tokyo’s hip entertainment district with towering billboards and neon lights. From the glittering lights of the Gai Center to the elegant ramps of Spain, Shibuya stores showcase Japan’s hottest fashion and technology every day. After a brief introduction to Shibuya from a local guide, navigating these crowded areas like a pro was a real challenge.

Iya No Kazura is a suspension bridge made of trees and living vines that takes brave travelers to the edge of a misty cliff. Believed to have been built by the founder of Shingon Buddhism and used by refugees, bandits, warriors and monks for centuries, the Vine Bridge still stretches faithfully across the Iya River.

Located on the coast of Mariko Bay in northeastern Japan, Jodogahama is a giant rock and cliff jutting out of the sea like a giant finger. Battered by centuries of rain, tsunamis and ice, the cliffs are surrounded by pale, white beaches that evoke the Buddhist concept of a “pure land” called Jodogahama.

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Shake off the dust that covers Sapporo, one of Hokkaido’s northernmost cities. Sapporo is a winter wonderland and skier’s utopia, with up to 50 meters of snow every winter. With heavy snowfall in January and February, Sapporo resorts are ready to hit the slopes with a cup of hot chocolate (hot chocolate) on the way home. you are a guest.

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