Sample Vending Machine Business Proposal

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Sample Vending Machine Business Proposal

Sample Vending Machine Business Proposal

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Sample Vending Machine Business Proposal

We all know obesity is a growing problem in America, and school vending machines contribute to obesity and diabetes among students of all ages. But it shouldn’t be. At Good 4 U Vending Services, we pride ourselves on offering healthy snack and beverage vending machines. Moving from selling junk food to selling healthy food is a growing trend around us.

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Good 4 U Vending Services has already installed over 600 machines in local schools, health clubs, clinics and corporate facilities. Both children and adults enjoy our products and services. You don’t think about joining a health movement. In addition to providing healthy food, Good 4 U vending machines provide your organization with a healthy monthly cash prize.

After reading the attached materials, we believe you will be pleased and excited about what we can offer your school. We hope to hear from you in the near future. Moving from selling junk food to selling healthy food is a growing trend around us. Good 4 U Vending Services has already installed over 600 machines in local schools, health clubs, clinics and corporate facilities.

We think you will be pleased and excited about what we can offer your school. We hope to hear from you in the near future. Healthy Snacks and Drinks – Your students and staff can enjoy low-fat snacks and nutritious juices instead of filling up on junk food. Employees at the establishments we serve report reduced weight and tooth decay as well as high levels of satisfaction with our snacks.

Measuring students and measuring them is more difficult because they are not typically measured, but both students and parents report higher satisfaction with our products than with previous vendors. Recyclable packaging – All our products are packaged in recyclable packaging. By placing trash cans near the machines, you will reduce litter and benefit the environment. Many schools report a 1% reduction in waste costs when our machines replace machines from a previous competitor.

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Cash or cashless purchase – For greater flexibility, our machines accept credit and debit cards as well as cash. Debit cards are becoming increasingly popular among students of all ages. Product Selection – If you want to control which items are dispensed from any machine, simply select from our product list and we will stock only those products.

Otherwise, we store vehicles with a large number of goods. Students and staff with allergies or health concerns can take advantage of our sugar, gluten and peanut free options. Regular Payments for Your School – Good 4 U Vending Services has two payment programs that a school can choose from. A predetermined placement fee paid monthly or a percentage of revenue from products sold.

For ease of accounting, reliable income and avoiding potential conflicts of interest, many schools choose the pre-determined fee option. You can use this permanent income to supplement your total income or fund additional programs for your school. In short, choosing Good 4 U Vending Services to provide healthy snacks and beverages to your establishment is a win-win. Healthy choices, a clean environment and money for your school, things you don’t like.

Sample Vending Machine Business Proposal

Non-Refrigerated Snack Machine – 40″ wide, 62″ tall, 36″ deep, 500 lbs of product when filled: Snack Beverage Machine 40 inches wide, 72 inches high, 39 inches deep, about 600 lbs when full of product.

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The back of the machine should be no less than 4 inches from the wall to allow for electrical flow and air circulation. The machines can be arranged in different ways, with no gaps between the machines or against the side walls. A 40-inch clearance must be maintained in front of each machine to allow customers to enter and regenerate. Thus, a non-refrigerated snack machine would need to be 40 inches wide, 62 inches high, and 80 inches deep, while beverage and combo machines would need 40 inches wide, 72 inches high, and 84 inches deep.

For power supply, each non-refrigerated snack machine requires 4 amps @ 115,460 watts, each chilled beverage machine and combination machine requires 6 amps @ 115,690 watts.

Our machines’ dimensions and required access space are typical of standard food vending machines. Our machines typically require 1 amp less electricity than the average machine on the market today, so we pride ourselves on saving you energy. Internal temperature, spare parts count and change dispensers are monitored in each dispenser machine.

Our staff have access to this information from remote sites, so they can quickly respond to any regeneration or service needs. Machines are cleaned and inspected every time our staff visits your site. Our staff regularly carry out the following checks.

Business Proposal Of Putting Up Vending Machines

Double-check the recorded temperature with hand-held thermometers. At least once a month. Check that all internal dispensing devices are clean and functioning properly. Check all products for expiration dates and intact packaging.

Clean the dispensing tray and all accessible sides of the machine with an approved antibacterial solution. Check the air vent and fan on the back of the machine and vacuum or dust if needed. At least once a month.

When machines are installed in your facility, we will consult with your staff to schedule service visits to minimize routine activity. You can contact your designated service representative at any time to report a problem or concern. We have never had any accidents or major problems with Good 4 U vending machines or products.

Sample Vending Machine Business Proposal

However, Good 4 U Vending Services carries a $2 million commercial liability policy for each of its machines in case something goes wrong to protect staff, students and your school property.

How To Start A Vending Machine Business In 11 Steps

Sunnydale Elementary had a soda machine and a regular snack and candy machine. They also developed an obesity problem. When childhood obesity statistics became widespread, parents were reluctant to pay for their children’s snacks and drinks.

When profits decreased, machine providers reduced monthly fees to schools. Sunnydale has replaced junk food trucks with Good 4 U vending machines and educated parents about healthy snacks and drinks available to their children. Parents were willing to give more snacks to their children, which meant more income for our company and an increase in monthly school fees. Sunnydale relies on this revenue stream to fund its music program.

Like most college locations, Central Community College had many vending machines scattered around campus. Students and staff complained that only unhealthy snacks were available and that machines often ran out of supplies and were not restocked for days. After reviewing the situation, Central Community College contracted with Good 4 U Vending Services to replace their gourmet food offerings with healthier options. Because Good 4 U Vending machines can be monitored

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