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Top Political Science Masters Programs – The Department of Political Science offers a degree program leading to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy to prepare scholars to contribute to the future development of political science through teaching and research careers. The department is consistently ranked among the top political science departments in the country. In its most recent report, the National Research Council ranked the Rochester department’s graduate program 6th in the nation. By controlling the size, the research was done in 2001

It concludes that Rochester ranks No. 1 in the country for the production of these doctoral graduates, as measured by publications in leading journals. In 2007 PS Rochester ranked fourth in both graduate position and graduate research citations. In 2017

Top Political Science Masters Programs

Top Political Science Masters Programs

Rochester’s doctoral program ranks 17th overall, 14th in international relations, and 4th nationally in political science. Of the 25 political scientists elected to the 2013-2018 American Academy of Arts and Sciences, six received doctorates from Rochester.

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Rochester is the birthplace of a distinctive approach to policy studies that emphasizes the use and development of formal modeling and statistical methods. A brief survey of the leading journals in the discipline

– Shows how this method is changing the field. It is no exaggeration to say that the discipline of political science has been transformed by Rochester teachers and previous generations of students. Students interested in pursuing a PhD in political science at Rochester can find detailed information about the department and doctoral studies in the program brochure.

The PhD program at Rochester is unique. It is the most rigorous curriculum found in a political science department anywhere in the world. Unlike the traditional program, which is organized as a lecture, the core of the Rochester program is a concentrated course of study that covers all the technical tools of modern political science. Each student is trained in one or more major areas, including American politics, comparative politics, international relations, or political philosophy, but the sophistication of formal theory and statistical methods acquired by each graduate in traditional studies. program

A doctoral program requires at least four, and usually five, years of continuous study. For most PhD students, their first year of study is spent completing courses in the required technical sequence and conducting research in core areas. The second year is spent in advanced seminars leading to the sophomore thesis, the first programmatic step in independent research. The third year is marked by a comprehensive literature review, which represents the specialization in political science; participation in master’s study seminars, where students develop scientific projects together with teachers; Completion and presentation of a third-year thesis; And the dissertation prospectus defense and candidacy program for Ph.D. structured in such a way that students have independent, published research at the time of application. The remainder of the program is focused on completing the doctoral dissertation and publishing the research.

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All doctoral students in good standing are guaranteed a scholarship and full tuition support for five years of study. In addition, funding is available for authorized experimental work by faculty through the PEPR grant program sponsored by the Wallace Institute of Political Economy. Students have office space in Harkness Hall, and graduate offices are located between faculty offices. In addition, graduate students are eligible for summer support through the Charles E. Laney Research Fellowships, which provide an opportunity to collaborate with a faculty member on a research project. In addition, faculty members often hire students as independent research assistants in these programs.

Rochester’s program produced many intellectual leaders of this generation. In recent years, Rochester graduates have joined the ranks of institutions including Brown, Calich, Columbia, Dartmouth, Duke, Harvard, Michigan, Minnesota, Northwestern, NYU, Princeton, Rice, Stanford, Ohio State , UCLA , UCSD, UNC. , Vanderbilt, University of Washington, and Yale University, as well as other universities and colleges in the world.

The success of the Rochester program stems from its internationally respected faculty and their access to graduates. Classes and seminars are small and students work with their instructors throughout the degree program. Learn more about this year’s top online master’s degrees in political science and how these programs can guide careers in fields from politics to business to communications.

Top Political Science Masters Programs

Earning a master’s degree in political science online can open up many interesting job opportunities in and outside of politics. Many online political science master’s programs teach not only politics and public policy, but the legal system, international relations, history and communication. Some online political science master’s programs also allow you to set your own schedule. You get the same education as full-time students, but you can also work full-time and juggle family and personal commitments.

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But how do you know which program will meet your needs? To get you started on your search, we’ve ranked this year’s best political science masters online programs based on key criteria like affordability, online education options, and student support. Find out which programs are doing the best, and keep reading our guide to learn more about online political science master’s degrees.

To qualify for this ranking, colleges must meet the following criteria based on official data provided by the Integrated Secondary Education Data System (IPEDS).

After creating a list of eligible colleges, OMD’s data science team assigns weighting factors and ranks colleges based on a combination of eligibility, access to online learning, and student support scores.

Each OMD ranking uses the latest data from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS), where colleges and universities across the country report to the U.S. Department of Education survey.

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Sol Ross State University’s master’s degree in political science is designed for students who want to pursue a career in political science. They are prepared for teaching and research at university level, teaching in secondary education, political or administrative careers or further postgraduate study. Students will study topics such as voter turnout, the impact of term limits, social attitudes and political commitment, policy analysis, institutional power, and more. There are many research opportunities in political theory, public administration, public policy, and institutional government in local, state, national, and international communities. Students can complete the program entirely online, allowing them to balance their other personal and professional responsibilities. Both thesis and non-thesis options are available.

Indiana University Bloomington’s MA in Political Science is a fully online program designed for students who want to explore the methods and techniques used by political scientists to analyze and explain political institutions and behavior. . They will examine the role of politics in society, the use of knowledge in political society, research and major schools of political thought. Graduates are prepared for careers in education, policy analysis, lobbying, national security, public service, and more. Students choose from two majors: World Politics or American Politics. Admission requirements include a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution, a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0, official transcripts, and a 250-word personal statement explaining the background and reasons for entering the program.

The University of Nebraska at Omaha’s online master’s degree in political science offers students a flexible, fully online program with interdisciplinary research opportunities. All students will study a broad foundation in political science with topics such as research, government and politics, international relations, constitutional law, foreign policy, leadership and political theory. They also have the option to include other subjects including criminal justice, geography, history, communication and more. Graduates are prepared for a variety of careers in various fields. The program offers thesis and non-thesis options. All students begin with a non-dissertation, but may apply for a thesis option after 15 credits. Students will develop a program of study with electives and a choice of two concentrations: American Government and Politics or International Affairs. Admission requirements include a letter of intent, writing sample, resume, and letters of recommendation.

Top Political Science Masters Programs

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University’s online master’s degree in political science is completely online and provides students with a solid foundation in the discipline of political science and a foundation in social science research methods. The department is small, so it is possible to have close contact with students and teachers. Students complete their coursework online through asynchronous master’s courses. Graduates are prepared for careers in academia and government or prepared to pursue a Ph.D. Admission requirements include a minimum GPA of 3.0, a GRE score, and a TOEFL/IELTS score, if applicable.

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The Master of Arts in Political Science at the University of Illinois at Springfield can be completed entirely online, allowing professional and personal flexibility. Graduates gain experience in American and international politics, policy, political campaigns, and research. Students choose an area of ​​emphasis in American national and state politics, comparative politics, international relations, political theory, or public law. By working closely with faculty, they can tailor their degree to their interests and electives in their field of study.

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