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“Motivational poster (double-click image to enlarge), adapted to music education from an original illustration provided by the National Financial Register to show the way to business success. Originally published in THE ETUDE Music Magazine, October 1913 and includes. some of the most unique language of the time and jargon. A great inspirational and motivational tool/gift for anyone, especially young startups, new businesses and anyone looking for success (aren’t we all?), “drone” or one of many don’ts. waste time waiting for compliments like “Caruso can’t touch you” or “You set the world on fire” in “The Know-It-All Hotel” or “The Mutual Society” when you get to “The Gate”. of Ideals ‘ you’re about to now a great citer(?) of success.

The Road To Success Poster

The Road To Success Poster

“This reward of song is (literally) obtained by entering the gate of opportunity. People are running, but some have already settled into a quiet life of ease and comfort in what looks like a bohemian beer garden.

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Some manage to bypass this convenience to enter Hua Yote Hotel because they have such slogans.

Those who avoid these three ugly institutions may still fall into the deep dark pit of ignorance or the spinning wheel of pride. A select few can board a train called the Right System at a railway station.

It stops others from running on the railroad to success, only to succumb to the evil hands of the Vixen, the spinster fan of bad habits (who drives her victims into oblivion), or the pit of ill repute. Others fall into excesses or fall into the web of jealousy and do it tomorrow.

Those who overcome all these dangers enter the system’s gates. But when the train crosses the Nokom River Bridge, pedestrians are threatened by a cauldron of distortion and tempted to take a shortcut. Stay On The Road To Success

Others can cross the river to the other side, but must overcome bad anger, neutrality, instability and poor memory. Then there is a lack of preparation, the beautiful mountain that trains pass easily, while the rest of the pedestrians have to cross.

Places, laziness and bad business practices continue to threaten them, until they come to two doors, one of weak morals is closed forever, the gate of morality is opened to the train (and others on foot).

Bottom line: you can succeed without using the right system, but your chances are slim. And you have to work harder to get there.” (Source: OldiesCountry) That’s the message behind this 1913 puzzle map called The Road to Success, a graphic that makes the figurative journey of artistic triumph to the pinnacle of comics. to victory.

The Road To Success Poster

Map collector PJ Mode, whose more than 800 maps are being added to Cornell University’s digital collection, says the editor’s methods inform map content. “Mr. Presser had his own method of learning how to be a musician,” says Maud. “And if you look closely at this map, you’ll see that there’s something about people who don’t have a method, they don’t have a method.” . “They fall into the pit.”

Road To Success…

Rejecting the river of failure is no joke. (Photo: PJ Path Collection at Cornell Digital Library / CC BY-SA 3.0)

Taking shortcuts will get you nowhere but to reach the bottom of the river of failure that threatens to destroy anyone who does not rise to the challenge of hard work. And don’t just shoot hot air or you’ll end up in the clouds.

Among other moral failings that hinder your ascent are the pit of illiteracy, the supporter of bad habits that hold you back, the daunting mountain of lack of preparation, and the distraction of Cafe Bohemia. Check out the hotel if you want, but don’t wait to leave.

“But if you follow the path, you will succeed,” says Mode. “And you see high achievers have this musical symbol.”

Commitment Highway Desktop Print 751677 57 Fg

How to do it, according to the press? Take the train to success in the center of the right system, follow the true knowledge that will lead you up the mountain road to preparation and through the gate of ideals.

It’s no secret that the map of “The Pillar of Success” resembles early religious maps, which Mode called “models of how to become a Christian.”

These include John Bunyan’s 1850 “The Road from the City of Perdition to the City of Heaven” and EB and EC Kellogg’s 1847 “Illustrative Map of Human Life”, which includes blasphemous geographical locations such as the Sea of ​​Pleasure and Mount Sinai. .

The Road To Success Poster

The Road from the City of Destruction to the City of Heaven, a map of early religious terminology that informed maps such as the Road to Prosperity. (Photo: PJ Status Collection at Cornell Digital Library / CC BY-SA 3.0.)

The Road To Success Is Under Construction Quote Poster

“It’s interesting to see the difference between the religious maps that are meant to reinforce religious values ​​— and [maps like this] that are about lifestyle but aren’t overtly religious,” says Maude.

“They all have the theme of a virtual journey to get where you want to be, whether it’s paradise or happiness and success.”

But similar to the original image of the National Register of Currency, published in the 1913 edition.

In fact, “The Road to Success” is taken almost directly from these elements (Presser gave his source). This map, which served as inspiration, titled “Illustrative Sermons for Men and Boys – Illustrating Difficulties on the Road to Success,” was originally intended to show how to become a successful businessman, and Presser adapted it for music education.

The Road To Success And The Road To Failure Are Almost The Same

So the next time you think “do it tomorrow”, just think twice – before you get caught in a giant spider web that eats you alive.

Watch out for the arachnids, who will swallow you whole if you delay. (Photo: PJ Path Collection at Cornell Digital Library / CC BY-SA 3.0)

Monday’s Map features interesting and unusual cartoon activities from around the world and over time. For more details, read Harita Dushanbe’s posts.

The Road To Success Poster

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