Thai Airways Business Class London To Bangkok

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Thai Airways Business Class London To Bangkok – After 8 hours in the Thai lounges located in Terminal C, Gate C1, Gate C2, Terminal D and the SilverKris lounge, it was time for my last Star Alliance flight.

The plane is nice, but the windows of Boeung Keng Kang are so dirty that it is difficult to take pictures of the plane.

Thai Airways Business Class London To Bangkok

Thai Airways Business Class London To Bangkok

After turning right from the first door into Business Class, it was the 15K seat I had chosen for this flight. I’ve thoroughly checked out the complex offerings on my flight from Singapore to Bangkok, so I won’t go into details here. Suffice it to say that the seats are new so it’s a bit of a struggle even in different ways.

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Crew members can choose a pre-departure beverage, including OL juice and purple lemonade. I picked purple lime juice and it was delicious. Also sent hot towels.

When drinking lemonade, the team immediately asked me if I wanted to add water, but I really didn’t say anything!

We started to take a taxi to runway 19L a few minutes ago. This is the Thai A380 we passed by at the exit.

As soon as the seatbelt badges were undone, the crew brought the drinks we ordered while laying on the ground. Each comes with peanuts. I go for green tea, it’s nice and fresh.

Flying Business Class On Thai Airways

Finally, dinner is served. All in all, it looks colorful. This photo could actually be 10 times better if the light was evenly distributed throughout the case.

As a snack we had crab and avocado which was really good. The crab tasted fresh and a squeeze of two lemons was a fresh and delicious combination. Delicious food, well prepared by TG.

For mains we offer Salmon Curry Rice and Snow Peas. The salmon was cooked to perfection and the curry was delicious. Plain rice, but the hot water provided makes it taste even better. Snow peas are also beautiful.

Thai Airways Business Class London To Bangkok

Next we had garlic bread and hot sauce. The garlic bread was good, but too hard.

First Impressions: Thai Airways A350 Business Class

Again, like on my Singapore-Bangkok flight, the fruit was like it had been cut open and stored in the fridge for a few days. No freshness in taste.

Desserts are great. The noodles on the left are very delicious, I want it again. There is also a delicious fruit cake on the right.

Overall the food was great. Most dinners were perfect and TG generally did a great job.

The staff arrived for a second round of hot towels and drinks, the second round I chose green tea.

A Visit To The Thai Airways Lounge And A Flight To Kuala Lumpur

The rest of the flight is a scene about the sun setting and the clouds doing their thing.

We finally started to settle in Singapore, but we had to wait a while due to the heavy traffic coming into Singapore.

We finally got in line and landed in Singapore about 10 minutes after our scheduled time, no big deal.

Thai Airways Business Class London To Bangkok

As my Thailand trip ends, I must say I really enjoyed the overall experience of the last 4 flights. Considering I have a business class seat on the A350 and a first class seat on the 747, what a blessing. It’s a different experience for some old TG pilots, but the overall experience is really good. TG does a good job with the experience on the plane, so hopefully they will modernize the mid-aged seats in Bangkok. If anything, Thailand will have the most competitive business class product in the world.

Thai Airways First Class Review

Here you’ll see my booked flights and unbooked tickets (mostly because sometimes I miss flights that I have time to hear about). Not all of my flights have access to my travel blog and YouTube. If you want to follow all my travels follow me on instagram @

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My last round-the-world trip was by far the longest, starting with Newark (EWR) to London (LHR) via Air India, then Kuala Lumpur (KUL) on a Malaysia Airlines A350 and finally Sydney (SYD). MH A330 is where I boarded Singapore’s brand new A380 to Changi Airport (SIN). From there, I had a few days to arrive in Toulouse, France (TLS) for the maiden flight of a Qatar Airways A350-1000.

Thai Airways 747 First Class Review, Bangkok

Limited. I did a long haul flight from Southeast Asia to Europe on a Thai Airways 777-300ER. After flying first class in Thailand a few times on the Airbus A380 and Boeing 747-400, I was curious what the business experience would be like.

Really the most expensive business class award on United, unreasonably priced if you ask me. For example, if I fly from Fiji, the speed drops to 75,000 miles, even though I fly thousands of miles.

If coming from Australia or New Zealand, the speed will drop to 90,000 miles. So adding Sydney-Singapore to the new SQ A380 saves me 10,000 United miles and 58,000 KrisFlyer miles – unfortunately Singapore’s latest premium offering is only available through KrisFlyer.

Thai Airways Business Class London To Bangkok

We could also book 75,000 miles on this route through Aeroplan, but we found United to provide excellent customer service during non-scheduled operations and figured it would in principle cost an extra 25,000 miles. that. Because cancellation means I might miss the highlights of Toulouse.

British Airways Business Class: Los Angeles To London

It’s not how you’re most likely to book in cash, as there are so many options. Lufthansa flights connecting in Frankfurt (FRA) will cost less than $4,000 per flight, which equates to about 4 cents per mile.

Flight 777 in my region departs from Singapore and arrives in Bangkok (BKK) a few minutes earlier. I quickly pass through security and head to the Royal Orchid Spa.

Business class passengers get a free 30-minute massage (one hour if traveling first class to/from Bangkok), and I get a head and shoulder massage. This is one of the best I have ever owned!

After a delicious post-massage snack and ginger tea, I walked across the lobby to Royal Silk Business Class.

Thai Airways Business Class Airbus A350 900 Xwb

Large Thai style reception area. There really isn’t much to see and do, but plenty of room to expand.

There is a satellite bar and a wet bar, and then there is the main buffet in the center of the reception area.

The station itself is great for photography and has decent shopping, but I wouldn’t leave the lobby too early to get to the gate.

Thai Airways Business Class London To Bangkok

Airplane tracking is also a problem due to dirty windows and an odd layout. I managed to keep it in good shape on my 777-300ER. The HS-TKR was delivered from Boeing in 2013. October. and flew for the airline for about four and a half years. It is mainly used for long-distance shipments to Europe, but also operates in Asia.

Flight Report: Thai Airways A380 First Class Paris

Thailand’s 777-300ER provides a total of 42 royal silk business class seats, including 24 seats in the front cabin…

I chose 19K, one of two seats that I defined as a “good seat” on SeatGuru (the other being 19A across the cabin).

Like its counterpart on the other side of the cabin, the area where the 19K sits seems more private to me.

It also has a window seat, and the rear 20K is closer to the aisle. If you choose the window seat, I recommend the A and K seats in rows 12, 15, 17, 19 or 21 as they offer more privacy.

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I also have 3 very clean windows and can easily control the lights around the seat.

The footstool itself is deep and wide – since it’s fixed, I can lift my legs whenever I want.

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