Top 10 Life Coaches In The World

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Top 10 Life Coaches In The World – Looking for training inspiration? Here is a list of the best life coaches in the world that you can follow and learn from.

One of the most famous life coaches of all time, Tony Robbins has had a tremendous impact on the self-help and life coaching industry. Also the author

Top 10 Life Coaches In The World

Top 10 Life Coaches In The World

Brooke Castillo is one of the most successful life coaches out there today and the amazing woman behind The Life Coach School. It publishes a weekly podcast as well as other coaching programs and services, such as Independent Coaching Scholars and the LCS Coach Certification Program.

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Iyanla Vanzant is one of the world’s best life coaches and a great inspiration to millions of people around the world. He is mostly known for his books and reality shows

Marie Forleo rose to fame as a life and business coach and has become one of the most popular life coaches today. He runs a B-school that teaches entrepreneurs how to run their own business, runs MariTV and is an author.

As a world-renowned life coach, Martha Beck also trained Oprah Winfrey. Oprah said she was “one of the smartest women I know.” Best-selling author

Mel Robbins became a famous life coach thanks to his famous TED talk. The author

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, Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott is known as the “trainer mom.” His website has several coaching and self-help resources.

Louise Hay taught a wonderful message about self-improvement and living self-love. He is also the author of several books

. It helps female entrepreneurs release money blocks and improve their money mindset. You can read about his early days as a life coach.

Top 10 Life Coaches In The World

Jen Sincero, author of You’re Bad and Bad at Making Money, has helped countless people transform their personal and professional lives.

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Robin Sharma is considered one of the world’s leading leadership experts. He is also the author of the book 5AM Club.

Bob Proctor is a popular author, speaker and expert on the law of attraction. He is most famous for his book

This article was written by the staff of Life Coach Magazine. We cover everything from personal development to coaching tips to how to grow your coaching business.

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But you can’t just kill an old website and expect your business to grow. You will need to strategically design a website that is not only pleasing to the eye, but also appeals to your ideal customer through these elements:

Top 10 Life Coaches In The World

Because your life coaching business is a business, potential clients will judge whether or not they are interested in your services long before you pitch your business to the world or talk on the phone.

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If you’ve offered courses, talks, events, or merchandise in addition to just training, you need a smart website designed to attract prospects with your various offerings.

Christina’s site is very smart with her marketing strategies. Next to the images at the top of the home page is a link for a free evaluation (sign up for a mailing list). Below is social proof in the form of logos from media organizations that featured it. Below is the latest podcast episode from the actress who claims she has “over 3 million downloads” – more social proof! Not only does it provide training with courses, lectures, and books, but the website directs potential customers to each of these offerings.

At the heart of her business, Molly has expertly created courses and membership programs for women who want a safe place to discuss their passions, fears, sex, money, and other important things in life, and her website supports this. The displays are bright, fun and positive, and the fonts and colors are chosen to enhance a vibrant and contemporary feel. The site opens with a call to action to attract subscribers to their mailing list and continues to the site to sign up for their courses.

I love Andrea’s website because she keeps her branding fresh. Bold fonts, sharp language and bold colors (especially black and red) speak to a young and modern customer. Their website looks fresh, fun and accessible.

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Gabby Bernstein, a celebrity life coach, has created an instantly recognizable profile and marketing strategy. The website reflects this – with a cheeky video at the top of the homepage, followed by images of Oprah relaxing, meditating and even hanging out! He strategically connected his audience with direct calls to action on his mailing list and merchandise on his website, all tied to him as a person. This type of site may be more suitable for a model if there are already many in the country, but if this is what you want, study carefully and learn.

Anohana’s website exudes warmth and sweetness. Her earthy colors (blues and oranges) work well with the warmth of her soft, feminine figures and portraits. Cleverly, the home page has testimonials (social proof, again!) and a video to introduce you to potential customers.

Shinebright was founded by two women, Shannon and Meike, who wanted to help customers “create a better life”. Their website uses images of nature along with colors like coral, teal and sunny yellow. The calls-to-action at the top of the homepage for a free consultation is a strategic win, and I love the Shinebright Process images that walk potential customers through coaching steps.

Top 10 Life Coaches In The World

Nicole’s site is simple, attractive, clean and convenient. The image and the top and middle of the homepage attract potential audiences and mimic the yellow and gray colors throughout the site. Their website is decorated with lots of white space which gives it a clean and modern feel.

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Christina’s site is a winner for many reasons: high-quality images at the top of the page that make the look accessible and warm, lots of white space, and a clean, modern design appeal to her core customer base, women. . Seek help to feel centered and balanced.

Dan’s website uses an attractive image and attractive banner to welcome people to its site. It wisely keeps its text short and readable, and the website’s colors are earthy and match its images. The breakdown of their services (session, hypnosis and mini-session) is really well done and directs customers to the relevant website. One small thing I wish she would do (and recommend you do!) is promote herself on her site – she has pictures and a great description of her services, but doesn’t use them on her homepage! . their names

With beautiful, fun, bright colors and photos, Lisa’s site lends itself to being a dating coach who wants her clients to find love in a fun and safe way. On her homepage, she strategically oozes credibility with a video of herself and a great mini-bio, and great testimonials from smiling former clients who love each other. The art and concept of training begins early in life. Coaches are professionals who play a vital role in helping people achieve their dreams and reach greater heights in life. It is helpful in changing your thinking, behavior and even thinking when making life changing decisions. So who are the best life coaches in the world?

Coaches are professionals who play a vital role in helping people achieve their dreams and reach greater heights in life. Photo: @soulsana

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Some of today’s most famous life coaches have made a comeback in their careers. Today, they have become international brands that have helped millions of people change the course of their lives. This list includes life coaches who have made an impact on the masses

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