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Tara Brown tries to style the shark with The Sleep Styler, her system that shapes and dries your hair while you sleep. The heart of the system is a memory foam tube lined with water absorbent microfibers. Wash your hair, lie flat or curled up in the tub, and sleep with your hair tied up with a belt. In the morning, your hair is dried and styled without harsh dryers.

Sleep Styler Shark Tank Update

Sleep Styler Shark Tank Update

Braun created the product to dry hair easily. Each system has four sleep tubes and costs $39. They launched the business in 2016 with a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $46,938 to fund the first production run. Brown looked everywhere for a product that would dry her hair. When she couldn’t find one she liked, she made one up.

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Hair retains its shape when dry. A sleep stylist uses this method to style hair. The product won several awards, including Fox San Diego Inventors Day 2015 and Best in Show at Direct Response Expo 2015. All reviews were positive, which Braun distributed on her Kickstarter. She is currently selling the product on her website.

She wants the shark to help market the product. Would a shark think this is a stylistic invention? Information about Sleep Styler

Tara came in asking for $75K for 20% of her business. The Sharks were impressed by her Kickstarter numbers and recent increase in sales. After a few fights with the sharks, it’s clear that Tara wants Laurie as a partner. Lori offers $75K for 30%, but wants an answer right away. Tara gives 25% and Lori makes the deal.

The Shark Tank Blog regularly provides updates and coverage of entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank TV show. Tara and Lori appear in episode 906 in the first segment of the ninth season update. In the update, sales are absolutely exploding. It is one of the ten most successful Shark Tank products of all time. The company has lifetime sales of over $150 million as of June 2021!

Large Sleep Styler Reviews 2023

Error: Warning: Copying content on this site is disabled because this content is protected by copyright. If you want to credit our work, link up with The Sleep Styler™ where you blow dry and style your hair while you sleep. Our rollers are made from a super absorbent yoga towel that dries hair quickly, while the memory foam inside ensures a comfortable night’s sleep.

Do you have a high hair to time ratio? Looking for a quick way to dry your hair with minimal effort? Sleep Styler is the solution you’ve been looking for!

Sleeping styling is a great way to dry your hair while you sleep, saving time and energy. Rollers help you dry your hair quickly and efficiently, so you wake up with dry curls ready to burn as soon as you get out of bed.

Sleep Styler Shark Tank Update

With its soft and absorbent fabric, the Sleep Styler is made to wick away excess moisture from your hair, while leaving your locks shiny and nourished.

The Sleep Styler Hair Rollers By Lori Greiner

The Sleep Styler yoga towel has the ability to dry quickly. This is combined with a high-quality memory foam lining that makes the Sleep Styler comfortable to wear all night so you can get the best sleep of your life.

Sleep Styler dries hair overnight without any intervention. Your hair will be soft, shiny and healthy when you wake up.

This doesn’t happen when you use flat irons, which use heat to shape your hair and reduce frizz. The heat you expose your hair to when using tongs can seriously damage your locks, causing split ends and breakage.

The Sleep Styler is easy to use even for new hairstylists. Here is a quick overview of how to use this amazing hair dryer.

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1. Follow your usual shower or bath routine, wash your hair with shampoo and apply a nourishing conditioner. Take your time and enjoy a nice, relaxing time. Light a scented candle or play your favorite relaxing tunes!

2. After you have finished showering or bathing, gently blow dry your hair until it is slightly damp.

4. Hold the roller against your hair and keep the band on top. Wrap each section of your hair around the roller starting from the top and working your way down.

Sleep Styler Shark Tank Update

5. Secure your hair by wrapping the band in the opposite direction of your hair. Attach it to the bottom of the roller.

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7. Wake up, easily remove the rollers and enjoy your bouncy locks! You can start your day right away without the need for tense time.

Although the Sleep Styler is easy for everyone from beginners to advanced hairstylists, it’s always good to have great tips!

For those of you with thick hair, make sure to air dry your hair to 80% before using the sleeper.

If you don’t wash your hair before going to bed and you only have a few hours to get ready for the day or evening, use rollers on your hair for 2-3 hours. They don’t have to sleep!

Sleep Styler 12 Mini Rollers Soft Foam Short Fine Hair Shark Tank 740275048511

To avoid curling in your hair, move the roller away from your head and slide it under your hair. Alternatively, you can switch from an overhand roll to an underhand roll or vice versa.

To wash The Sleep Styler rollers, remove suds and wash by hand or machine in cold water on gentle cycle. They can be dried or air dried.

Keep sleeping rollers away from heat and do not blow dry your hair while wearing the rollers. The memory foam inside the rolls is flammable.

Sleep Styler Shark Tank Update

We get a lot of frequently asked questions, so we thought it would be great to answer the FAQ here to make things as easy as possible for you.

Does The Sleep Styler Work? Here’s What Happened When I Tried It

You can use long, full-sized rollers to straighten your hair. They work best for long hair, but short hair is not impossible to straighten. Your hair should be at least shoulder length to create this style. When using rollers, before wrapping the band, keep your hair straight and against your hair instead of twisting it around the roller.

Sleep Styler works on all hair types, whether you have naturally straight, curly, wavy or curly hair. If you have thick hair, let it dry at least 80% before using rollers. It will give you better results. You can apply an anti-frizz or smoothing product before curling your hair if you like. No matter how you wrap your hair, it will dry out, so you want to make sure your hair isn’t twisted when you attach the straps. Otherwise, these creases will remain when you want to style your hair! To prevent curling, run the roller along the head (from the top of the hair down). This will help keep your hair nice and smooth as you roll.

You can use any styling product you like before applying rollers to your hair. If you normally use an anti-frizz spray or a nourishing oil, you can apply it as usual before air drying and curling. Generally, gray hair works best with frizz-reducing serums and oils, while fine hair works best with thick mousses and gels.

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Sleep Styler prevents your hair from being damaged and blow-dried. When you use a hair dryer, your hair is burned with heat of about 130 degrees. They can burn your skin and hair, but men and women everywhere use them to dry and style their hair. Tara Brown didn’t like that option, so she created The Sleep Stiller and funded its first production with a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Report this ad The Sleep Styler system uses memory foam tubes surrounded by microfiber cloths. The tubes are attached to the hair with microfiber strips. The idea is that you can curl or straighten your hair while you sleep. Microfiber also dries hair.

Dry your hair with a towel, style as you like and sleep. When you wake up, your hair is soft and styled just the way you want it – without the harsh heat of a blow dryer. The tubes come in a four-pack for $39.99 each — about the price of a decent hair dryer. Braun recently developed a smaller version – the Sleep Styler Mini – to give people more styling options. That product is not yet available, but “coming soon.”

Sleep Styler Shark Tank Update

The Kickstarter campaign had 1000 backers, so that’s not a huge number of buyers. Brown has won numerous awards for her designs

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