The Family Business Season 3 Episode 7

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The Family Business Season 3 Episode 7 – After learning that France is about to legalize pot, a businessman and his family rush to convert their shop into a cannabis cafe.

Forced to choose between growing weed or raising her children, Jo tries to convince her family to quit the business and starts a gang.

The Family Business Season 3 Episode 7

The Family Business Season 3 Episode 7

Driven to a remote monastery, the Hazans face chaotic kidnappers, mind-blowing new products and family secrets.

The Wayans Bros.

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Go behind the scenes of TV shows and movies, see what’s coming soon, and watch additional videos on “Succession” Recap: Season 3, Episode 7, “Too Much Birthday” Roman moves into the middle of his father’s circle, and Kendall’s birthday party brings out the the worst of Roy’s siblings.

In one particularly chilling episode, Kendall throws a birthday party and discovers that the hope she once had is that her siblings can stand by her against their father. Meanwhile, Roman will cement his position as Favorite Boy.

Based on their speed toward moral ruin. Or, if you will, how many are flying on the highway to hell. Not everyone shows up every week, depending on how much they have to do. Sometimes you are lazy.

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Logan’s behavior a few weeks ago after the official meeting, which made Kendall wait under the impression that they would meet and then leave, it was clear that the relationship of father and son. But this week, Logan pointed out that he wasn’t the only one who cut Kendall off; Roman too. Logan sends Roman to the party with a birthday card that he has

And it is written “SAYING F***”. The attached term sheet offers Kendall more than two billion dollars for his share of the company, but in reality, Logan is kicking Kendall out of the family, in formal style, period.

It’s also worth noting that if Logan isn’t involved with Kerry, the mysterious assistant, his kids think he is. Oh, Logan. Didn’t you learn anything from Marcia’s reaction to your joke about Rhea?

The Family Business Season 3 Episode 7

Between last week’s Mencken hug and this week’s ruthless treatment of Kendall and Shiv, Roman has really sunk into his role as the brother who decided to throw all his cards, not only to look like Logan, but to be more Logan than Logan. . Not only is he involved in Logan’s activism to hack Kendall into his own party, but he also helps Logan hack Shiv, apparently by getting hold of the treasure trove. Kendall. Combine that with the way he defended custody of Kendall’s son, it was a bridge too far for Shiv, and you can see that any doubts Roman had about which side to take are gone. He had earned his father’s favor and intended to keep it.

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But it’s hard to believe that Roman was so surprised that Shiv was so upset that Roman picked up on Kendall’s behavior. He wouldn’t object, of course? If there is an official anointing of a loved one, it looks like this. I think if you’re looking for something to work for Roman, the deal with Matsson looks good, even if you’re following the possible bathroom deal for the second straight episode.

Kendall (Jeremy Strong) wants to be more happy to see Shiv (Sarah Snook) and Roman (Kieran Culkin). Macall Polay/HBO hidden text

My sadness for Kendall and my disgust for her are both at an all-time high this week. It’s a very embarrassing effort in parts: the show, the pink tunnel, the silent screen showing the fire and Kendall’s picture, the ridiculous things Comfry had to do, like buying a lunch box he didn’t even use. But at the same time, he lost his life because of the decision of his father and his brother, although he had been bravo during the season, explaining how he would come out on top. He likes how he feels he’s deceiving his brother with a front-page joke about his future, but what they think of him is him.

The joke really hurts his feelings. And when he realizes that Shiv and Romana have come only for business, he is disheartened. And of course he released it on his staff and Greg, who calls him a parasite and a worm, and Naomi, whose gift he treated with complete indifference. Oh, Kendall. You are so sad and also horrible.

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Meanwhile, you might have thought that Kendall’s rap 2, in honor of her father, was the most embarrassing thing she could imagine on public display. But no: His party plan is to sing Billy Joel’s “Honesty” in a tuxedo while flying to be crucified. (Props to Jeremy Strong for the recap performance, honestly, that’s a tough song!) In a way, this is a rehash of last season’s story, but look at the differences: Kendall is estranged from his family. now, and he really wants to reach Naomi (who is trying to help him and seems to be pro-singing, anti-cross, and also “getting billions and working”). Maybe, luckily for Kendall, something goes wrong at the party but it doesn’t happen at the show. We always think about this show, which could make the “L of OG” a model of discipline.

And of course, Kendall’s relationship with Rava and the kids is further strained because he can’t find the gift he brought.

What worries me most about the final episodes of this season is the question of whether Shiv’s humiliation will lead to anything meaningful. He is always ignored in the office, abused by his father, insulted by almost everyone, ignored at every turn. He’s disgusted by Roman’s treatment of Kendall—to Shiv, there’s acceptable cruelty and unacceptable cruelty—but more than that, he’s angry that Logan and Roman made a deal to give Roman a stake in the company. Kendall.

The Family Business Season 3 Episode 7

It’s clear that Shiv is serious about his bid to break into the business: he explains his argument for buying GoJo: it aims to replace Waystar’s terrible broadcast platform and bring them to other areas such as social media and, interestingly, sports. He begs his father to let him approach Matsson at Kendall’s party, which of course intrigues Roman.

My Brilliant Friend

But the fight is clear now, Roman and Logan vs. Kendall, with Shiv getting bigger and bigger (and Connor not caring). Can you switch sides and be with Kendall? Is that what he’s going for? Does it make sense that in this episode she’s wearing a beautiful green dress that matches Kendall’s coat and green turtleneck jewelry while getting ready for the party?

(Also, does Roman have a right to be disappointed that Tom won’t go to jail? Boy, is that a bad thing to watch!)

It’s hard to tell which of the rich characters is the complete idiot: Kendall for insisting on people taking off their coats even when they don’t want to, or Connor for insisting on his coat over his shoulders. But once Connor (and Willa!) walks into Comfry as he tries to get over the humiliation he’s received from Kendall, any sympathy you might have for him wanting to keep his clothes melts away.

Greg (Nicholas Braun) and Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) are sure to be cut this week. Macall Polay/HBO hidden text

Growing The Good

I’ve been waiting all season for everyone

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