Sauna Blanket Weight Loss Results

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Sauna Blanket Weight Loss Results – These infrared sauna blankets help detoxify the body and give you a natural boost after exercise without moving your body.

I’ve always been drawn to the natural, highly stimulating and relaxing benefits of jumping into a sauna or steam room at the gym (especially soothing my chronically inflamed sinuses), but unfortunately I have too many. Low tolerance for feeling overheated and dizzy — especially when I’m half-naked and surrounded by other sweaty gym-goers. When I found out that homemade infrared sauna blankets were a real thing, I was excited to get my hands on one (I first tried the Hairdos infrared sauna blanket, which I now use almost every day.

Sauna Blanket Weight Loss Results

Sauna Blanket Weight Loss Results

These infrared sauna blankets are basically compact saunas that look like giant sleeping bags that you can use while watching TV on the couch, meditating, and even while lying on the bed. These sauna detox blankets are made with infrared technology and emit spa-level infrared light and heat energy to simulate the effects of a full-body sauna. When released, heat energy helps increase heart rate and general blood circulation (such as during exercise or sex), which helps the body release feel-good neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin. It acts as a natural pain reliever and gives a feeling of natural tension. In addition to better blood flow and improved mood, infrared sauna blankets can also benefit cardiovascular health. “[Sauna blankets] can help promote heart health by lowering blood pressure, mimicking exercise, and reducing inflammation,” says Dr. Azza, Dr. Aza Halim told The Daily Beast.

Infrared Sauna Blanket Review By The Stripe Blog

One of the main reasons I’m dying to get my hands on sauna blankets is that they help ‘move’ the body, which is working from high body heat, which can help you burn calories even when you’re not moving. Unfortunately, while they may help with weight management by removing water weight, their ability to burn 600 calories per hour as claimed by some brands may not be 100% accurate, although I still believe (and pray) that they are. “Unfortunately, not enough studies have been done to confirm or refute such claims.” [The research] was more speculative than evidence-based, so whether it is or not, I always say there is no miracle device or weight loss pill,” says Dr. Halim. However, when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise, infrared sauna exposure can aid in faster recovery and promote fluid drainage, which can lead to significant weight loss. “If [we] could sit on a blanket to burn calories every day, [it would] be great, but I don’t recommend that anyone get complacent and use it instead of exercise, diet and activity,” she says. *sigh.*

One of the best things about a sauna blanket is that your head is not exposed to infrared light and rapid heat, so you won’t get the severe dizziness that you can get in a spa or gym sauna. In fact, all I feel after sauna at home is a natural feeling of bloating and heaviness

. I really look forward to using mine every time. Of course Dr. Halim says it’s important to always check with your doctor before starting any new health modality, including using any type of sauna, and to start late. “As with any device or treatment, it’s best to test [it] in increments for temperature and duration. Always make sure the temperature is comfortable – and sleep there – to prevent overheating, dehydration or burns.

Now, while I’m very loyal to my Highdose infrared sauna blanket, there are plenty of highly rated alternatives on the market – many of which are quite a bit more affordable. If you want to invest in your health or find a natural atmosphere without running five miles to stimulate endorphins, scroll down to see the best sauna blankets on the market.

Thermal Infrared Sauna Blanket

The HigherDOSE sauna blanket really invigorates me naturally as promised and I feel my anxiety is much easier when I use it consistently. Even my fiance can tell when I’ve used a blanket because I’m much calmer and less irritable for a day’s sauna session (so yes, he’s a fan now too!).

“I have chronic pain and then add winter/colds and my pain is intense, especially at night. Daily time in my sauna blanket has virtually eliminated this chronic pain and swelling,” says the reviewer.

This ultra-portable and comfortable infrared sauna blanket from Sun Home Saunas offers several unique features, including a strong, industrial-grade gusset closure (a design step not available on many competitors) that helps retain heat during your sessions. The interior is easy to clean.

Sauna Blanket Weight Loss Results

“The benefits are amazing… it helps with anxiety, reduces inflammation, and burns calories, but it’s portable and doesn’t take up half of my house,” says one customer.

I Tried An Infrared Sauna And It Delivered On Some Of Its Promises

The Heat Healer Premium Infrared Sauna Blanket is packed with several advanced features to help you detox and relax while staying comfortable while you work up a sweat. The inner lining of the sauna blanket contains 96 jade and tourmaline stones that help speed up sweating and trigger feel-good endorphins. It’s also designed with EMF blocking technology and a durable outer fabric that prevents damage to the blanket and prevents odors.

“Unbelievable! It’s like you feel heat all over your body. About 20 minutes later I started sweating and it just went away from there,” says one Redditor.

According to the brand, a 30-minute session in this infrared sauna blanket can burn 600 calories (for reference, a 30-minute run burns about 300 calories). In addition, infrared heat is seven times more detoxifying than conventional heat.

“I use it as part of my post-workout routine.” I do 30 minutes at 75-80C and feel wonderful. I read that an infrared sauna helps burn more calories, so I like to use it after cardio and strength training. Metabolic burnout. This sauna blanket is roomy and heats up very quickly,” wrote a five-star Amazon reviewer.

Best Infrared Sauna Blankets In 2020

If you’re looking for an inexpensive infrared sauna blanket, Vanello’s is a great one for under $170. It is equipped with front and rear heating and is designed with built-in safety features.

“I have used other sauna bags at the spa with great results. Let me tell you, they are a disgrace. It came with a big package of ugly pads,” wrote one Amazon customer.

For just under $100 (currently on sale), you can get this infrared sauna detox blanket. It includes all the same premium specs you’d expect, including flexible temperature and time settings, but at a fraction of the price.

Sauna Blanket Weight Loss Results

“Honestly, amazing for the price! I’m very happy with this purchase. I can’t speak to the durability as I’ve only used it twice, but for the price I’m very happy with it. It heats up quickly and is very comfortable. I work out and use it for rapid muscle recovery after lymphatic drainage/detox It’s like a 20-minute session in heaven, no need to go to a spa for a wild sauna,” wrote one Amazon reviewer, who called it “a quarantine purchase you won’t regretted”.

Top 10 Best Sauna Blanket Reviews In 2023

The MiHIGH premium infrared sauna blanket is similar to the Hairdos blanket – price included. Designed with a durable faux leather exterior and a waterproof, non-toxic interior, it’s a practical travel bag.

“I’m addicted. It feels like a regular infrared sauna – and it fits my bed,” said one reviewer.

This affordable infrared sauna blanket features a temperature range of 77-176°F for proper detoxification and an ultra-lightweight, portable design. The sauna mat also comes with a travel bag and a face towel to prevent sweating. Reviewers say it’s a great choice for taller people because of its extended length. The best? It’s 20% off right now!

Crafted from sweat (and odor) resistant vegan leather and EMF shielding heating coils, this soothing sauna blanket is a great choice for anyone looking to aid post-workout recovery and circulation.

Infrared Sauna Blankets: Everything You Need To Know

Costing under $100, this infrared sauna blanket is a great option for beginners. With the remote control, you can set the temperature between 35-75 degrees Celsius and the duration from 15 to 60 minutes. It is also equipped with safety features – the blanket closes when it reaches 85 degrees.

“The unit heats up in minutes and I can sweat well at 75 (Celsius) for 45 minutes.” Even a cold body sweated for 60 minutes at 75 degrees Celsius,” says one five-star reviewer. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to take your pants off in an insanely hot plastic sleeping bag while watching The Bachelorette,

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