Plastic Business Cards That Look Like Credit Cards

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Plastic Business Cards That Look Like Credit Cards – The business world is always competing to stand out with its brand and presentation. Personalized plastic business cards are a great way to set yourself apart from your competition as they are durable, unique and durable. A plastic business card looks like a credit card, but is thinner and more durable. 16-point paper card stock is always the best choice for a classic card, but if you want to make an impact, it’s better to go with something else. Plastic business cards have a fancy look which means people will look at them for a long time.

Axiom Print offers strong, durable and water-resistant plastic business card printing materials to ensure the longevity of the card. Apart from an information card to keep track of your company contact and details, plastic business cards are printed for many purposes. They can be used as gift cards, VIP cards, loyalty cards, discount cards, membership cards, entry cards for clubs, events, resorts and other promotional purposes.

Plastic Business Cards That Look Like Credit Cards

Plastic Business Cards That Look Like Credit Cards

Here are simple options for creating custom plastic business cards. With our customer-friendly online shopping system, you can choose the size, material type, printing feature and quantity that best suit your needs. The system opens blank forms to review your design and special requests/notes. With all the customization options and unique design features, your business card will make an impact.

Credit Card Styled Business Card Pvc Cards Plastic

As mentioned above, 20PT plastic is the most recommended and strong material for printing plastic business cards. Axiom Print Plastic offers three types of 20PT plastics for printing business cards, ranging from clear to opaque.

All four edges are 1/8″ rounded. Because the plastic is thick and strong, rounded edges prevent sharp edges from peeling and protect against cuts or scratches.

A: First, you need to decide if you want to print two-sided. If you want to go with a one-sided business card, 20pt Frosted Plastic or 20pt Clear Plastic is a good choice. If you want to use double-sided printing, 20PT white plastic is recommended.

A: Because plastic is thick and strong, sharp corners are unsafe and can cause injury. Rounded corners prevent cuts and bruises.

Card Holder With Plastic Card, Vector Template Set. Blank Sleeve Envelope Case For Credit, Gift Or Business Cards Stock Vector

A: No, folders cannot be added to plastic business cards. But we print paper business cards in various paper color options.

A: Yes, but double-sided printing is only valid for 20PT white plastic. You can upload different graphics, one for each page.

A: We have free design service. Our team of creative designers will help you with your creative art. Before printing, we share the initial design with you and allow you to make changes before printing.

Plastic Business Cards That Look Like Credit Cards

A: Our usual turnaround time for printing plastic business cards is 7 business days. But for last minute orders, we offer express services. The automotive industry needs a station that represents the industry’s best business practices. You want to convey to customers that your business is reliable and technologically advanced. Our 20 PT Ultra Thick PVC Plastic Bag has a solid and dense feel, making your business more reliable. A transparent company lets your customers know how transparent your business is, helping to promote the image of a trustworthy business. Our top glass takes advantage of this role and combines white ink with UV printing to create a modern and impressive look. This template is perfect for repairing glass as it uses a broken glass background to create aesthetic interest and balance the black design on the left side of the card.

Full Color Plastic Business Cards 1 3 Foil Colors.

In any industry, it’s important to demonstrate that your business is not only relevant, but also an industry leader. You need to show that your business is not only unique, but also professional and trustworthy. What better way to show these features to customers than using an elite PVC plastic cardboard box? 10.75 PT or 21.5 PT thick, this sturdy pole exudes absolute confidence.

Our clear PVC stock is available in two distinct finishes: glossy translucent and matte frosted. Glossy clear coating gives a semi-hard sheen to the surface of the business cards. This steel finish is almost transparent and can add a shine to your design. The frosted matte finish provides a unique semi-opaque look that mimics the look of frosted glass.

We offer many finishes in this stock to make your design unique! The paper stamp is available in various colors and metallic finishes. Try printing metallic ink on this stock to create a light metallic card look! Spot UV (Spot Glow) can be used to create a glossy accent and UV printing can be added to add detail and color to the design. White ink is also available if you want to add a white accent.

These credit card sized business cards are ready in 12-16 business days and are the perfect statement to add to your stationery and branding. Place your order online today!

Celic Holding Corporation Business Cards

At En, we take our clients’ core business values ​​and express them creatively and visually. Our professional designers are specially trained for our printing processes. They offer this approach to create better designs that deliver better end results. We print each card as a unique custom plastic card for your business. No boring stock or generic cards.

Our printing solutions and unique cards like collectible and discount plastic cards, clear plastic cards and frosted plastic cards.

30 mils is the thickness of a credit card. We offer 20 million and 12 million. All prints are in full color on both sides.

Plastic Business Cards That Look Like Credit Cards

Check out this post on Instagram for a very simple matte black plastic card for Max Harrison at 30 mil credit cards. Phone number and name engraved in silver like a credit card. Many people love this simple card! A post shared by Plastic Card Printing (@) on Sep 12, 2019 at 10:05pm PDT

Custom Plastic Business Cards

If you want to have a plastic business card like a credit card style card, we can get that look for you. The trick is to print on 30 mil PVC plastic, the exact thickness and material of credit cards. We add scratched names and numbers like a credit card. Similarly plastic credit cards can also be designed with items. We usually have a credit card style phone number engraved as a nice touch. On the back of the credit card style plastic cover, we add a faux magnetic strip and a small frame type to complete the look! This is the most beautiful card that attracts attention! Request a free design today and we’ll show you what your plastic credit card will look like using your logo and name!

Plastic business cards are the best choice for a durable card type. There are many inexpensive options for business cards today… but many of these inexpensive full-color cards are easily torn, creased, creased, and damaged by the flimsy paper they’re printed on. This is no problem with a quality plastic business card!

Our 12 mil cards are a great alternative to traditional paper cards. They are still fragile, and very easy to transport in bulk. Plastic cards are very shiny and attractive to the eye and hand.

Your customers will keep a plastic business card longer than your regular paper card! Especially if your plastic business card doubles as a plastic gift card or has some kind of promotion that your customers will appreciate in the future!

How To Make And Print Business Cards At Home

White plastic card, total end. Round Corner comes with these standard covers. Thickness and balance are similar to gift cards/credit cards. Document Crop Size Document Crop Size

Production Time: 8-10 Business Days *Production time shown is an estimate only. Other options added to the product may extend this time.

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Plastic Business Cards That Look Like Credit Cards

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Th Edition: Constant Reader Credit Card Bookmark

Calendar Cards | Salon Plastic Business Cards | Salon Plastic Gift Cards | Free Graphic Design | Personalized Plastic Cards | Be more careful with plastic business cards. They are water and stain resistant with white, clear and plastic options. See details

Whether you’re announcing your contact information or creating membership cards for VIPs, our plastic business cards will help you get noticed. The depth, rounded edges and durable and water-resistant material set it apart from traditional paper cards.

With many customization options, you can get the look you want. Choose our white material option for solid color cards or go with our clear or frosted options for a unique conversation starter. Whatever you choose,

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