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Social Media Icons For Business Cards Vistaprint – Your business card contains a lot of important information about your business. Your logo should be loud and proud on the front of your card along with your business name. On the back, you have a little more room for creativity – whether it’s a QR code or an appointment reminder. Here, discover 12 ways to use the back of business cards and see how other small business owners use this blank space.

When it comes to business cards, you have limited space. So if you want to share something larger than 3.5″x2″, direct customers to your website as Christy Frank, owner of Clutch Creations, does on her card. Whether it’s a link to your restaurant menu, specialties, or online store, a QR code makes it easy for customers to learn more about your business, place an online order, or book an appointment quickly.

Social Media Icons For Business Cards Vistaprint

Social Media Icons For Business Cards Vistaprint

Are you selling a product or service that needs to be saved? Add information to the back of your business card, whether it’s a list of recommended hair care tips or instructions for heating your first course. Or maybe your restaurant or venue has a busy calendar of events. Attach a schedule of future events to the back of the card.

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The back of business cards is the perfect place to reward customers for their loyalty or surprise them with a special gift. Whether you’re using a printable loyalty card design or adding a welcome offer to a free gift, adding a reward to your business card is a great way to encourage customers to stick around.

Tell your customers where they can find you on social media. On the back of your business card, include the social media icons of the platforms you use and your username. Take a cue from the CXDSN store and add a line of copy that encourages customers to follow you and include them in their lists. You can even add a QR code link to your chosen social network profile!

Good customer testimonials make great additions to your marketing tools – even your business card. Use this empty space to display some of the kind words your customers have left, and don’t be afraid to update your testimonials every time you order a new batch of business cards.

Surprise and delight your customers with something special on the back of your business card. Do you have a restaurant or a bar? Include a recipe for your signature dessert or cocktail so customers can make their own at home. Are you a mobile or average tarot card reader? Add months to the back of your business cards. Can you think of a funny joke that fits your industry? Make your customers laugh by printing this on the back of the card.

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Do you have a catchy slogan or tagline for your small business? Give it a place to stand on the back of your business card like Clutch Creations does with their cards. Owner Christy Frank uses this line of replicas to create impactful model styles.

Need to remind clients when their next hair appointment is due or when their next oil change is due? Include a space on the back of the business card to identify the date and time of the next business day.

Adding a “thank you” message to the back of a business card is an easy way to show your appreciation to your customers. Whether you slip one into your order form like NaHolly or add one to your receipt, this simple gesture can make a big difference – and make your unboxing that much more special.

Social Media Icons For Business Cards Vistaprint

Add more than your address to your business card – include a map showing where you live. This can be especially useful if your space is hard to find (perhaps you share a studio with other designers) or if you want to show clients where to park.

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Want to give customers background information on your small business history… without taking up a lot of space? Include a meaningful anecdote or mission statement for your brand, such as Yukon Soap Company, on your business cards. This gives customers a better idea of ​​who you are, especially if they are new to your business.

Thanks to these small business owners for sharing photos of how they use name stickers! Check them out on Instagram:

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Knowing what information on the business card to add and leave out will help you create an attractive card and […]

How to add social media icons to business cards. How social media can help your business. This can make […] Knowing what information on the business card to add and leave out will help you create an attractive and well-balanced card. With the right design, your business card will remind people of your first meeting and encourage those interested in your products or services to contact you or visit your website for more information.

Whether you’re starting a side hustle or expanding your brick-and-mortar business, a business card is a proven marketing tool. This is the most common contact of customers with your brand, so in addition to presenting your business in a good way, it must have the right information. That is why the first question that comes to mind is “what is on a business card” when thinking about its creation.

Social Media Icons For Business Cards Vistaprint

Your logo is a visual representation of what your company does and what it stands for. It should represent your business and be a memorable gift for your customers. Having a logo makes your company feel trustworthy, professional and reliable.

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Your logo should be displayed on the front of your business card. Use a high-quality image with a resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch) to ensure that the edges appear sharp when printed. Try not to add text too close to the logo or make it too big – and remember to let it breathe with little space. If your logo looks too tight on a business card design, make it smaller and add more space around it.

While your logo is an important part of your brand, you should also include your company name on your business card. And give it plenty of space – your name is what people remember most, so it’s the most important part of your business card. In general, your business name should be the largest piece of text on your card. Do not forget to write the full name of your business so that people immediately know what your business is. Consider: Luna Salon instead of Luna or Complete Financial Solutions instead of CFS.

Do you have a tagline or slogan for your small business? Put your business card! If you don’t have a tag line, create one that summarizes your offer in a few words – this can be particularly useful if your name is self-explanatory. For example, Stratton Design uses the tagline “Website Design and Hosting” on their business cards to clearly state what they specialize in. These few words are professional, honest and focused on their core tasks.

Create a personal link to your business by adding your full name to your business card along with your job title. Include your name serves as a great reminder, since not everyone is good with names and some people may remember you because of your professional area, it is important to include information from your business card. You can also add a headshot if it seems relevant to your industry – a photo is a great way to show the person behind the business, especially if they work in a client-facing environment. Photo business cards are ideal for professionals such as real estate agents, photographers and doormen.

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Contact information on your business card should include your email address and phone number, this is the most important information on a business card – this is how most people will contact you. On your card, adjust your communication to the left, right or center, and choose a font that is easy to read, and if you prefer one of these communication methods to the other, emphasize with a size large or prominent placement.

Don’t forget to enter your website URL – you can leave http:// which is optional and takes up space. Remember that it is important to match the design of your business card and website. When a potential customer visits your website after seeing the URL on your business card, the experience should be coordinated from the font selection to the color scheme. If you are a brick and mortar business, increasing your address is important to increase traffic. To work

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