Starting A Trash Can Cleaning Business

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Woman-owned The Trash Can Cleaners is a new business offering cleaning services to San Antonio residents.

Starting A Trash Can Cleaning Business

Starting A Trash Can Cleaning Business

If you dump trash, recycling, and organics in solid waste and recycling trucks for a week, those trucks still smell.

How To Start A Waste Collection Business [2021 Guide]

There’s a new tool for San Antonio residents: Junk Cleaner, a private, self-service car cleaning service that comes to the yard after a junk cleaning and car cleaning service. The business, mostly owned by women, started as the brainchild of Brannon Fowler, a garbage collector. Previously, Fowler ran an oil refining business. Eventually, he started making a biodegradable soap that would wash away greasy stains with a safe solution.

But the rise and fall of the oil and technology industries created uncertain times, and Fowler sought something more stable. A few years ago, he heard about several power washing companies that cleaned junk cars. He thought for a moment before walking over to his wife, Mary Ann.

Fowler agreed to manage the day-to-day operations while working on the buying and selling side of the inventory with his experience in pressure washers, cleaners and chemicals.

Fortunately, they have good friends, Brandon and Lisa Brzozowski, who own a high-end mechanical business that repairs diesel engines and RVs – a service mechanic, phone and 24-hour service.

Trash Can Cleaning Service

The four of them joined Lisa and Mary Ann as a large group. Mary Ann answers many calls to the San Antonio office.

Brandon runs the mechanical side of things and builds the machines and maintains the equipment. Lisa manages day-to-day operations, logistics, collections, accounting, insurance and legal aspects.

So an idea was born and the team was ready to buy equipment to get started.

Starting A Trash Can Cleaning Business

“We thought we were going to sell something at the market,” Fowler said. “We went to the market and looked at what was available and quickly realized that with our skills we could put together something better than what we could buy.”

Mainstays Stainless Steel 10.5 Gallon Round Step Trash Can

So we decided to take what was on the market, make improvements, and see if we could design a slightly cleaner car – maybe with more technology, maybe use higher units if possible. So we did it. “

As a result, it cleans and disinfects cans and can eliminate odors by adding a nice minty scent to the car.

In June, Garbage Cleaners began serving its customers in San Antonio, and it has about 400 customers and sent requests to 1,300 households, where it can clean the boxes in every home.

Right now, the focus is on the residential side, Fowler said, and they’re starting to get business on the commercial side. Also, there is a commercial side part – building other people’s cars, starting their own car cleaning business.

One Year Quarterly

“It’s very popular in San Antonio,” he said. “Obviously it’s happening nationally. I think because of the quality and the level of our equipment, we’re very interested in building these units and selling them to others.

Units can be customized to suit business needs. And with his experience as a small business owner, Fowler says he can help others get off to a good start.

Operating on the mechanical/manufacturing side, the company builds cars and auto parts for a company that disposes of waste in its yard to keep clean cans.

Starting A Trash Can Cleaning Business

The process uses high pressure (3500 psi), hot water (at 190 degrees) to clean the can. After saving, take the residue from the can and dispose of it responsibly.

Tips And Tricks For Your Trash Can And Bags

“We won’t leave a lot of chemicals on your road going down the drains in front of your house. The truck picks them up really well. But another good thing is the chemical process. We use a hot method. Water. , hot water, separates all the bad things from the pot, and the trash from the car. We pull it so you don’t have to worry about the bad.

Currently, Garbage Cleaners provides one truckload for customers. As the business grows, they plan to add a second car and more to serve the city.

And many cars. Pressure washing can be used to clean driveways and the Garbage Truck is designed to clean business bins – wash with hot water and soak in water if necessary.

According to Fowler, big cities have millions of trash cans, and when composting becomes the norm in cities like San Antonio, families have three separate bins: one for trash, one for recycling and one for organics.

Things Your Garbage Collector Wants You To Know

There are opportunities for this type of business in both small towns and big cities depending on the services the business wants to provide, he added. Even in a large area like San Antonio, no one offers better service than Junk Cleaners.

A lot of people think it’s a service for the rich, but it’s not, Fowler said. Most of the customers are working families who want the convenience of service. Glowing Bins Business is here to help. With our high quality vacuum cleaners and dumpster cleaners, you can start building your business quickly. We will help you build your own waste removal business in your community by providing you with the best equipment on the market.

We offer laundry facilities in a variety of styles and sizes, allowing you to partner with HOAs, local communities, waste management companies, and more. From truck-mounted structures to garbage sweepers and stationary trailers, we have a variety of sweepers that can handle 100-300 bins per day!

Starting A Trash Can Cleaning Business

We only offer household cleaning products. Sparkling bins also produce heavy duty vacuums capable of cleaning the dirtiest and most stubborn waste.

Green Can Cleaner

From condo trash hauling to homes, restaurants, commercial properties, construction sites, and more, Sparkling Bins Business garbage disposals offer many opportunities to build your business.

At Sparkling Bins Business, we are the world’s leading manufacturer of bins and recycling equipment and have helped over 400 businesses start their own businesses.

Not only do we offer the best tools on the market, we also have the best prices – and we help entrepreneurs get started by creating a website, branding and more without franchise fees! Our turnkey business truly sets us apart from the competition by providing comprehensive training from our years of experience and knowledge in the industry. We also protect your environment by not selling waste removal equipment to our customers in the same zip codes. In addition, our support team is available 7 days a week, so if you have any problems, we are ready to help you. Take a look at our competitors and we think you’ll agree – Glowing Bins Business is the best choice.

Sparking Bins Business is always here to help entrepreneurs explore the opportunities offered by washing machines and bin cleaners. So don’t wait, contact us online or call 305.382.BINS to learn more and find out how you can build a successful business with Sparkling Bins Business.

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Starting A Trash Can Cleaning Business

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