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The new route will cover Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, the Arctic Ocean, Canada before entering the US, reducing the distance traveled from 12,000 km to about 8,000 km.

Sfo To New Delhi Air India

Sfo To New Delhi Air India

While many international airlines use the North Pole route, Indian airlines have never flown this route till now. According to India Today, an Air India flight from New Delhi to San Francisco could become the first Indian airline to fly over the North Pole. The report says that Air India may start operating this route by the end of August.

Air India Bangalore Sfo Flight: Ai’s Bengaluru San Francisco To Be First Scheduled Direct Between South India & Us

The report further revealed that the decision was taken after the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), India’s aviation regulator, issued a circular asking if any Indian airline wanted to fly over the North Pole. Air India has shown interest in flying the newly proposed route.

While Air India’s current route from New Delhi to San Francisco passes through Bangladesh, Myanmar, China and Japan before crossing the Pacific Ocean to enter the United States, the new route will save 90 minutes, reducing the travel time from 17 hours to 15 reduce by 5 hours.

This new route will cover Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, the Arctic Ocean and Canada before entering the US.

It is worth noting that this route is only considered for flights from Delhi to San Francisco, as the travel time to any other destination increases.

Direct (non Stop) Flights From San Francisco To Delhi

According to an advertisement issued by the DGCA on August 6, “an operator applying for flights in the polar regions must prepare plans for all polar flights in the north and/or south polar regions, as the case may be”. adds that the operator’s Plan for operations in these areas must include alternate airports en route to any emergency landing and diversion during polar flight. Apart from canceling the Delhi-San Francisco direct flight, Air India had to postpone two non-stop flights, namely Delhi-New York and Delhi-Vancouver.

Cabin crew restrictions are affecting Air India’s ultra-long-haul flights and the Tata carrier has decided to reschedule or cancel some services to San Francisco and Vancouver, according to airline sources.

Sources said the airline is delaying flights or canceling some of its ultra-long-haul flights due to shortage of cabin crew, causing inconvenience to passengers this winter travel season. In general, ultra-long flights are flights that last more than 16 hours.

Sfo To New Delhi Air India

“Air India flights AI-183/AI184 (Delhi-SFO-Delhi) for December 10 and 13 have been cancelled,” Air India said in an internal circular on December 9.

From Dec 15, Air India Will Operate Three Weekly Direct Flights To San Francisco

In another internal circular, the airline said that “due to cabin crew constraints, its flights – AI101 and AI 102 (Delhi-New York-Delhi) and AI 185/AI186 (Delhi-Vancouver – Delhi) have been scheduled “.

On Friday, Air India said some of its flights to North America were delayed due to problems with airport boarding passes for cabin crew. Amid long waits for US visas, the airline faces a shortage of cabin crew and older pilots for ultra-long flights. Due to the cabin crew crisis, Air India has recently allowed its cabin crew who have opted for voluntary retirement to extend their retirement till January 31, 2023.

(This story has not been edited by staff and was published by a source from the Associated Press) The Boeing 777-200LR, which Air India mainly uses for this leg, has now been retired. Why only their 200, 300ER or even 787 Dreamliners are worn out and dead.

I have flown Air India from PNQ-DEL-SFO many times and back. The last one was on September 21 when I moved to the US permanently during the pandemic. Although this was pre-purchase, some of the things I wanted to share are still relevant today.

Air India To Operate Direct Flights To San Francisco From Mumbai, Bengaluru

Nothing beats the convenience of flying directly from your local airport to your local hub and on to your final destination. I used to spend a lot of time flying Middle East or Europe to USA from Pune. First, I have to leave very early to beat the unpredictable traffic on the highway and then in Mumbai city. Then, when I get on a flight that leaves anytime between midnight and early morning, I have to disembark, go through security again, and board another plane to an unknown destination. I was once stuck at LHR for over 24 hours in February 2009, where all of us with unwanted passports stood in line for almost 14 hours for passport re-issuance.

For the AI ​​flight, I spend a relaxing day with my family, go for lunch and then casually pack and head to the airport for a late evening flight to Delhi. In Delhi, you can check in early and choose to spend time reading or chilling in the credit card lounge for a quick bite. Here I set jet lag hours and avoid sleep altogether. The flight departs from DEL around 2 am. After that, I don’t have to worry about other transit connections.

A 16 hour direct flight takes me to SFO when arrivals are low and immigration is brisk! On some trips, the airport toyed with a fast-track immigration system that cut the time from the plane to the arrivals deck to less than 45 minutes from start to finish. It was actually a lifeline, but it seems to have been pulled since then.

Sfo To New Delhi Air India

Door to door, this is definitely the fastest way around the world with a time difference of over 12 hours!

Air India Non Stop From Delhi Lands Safely In San Francisco With ‘cut’ In Door; Probe Ordered

To someone who doesn’t pay much attention to travel media, the interior of the plane still stood out. The interior colors of haldi kumkum are very bright and extremely bright in my opinion. Something with an earthy color tone or blue palette will really make a big difference in the flight experience.

I have flown about 8-9 flights on this route in the last 5 years and one of them was during the Indo-Pak crisis when it finally lost its onward connection due to a long detour to the south and then to the north to get through the closed airspace. to avoid . . Additionally, the connections were always on time or within a comfortable range so that I didn’t miss my onward connection to PNQ on the return leg.

The seats are worn and uncomfortable, the seats are not clean, and I don’t know when the carpets were last cleaned on these planes. The toilets are dark and cramped. The cleanliness inside the plane is as bad as any public toilet. Spouses make the situation worse over time. I managed to hack around this to use as many of them as possible before they went extinct.

The food has always been great and I’m told it has improved since the takeover / transfer to the Tata group.

Flight Attendant Shortages Disrupt Air India’s Ultra Long Haul Flights

The Boeing 777-200LR that Air India mainly uses for this leg is now gone. Why only their 200, 300ER or even 787 Dreamliners are worn out and dead. Everything needs to be restored quickly and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

VT-ALF, VT-ALG and VT-ALH are the three remaining 200s with Air India. I had the opportunity to fly with all three on my travels. ALG has gone through some challenges. Within a year, the doors were removed. In Delhi, there was also a fire during parking in an auxiliary PU. These are no longer useful and provide the comfort of a state bus. The in-flight entertainment systems are dead and useless. I always pre-downloaded content from streaming sites to cover my 16 hour journey.

A big part of this is that Air India has a clear plan for their exit. Of the three replacement vehicles, two are leased from Jettran and the former Delta 200 LR is in storage. As I write this, these two aircraft are being redesigned, repainted and refurbished to replace an aging fleet of 200 aircraft. Here are the three seat configurations with Delta premium suites in them. I look forward to seeing these aircraft operating and joining the work of the DEL-SFO-DEL sector.

Sfo To New Delhi Air India

I booked a flight for my wife for SFO-DEL-BOM and PNQ-DEL-SFO. I expected not to be able to do this on the Air India portal, but the multi seat option on the updated portal is a real thing. Fares at the end of 2023 were a few $100 cheaper than SIA and EK.

Air India Leases 12 More Aircraft To Enhance Operations

The new site is a big step up from the old official site. It even worked on a non-standard web gateway (8443 IIRC). The seat reserve is absolutely brilliant

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