Pros And Cons Of Being A Business Analyst

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Pros And Cons Of Being A Business Analyst – Why do you need a detailed business analysis? It’s not just about generating reports with rows of numbers.

There are many analytical activities involved in software development. These all contribute to the improvement, albeit with different factors.

Pros And Cons Of Being A Business Analyst

Pros And Cons Of Being A Business Analyst

In this article, we will explain what business analysis is in software development. and the role of a business analyst (BA) within this process.

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Business analysts are members of the product development team who analyze business domains. Document processes and systems Explain business terms and match the software business model with the software being built.

On a larger scale Business analysts bridge the gap between stakeholders and development teams. It interprets business terms into comprehensible development work. To match the final software product with expected business value.

At each stage of development Business analysts communicate with stakeholders and product and marketing managers to capture business and market needs. Then interact with the developer through the project manager. without directly affecting the development process

BAs generally have a set of core responsibilities that can be considered the core of the work they will do in their role.

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Clarify business ideas to understand which direction to choose Business analysts are required to clarify the most important goals for future products. BA also sets key benchmarks for products such as customer acquisition strategy and value proposition. and help decide on base product KPIs. They then assess the most relevant implementation methods that are most practical for stakeholders and developers.

Plan development activities. Once the core business requirements have been defined It is necessary to determine the direction of development and allocate responsibilities at this point. Product development workshops with stakeholder participation are effective development tools.

Verification of requirements By approving the documents prepared with the consolidated business requirements, the BA ensures that the development results are in line with the customer’s business objectives. when both sides are on the same page So everything went in the right direction.

Pros And Cons Of Being A Business Analyst

Standardization of the software development process; One of the main tasks of a BA is to ensure that the same workflow is applied to the promised specification. As a product is being developed, BA receives feedback from stakeholders and ensures improvements to the product based on the information received.

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Analytical thinker may seem strange Business analyst must have… analytical thinking Actually This is one of the most important skills for a product BA. A BA can be considered an expert when he understands difficulties or problems, visualizes, analyzes and solves them. This includes expertise in research. Logical thinking and presentation skills Solid experience with various analysis techniques is required. including interface analysis feasibility analysis and SWOT analysis

Decision maker A business analyst’s role often involves making decisions. As mediators between stakeholders and engineering teams, BAs must make rational decisions on a wide range of business issues. Both of these can determine the sustainability of a company. Decision-making skills enable BAs to assess situations. including risks and benefits Get feedback from stakeholders and choose a course of action

Troubleshooter for Business Analyst Every customer comes with different problems or issues that need to be solved quickly and in the long term, so it is the business analyst’s responsibility to study the problem. Analyze the options available. and suggest the best options. They must be able to see problems from different angles within the business, including target users and technical experts. in such a situation Being able to work in a collaborative environment with ongoing conversations with developers is a must. This is where technically feasible solutions exist.

Documentation and visualization The role of business analyst involves making presentations to stakeholders and developers. To do this correctly, a good BA must document consistent requirements. In addition, wireframing is an important part of a BA’s business. But sketch diagrams and knowledge of the Unifying Modeling Language tools are must and necessary attributes.

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At different stages of development, business analysts have different levels of involvement and responsibilities. We will explain from the beginning the interaction between BA and stakeholders. It indicates the degree of participation and degree of influence on product development.

The detailing phase is the first step in bringing a new product (function, module or so-called) to the market. It is necessary to examine and roughly quantify future efforts. Here, business analysts, in close collaboration with solution architects and UX researchers, study the product’s full market potential and how it can be realized.

Research business issues When evaluating business models, BA reveals the business owner’s core issues (such as low customer acquisition or irrelevant digitization) or what market gaps they are trying to fill or expand. These concerns will later be reflected in the business requirements and initial technical proposals.

Pros And Cons Of Being A Business Analyst

Determine the expected business value. An understanding of the prospective course, product and niche market often contributes to the main draw. These are concepts that visualize how the components of the system will interact with each other. This activity also includes deciding how the future product will interact with its target audience. as well as making money from that product

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Details of non-functional requirements This area of ​​responsibility involves explaining how the system should work. It also entails functional limitations. when writing this type of document Business analysts include system quality attributes such as usability, security, reliability, performance, availability. and the ability to scale

Details of work requirements Business analysts are also responsible for documenting functional requirements. These are product features that engineers implement to help users achieve their goals. Therefore, the BA’s role is to clearly document it for developers and stakeholders.

Define the main backlog At this point, the general outline of the project has been defined. It’s a good foundation for a typical backlog, with an instructive to-do list. Business analysts must ensure that all the aforementioned business issues are reflected.

This stage represents the stage where future product teams conduct raw research on various aspects. already very A preliminary decision has been made. Business requirements are evaluated and approved. And the only thing that needs to be done before development begins is to find and approve the optimal technology stack that meets all business and system requirements.

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History mapping This is basically one of the most important tasks for a BA. A user story is a description of a feature from the end user’s point of view. It is usually included in the functional specification after the software specification documents and use cases have been compiled. The story mapping process often involves multiple decision makers, such as product/project managers. Stakeholders, UX designers and development team representatives, but BA ensures that fictitious user flows match the approved business value.

Create acceptance criteria This is no less important than collecting user stories. Acceptance criteria are criteria that determine whether a function satisfies both stakeholders and end users. In addition to modeling user stories, BAs share this responsibility with product managers. Quality control engineers are also involved. but to a lesser extent

Prioritize backlog items This is one of the most important parts of a BA’s responsibility with the selection of prioritization techniques. Business analysts help determine which functional groups are most important or relevant from a business perspective.

Pros And Cons Of Being A Business Analyst

This is the stage where active software development begins. The product team completes the roles assigned to them. Here, the role of the business analyst is to ensure that the development is in line with the values ​​and business requirements that are mentioned and approved.

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Create onboarding activities Business analysts perform all pre-development procedures to ensure that each Sprint is planned according to approved specifications and goals. Participating in activities such as pre-planning and preparation is an unavoidable part of the BA’s responsibilities.

Track the development process. Although the BA does not directly interact with developers, But his daily routine includes participation in daily Scrum and Standup meetings. Here the BA helps the development process to meet and fulfill all business requirements.

This is the final step in the development process. This is usually considered a period of necessary improvement or change. The BA’s responsibilities during this time include gathering customer feedback on the results. They tend to compare the results with the potential value of the business. by deciding on opportunities for improvement

Collect and process feedback from customers and users. as well as product launches There are still some improvements to be made. One of the BA’s responsibilities is to uncover the strengths and weaknesses of the finished product from a business perspective.

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Assign the next backlog Based on the collected feedback, the BA determines the quantification of business problems to be improved, changed, supplemented or removed.

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