The Last Kingdom Season 2 Episode 1

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The Last Kingdom Season 2 Episode 1 – “Episode 2” is the second episode of the first season of The Last Kingdom. Released on October 17, 2015.

Caught between his treacherous uncle Ælfric and the ruthless Viking warrior Ubba, Uthred goes on the run in search of Alfred, who will become king.

The Last Kingdom Season 2 Episode 1

The Last Kingdom Season 2 Episode 1

Northumbria; Uhtred and Brida flee Babenberg on horseback as Ælfric, Uhtred’s uncle, and his men chase after them. On the right, Babenberg belongs to Uthred but is currently powerless to retake the castle and its lands. Using a tree branch to cover his tracks, Utred lures Ælfric into the forest.

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Having recently lost their family and home, Athard and Breda decide to travel south to find Oba, the warrior and friend of their dead “father”, Ragnar the Fearless. They want to meet Oba and his army to avenge Ragnar and take Babenberg back.

Saxon village, Northumbria; They had not gone far when they came upon a Saxon village, the inhabitants of which had been massacred. The lone survivor shot them down with an arrow before Breda threw his shoulders onto his back. The dying Saxon told them that it was the Danes who killed his village, as punishment for a rebellious Saxon slave who rose up and killed his Danish king. When Breda asks the name of this “rebellious Saxon slave,” she says it was Hotred.

Now Berida is furious with Ahtrad for not controlling her anger. He says it would have been better to stay under the radar, everyone would have thought he was dead, and bring Bibenberg back later. Now they have another problem to deal with, which she thinks will lead to the truth. They decided to interrogate the father and confessed his crime.

Winchester, Wessex; Alfred is reminded of his work in God’s work by Father Becca and avoids sexual temptation. Alfred’s brother, Eltheld, is currently on the throne, and the two share the same vision of freeing England from the invading Danes so that all of England will fall under their savage flesh. The Danes now occupied East Anglia and captured their loyal king, Edmund. Edmund asks for Wessex’s help, but the Witton (council) decides against him, admitting that he is now the last kingdom of England (in the hands of East Mercia, East Anglia, Kent, Sussex, Essex, and Northumbria). became in dance). They must fight the polytheists with the prayers of Christians and the blood of Englishmen.

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East Anglia; Uhtred and Brida arrive in East Anglia in search of Ubba, who they know is an unreliable and terrifying prince because of his complete dependence on the gods. The only way to realize Oba is to kidnap his sorceress, Storey, and hold her for ransom. They accompany Uthred as a foot soldier and take Dean and Breda as his hostages. Brida takes Storie into the forest, intending to kill him if Ahtred does not return.

Meanwhile, Ahtred awaits the return of Oba, who enters the hall with Gottram, another Danish warrior. King Edmund was beaten and bled during the week. Uhtred recognizes his presence and tries to explain the truth behind Earl Ragnar’s death, much to Oba’s anger. Once inside, Uhtred sees Oba and Guthrum dealing with King Edmund, playing with his Christian ideas to see if God can save him if they riddle him with arrows like Saint Sebastian. King Edmund could not survive and returned. Ubba does not listen to his pleas and wants to kill Utred, but is soon stopped when he realizes that Utred has captured the story. Utred is freed by returning the witch as Oba promises that one day they will kill her.

Uhtred returns to the forest where Breda hides with Storie, who is captured, tied and tied to a horse with a stick in its ass (“It was necessary”, says Breda). As promised, they released him. Breda must go to young Ragnar in Ireland. But Uhtred has come to the truth of their situation: they are no longer accepted as Danes. Instead they would go to Wessex, hoping to be accepted as Saxons.

The Last Kingdom Season 2 Episode 1

Oxford, Mercia; Standing in Oxford, Uhtred is a blacksmith’s longsword with an amber hilt, his biological father welded it to the hilt. They escape from Oxford where men hired by the Oba come to kill them.

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Winchester, Wessex; Ethelred, the king’s son, Ethelred, is found drunk in the royal court. His father is angry and reveals to his right-hand man, Lord Oda the Elder, that after his death in Witton, Oda wants to direct the line of succession to his brother Alfred, and not to his own son.

Utred and Breda arrive in Winchester, where Utred happily meets Father Beuka, who takes them to see Alfred for the first time.

Alfred is reserved in his opinion of the two newcomers, naturally distrustful of all barbarians (especially the Danes). Alfred has thousands of scrolls in his reading room, where he writes down the events and deeds of all his friends and enemies that his spies can gather. He tells Athard that the importance of the written word is not only for documentation but also for heritage. His hope is that one day, all the kingdoms of England will be united under one God. The idea of ​​a single kingdom called England must begin in Wessex, the last remaining kingdom.

After Alfred leaves for prayer, Father Bevka tells Uhtred that he has kept the works of Babenberg’s titles and shows them to Alfred so that Alfred knows that Uhtred is the rightful alderman of Babenberg. Encouraged by this, Ahtred decides to help Alfred by enlisting Redingham as a spy to gain information about any apparent Danish military plans in order to gain his trust.

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He reports back to the vets that Dennis, led by Gotham, plans to attack – and quickly. The rest of the Wights, especially the young Lord Oda, are reluctant to trust this new arrival, but Æthelred and Alfred decide to follow his advice and march the Wessex army to the Ashes Hill, where the Battle of Ashdown takes place. Coming in the form of 9″ is the first episode of the second season of The Last Kingdom. Released on March 16, 2017.

Sent north by Alfred to rescue the slave king Gothard, Becca seeks help from Gothard, who forms new alliances in her quest for revenge.

Winchester, Wessex; Elsweith, Atheled, Athlold, Oda the Elder, Father Beuka listen as Alfred speaks. After the famous battle of Athendun, King Alfred and Wessex bask in the glory of victory. But King Alfred knows that the Danes are not completely defeated. He turned his eyes north to the village of Eoferwic, Northumbria, where the people were ruthlessly ruled by Dan’s war-hungry brothers Eric and Siegfried. The brothers left Eoferwic to fight the Scots, leaving a commander named Haesten in charge of the town. But the Christian priests living there took advantage of the absence of Eric and Siegfried to rise up and kill all the Danes.

The Last Kingdom Season 2 Episode 1

Odda and Alfred Æthelflæd discussed the matter. They are interrupted by Father Bioca who brings Brother Troy before Alfred. According to Brother Troy, Eddard, the father of Cumberland, said that St. Cuthbert came to him in a dream, and spoke of Gothard, who was to be king.

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Litchfield, Mercia: A short time later, Utred arrives in town, accompanied by Heald and Haleigh. Uhtred begins his journey back north, but his nights are spent drinking. The lord almost steals Utred’s sword while he sleeps but Hilde takes it from him. He goes to wake up Athard by throwing a bucket of water on him. Held does all he can to remind her why they’re going north: to free Uthred’s slave sister from Kjartan, the very man who killed her Viking father.

Eoferwic, Northumbria; Father Hartweird is insulted and killed by Siegfried, before he and Erik prepare to lead their men into battle. They left the city under Heston’s control. Father Hartward retires to the hall, when he tells his fellow priests to rise. Father Hroth Weird leads Eoferwic’s men into battle with Heston and his men, and Heston is captured during Eoferwic’s rebellion (878).

In the town square, Saxon ties up Houston, the lone Danish survivor, ties him to a rope and makes him fight several members of the crowd for fun. Uhtred frees him from the wrath of the citizens, but is forgiven when they learn his name, which has already achieved legendary status after the Battle of Athendon.

There, Uhtred reunites with Father Beuca, who left Winchester on the orders of Alfred and Brother Troy to free a slave Northman predicted to be the next king of Northumbria. Two priests took silver from the church, gave it to Alfred, to pay the ransom

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