Technical Communication 13th Edition Ebook

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Technical Communication 13th Edition Ebook – Prepares you to write in a variety of situations and situations at work. Packed with clear, practical advice and real-life examples from a variety of sources, the text will help you practice the writing and communication skills you need in the workplace. The Thirteenth Edition explains the challenges of writing in a variety of media and continues to provide comprehensive guidance with new examples that prepare you to communicate effectively and responsibly in a technology-filled world.

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Technical Communication 13th Edition Ebook

Technical Communication 13th Edition Ebook

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Practical Strategies For Technical Communication: A Brief Guide: Markel, Mike, Selber, Stuart A.: 9781319104320: Books

Mike Markle is the Director of Technical Communications at Boise State University. A former editor of IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication, he is the author of numerous articles and six books on technical communication, including Ethics and Technical Communication: A Critique and Synthesis.

Stuart A. Selber is a professor of English at Penn State and director of the Digital English Studio. He is a past president and associate of the Association of Technical Writing Teachers, past chair of the Technical and Academic Communication Programs Council, and chair of CCCC’s Technical Communication Committee. Selber is the author of Organizational Literature: A Contribution to the Academic World of IT Writing and Communication, several publications for the digital age, co-author of central works in communication technologies and problem solving in technical communication, and editor of Rhetoric and Technology: Guidelines in New Writing. and communication, among other tasks. He has received several national awards for outstanding research publications, most recently the 2021 Jay R. Includes Gold Award for Excellence in Teaching Communication Skills.

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