Synology Active Backup For Google Workspace

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Synology Active Backup For Google Workspace

Synology Active Backup For Google Workspace

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How To Back Up Microsoft 365 With Synology Active Backup?

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The storage needs to be changed. We are all aware of the need to do what we often think of as office/hostile work.

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Nutanix has come a long way. Now there’s a software platform you can deploy anywhere and change anytime… Google Workspace backs up and aggregates your NAS data to protect it from accidental events and comply with data retention regulations.

Protect your account from data loss or service interruption so you can recover data at any time.

Synology Active Backup For Google Workspace

As a free add-on for NAS servers, Active Backup for Google Workspace allows you to back up any number of Google Workspace accounts to your storage.

Synology Dsm 7 Review Part 2

Protect data from human error or malicious attacks that can cause data loss or business disruption.

Export email, contact and calendar data to EML, CSV and ICS files, and email attachments to Drive data or Office documents.

Get an overview of your Google services, including how much bandwidth and storage they’ve used, and your backup history

Account detection, which can be enabled for each service, detects shared drives or users with Google Workspace services enabled and automatically selects them for backup, saving administrators the hassle of manual setup.

Compare 2 Ways] How To Perform Synology Backup Windows 11?

A NAS with DSM 6.1-15217 or later installed. Deduplication is only supported on x64 NAS using the Btrfs file system. Click here to view compatible models.

Yes, you can create a copy using snapshot replication and restore it if needed. Using this method, you can easily implement a 3-2-1 security strategy.

No. However, if the number of accounts you wish to protect exceeds 500, we recommend that you contact our sales team for advice.

Synology Active Backup For Google Workspace

See how it works. Learn how to easily back up and restore data in Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. More information

Synology Diskstation Microsoft 365 Backup Review

Contact us We’ll help you find the best NAS for your environment Note. Communication without a license for unlimited data backup Google Workspace Microsoft 365 (the updated name of Office 365). Office is Microsoft’s MVP in the Apps and Services category, so I was very interested to see how it worked.

Having read and seen that it’s completely free software that comes with owning a DiskStation, I was hoping it would be a good solution at an incredibly low price – buy your DiskStation and disks, spend some time setting it up, and you’re good to go. . This is already a very attractive proposition for me, plus Synology has a good reputation for maintaining and supporting their hardware over the years, as evidenced by the 7 year old DS1813+ I set up a few months ago.

I’ve had a new Intel-based DiskStation 1618+ – quad-core processor and 4GB of RAM (expandable) for about a month, backing up my Microsoft 365 tenant data. So I ticked all the options. This tenant is just for me, so the data set is smaller than most tenants, but I run some live stuff like email and OneDrive. There’s also some SharePoint Online data from what I’ve been playing around with Microsoft 365 Groups and Teams.

Useful information about what is being backed up and how big it is. In summary, you may notice some errors. I looked them up and each one was because “Microsoft servers are busy” and after a few minutes it tried again successfully.

Microsoft Azure Marketplace

It’s probably because I used the backup option to get incremental changes instead of a specific time period. Maybe I hit him too hard and sometimes he blocks me.

I know I’m getting ahead of myself, so let’s get back to setting it up. Assuming you have a Synology DiskStation that supports “Active Backup for Office 365” – and what model is it? Here is the list:

It was a very simple setup – I took screenshots of each step – but it needs almost no explanation for Microsoft 365 tenant admins.

Synology Active Backup For Google Workspace

The program will then close and start backing up what you said. Active Backup for Office 365 shows all backups in progress in the “Activities” section, and the built-in “Resource Monitor” lets you view upload/download speeds, disk usage, etc.

Why And How Should You Build Backups To Protect Your Business Data With Synology Nas

It’s also worth noting that the backup you create has an ‘Account Discovery’ option where it finds newly created accounts and automatically adds them to the backup, which is a great start so you don’t have to change your backup settings every time. you have a new user.

Backup is great, but how do you restore data? You need another application “Active Backup for Office 365 Portal”. If you enable it, you will be taken to a web interface where administrators can browse all data and users can browse their data (you can deny user access if you want).

In this web interface, you can search for the files you want to recover and recover them. You’ll also see a nice timeline at the bottom so you can scroll back and forth to view snapshots of a specific time.

While Mail, Calendar, Contacts and Sites (SharePoint) support searching backups by name and content, at the time of writing this is not possible for OneDrive backups. It’s worth being aware – if someone asks to restore a file, you need to know exactly when. But I don’t see this as a big issue, as OneDrive natively has excellent version control and auto-trash – so you can probably rely on the native solution to find a file, but it’s still a limitation worth being aware of.

Hướng Dẫn Cài đặt Active Backup For Google Workspace Trên Nas Synology

This was the only minor negative I found during testing. Everything else worked, browsing and restoring was fast, incremental backups appeared on DiskStation within seconds of creating a new file on OneDrive.

Again, this is an incredibly cheap solution for backing up Office 365. Some may wonder if you even need to back up Office 365. You can set unlimited storage for all your content, so why back up? To me, this is a definite gray area and depends in part on how much you value the data. Microsoft may never lose your data, but is it available 100% of the time? What if that important document is in your OneDrive and it doesn’t sync and there’s an outage? We’ve seen some outages recently, including authentication breaches – your data is still there, but you can’t access it. In this case, a local copy of something time-sensitive can be valuable. Given the relatively low cost of buying a Synolgoy DiskStation – your disks will likely cost more than the unit itself – I think it’s a pretty easy sell. There are many situations where you need to back up your Google GSuite – some accidental data loss, carnage caused by malicious parties, extended service outages that require access to some files or emails. The list goes on if you want extra copies for compliance or legal reasons.

So how do you go about it? Fortunately, Synology makes this very easy with G Suite Active Backup. The next best part is the very simple licensing model… there is none… just choose the size of NAS that suits your needs and that’s it – you want to back up as many users as possible.

Synology Active Backup For Google Workspace

There are several configuration options for how many versions to keep and what to do with account detection when your tenant gets new accounts.

Synology: Installing All The Packages

An updated list can be found on this page, but at the time of writing these are the models that currently work with the product.

First you need to enable G Suite backup, the simple wizard only takes a few minutes to run.

Note that you will need a Synology account if you do not have one

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