Spot Uv Business Card Printing

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Spot Uv Business Card Printing – Double-sided UV dot cards offer a professional and stylish look, ideal for card designs with logos, large text and patterns. These cards include smooth silk lamination, double sided UV spot and double sided print off on the card.

Perfect for a premium look at an affordable price, our double-sided Spot UV business cards are printed on 16 point glossy card. These cards include smooth silk lamination, double sided UV spot and double sided print off on the card. Spot UV is ideal for large text, logos and patterns.

Spot Uv Business Card Printing

Spot Uv Business Card Printing

Our modern custom business cards are crafted from the finest metals and alloys, machined and manufactured in our New York facility.

Spot Uv Business Cards 450gsm With Optional Metallic Foiling

We ship anywhere in the world with UPS, giving you peace of mind with guaranteed same-day delivery.

Shop with peace of mind. This site is protected by 2048-bit SSL encryption and our payments are managed by Stripe.

Do you have a question? Speak directly with one of our experienced team members who can guide you through the entire printing process.

Save time with your designs by using our free printable templates. Each template is a blank file organized with precise trims and borders, ensuring your project is completely accurate. Go to our template store to download your template.

Embossed Gloss Business Cards

Make sure your PDF file is saved in regular PDF/X format (PDF/X3 or PDF/X1a) directly from the graphics application. When saving artwork, use the Compatibility 1.3 option to avoid problems with layers and transparency during printing.

Please do not use pre-separated data from DCS EPS to avoid color changes or problems with the printed image.

Yes, we offer variable data on all our products. Variable data printing allows you to add unique details to each individual card, such as numbers, addresses and names, while keeping the rest of the card design unchanged. A good example is a postcard with the same design but with a unique address printed on each individual card. Another example of this is business cards with the same logo and address details for many people or membership cards with unique member numbers. Variable data is available on our metal cards which can be laser engraved or spot coated.

Spot Uv Business Card Printing

This convention distinguishes variable data printing from standard printing. Personalization allows a company to build relationships with its customers. Printing variable data is more than the name or address of a variable in a print element; Previously, the name of the variable was sufficient because printing variable data was a new concept. Personalization in today’s society must represent the values ​​of the customer. A VDP needs to know something about its customers to be successful. A user who likes sports, for example, can receive a VDP postcard featuring their favorite soccer player. Since buyers are more likely to read the content of the postcard, it is effective. An example of ineffective VDP is sending a postcard with a picture of a football player to the same user. If the buyer is not interested in football, he may or may not notice the postcard. The objective is to provide value to customers by interacting with them. Personalization allows a company to interact with, interact with, and build relationships with potential customers as well as maintain relationships with existing customers. A converted customer can be converted into a loyal customer. Companies want to build long-term relationships with their customers, and variable data printing can help them provide high-quality service and support.

Spot Gloss Business Cards Printing

All files must have 2mm margins on all sides to ensure no gaps in the printed output. This means that your design should always be 2mm larger than the actual print size (including photos and graphics). Failure to do so may result in slight variations such as white edges. Keep fonts and important aspects of your image at least 3mm away from the final layout (bleeds not included) and avoid using them as border borders in the design so they are visible.

Optional: When entering data in open print format, margins must be 4 mm on each side (eg A4 size should be 301 x 214 mm with crop). – When submitting files for presentation folders, banners, magazine calendars, packaging or any other promotional technology products, create a file with a 3 mm trim on both sides. – Envelopes must have 1 mm margin on all sides. Flexible frames made of fabric should be left with 15 mm.

A design is said to be full crop if it is printed within 0.25 inch of the edge of the card. This differs from standard printing in that the images must be printed before the card is cut to ensure proper alignment and design.

For printing with white and metallic inks, as well as offset printing, we offer full cost per cut. All other limits will be subject to charges.

Embossed Gloss / Raised Spot Uv

Larger plates should be used for full crops (images that extend to the edge of your card). If the image is within 0.25 inches of the edge of the card, it is considered a full crop. Plate coating techniques such as foil embossing, embossing, embossing, letterpress and thermography are used in many of our printing operations. Any design within 0.25 inch of the edge of the card should have larger plates made accordingly. Select this option if your image is within 0.25 inches of the edge of the card.

Three different finishes are available for our metal cards: mirror, original and polished. Our gold, rose gold and stainless steel metal cards have an incredibly rich feel thanks to a mirror finish that creates a highly reflective and polished surface. The end result of mirror polishing is elegant and beautiful.

Our steel metal cart has an original finish. It’s not as reflective as a mirror finish, but it creates a distinct “metallic” look and subtle shine. It has the same shine as most stainless steel appliances and utensils.

Spot Uv Business Card Printing

Matte finish is the third variant available in our metallic card collection. This finish creates a delicate linear brush pattern in the unengraved area of ​​the card. This is ideal for cards with lots of engraving or lots of unstretched surface.

Raised Spot Uv Suede Business Cards > Cyclone Press

Yes of course! We have a complete selection of eco-friendly soy ink printing products in New York, including recycled business cards, brochures, presentation folders, sales letters, stationery, catalogs, flyers, calendars and more. Recycled paper is now our standard stock.

The printing sector has a poor environmental record, with excessive use of water and electricity, paper waste and the use of volatile chemicals, which in the past have resulted in toxic waste. One of Luxury Printing’s main interests is protecting the environment and we strive to put our world first. 16pt glossy material is an affordable option and a popular choice for people looking for high print quality. The price includes smooth silk lamination on the card surface, its 2-sided printing and double-sided UV dot. Foil printing for this card is also available at an additional cost. A spot UV logo looks great on large text and can also be used to create a transparent pattern on top of a card.

* If you have special dates, please let our orders department know, even if the day is outside normal hours. This allows us to act accordingly in the event of production delays.

* Turnaround time depends on complexity and size of work. Feel free to contact us for any queries.

Design Spot Uv And Your Luxury Minimalist Business Card By Subbratas20

If you need more than 10 cards or special custom printing, please visit the Custom Quotes page for a free quote.

Here, we take our clients’ core business values ​​and express them in a creative and intuitive way. Our expert designers are specially trained for our printing process. They bring this insight to the creation of high quality designs that deliver superior end results. Do you want to improve your business card design with a unique look? Choose from a wide range of special printing methods such as spot UV. Due to their versatility, impact and affordability, full color UV business cards are one of the most popular cards!

You may be surprised to know that UV spot printing (also known as spot gloss or spot varnish) is not actually spot printing or varnish, but a cover method. Although it sounds complicated, it is a very simple process. The ultraviolet component involves the use of ultraviolet light to harden the varnish applied to the printed material.

Spot Uv Business Card Printing

Although printers can use this method for white paper or card, it is more effective for color printed materials to strengthen the brightness of the product, protect the color and prevent moisture and damage to preserve the product.

Velvet Laminated Business Card With Raised Spot Uv

Due to its lack of volatility, it is known to be environmentally friendly. This means that little or no varnish will be a gas that can escape into the air.

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