Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security Advanced

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Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security is the world leader in content security for small businesses. Designed especially for small businesses, it’s a simple solution that provides full user protection for all employees.

Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security Advanced

Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security Advanced

Whether you’re using a Windows-based computer or a Mac, Advanced Worry-Free Business Security protects your email, Internet activity, file sharing, and more. protects.

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New features include mobile device security and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync that clearly protects your employees. Trend Micro takes care of your IT security so you can focus on growing your business.

Worry-free Advanced Business Security lets you use your PC, Mac and mobile devices without fear of failure or data loss. It’s security software that requires no IT expertise and won’t affect your network performance or slow down your devices.

Digital products, product keys, and download center access are available via email immediately after purchase unless a data carrier is ordered.

Online store approved by EHI, TrustedShops and CHIP. also offers ongoing customer support as well as support for purchased products. If the product is unused/returned, our customers can enjoy a money back guarantee.

Antivirus Suiten Für Unternehmen: Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security Services

What are our prices? A fundamental principle of software marketing is the art of not giving up.

We promise our customers excellent quality. Prices have no influence on quality, our customers are tested with tested products. In addition, you get a guarantee of up to €20,000 in trusted stores by EHI Prüfsiegel, as well as in a legally protected store.

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Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security Advanced

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Bitdefender Vs Trend Micro

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Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security Advanced

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Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security Standard

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Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security Advanced

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Trend Micro Worry Free Services

We use cookies, pixels and similar technologies to enable you to get the most out of our website. More information can be found in the privacy policy. By clicking the “Allow All” button, you consent to the use of these technologies. You can withdraw or change your consent at any time. More Information Trend’s Worry-Free Business Security Services has a lot to offer in the way of traditional protection, but lacks features like vulnerability scanning and patch management.

Visit the Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security Services website. Check it out (opens in new window) $75.50 per year for 2 users Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security Services Check it out (opens in new window)

The editors select and review independent works. If you make a purchase through our affiliate links, we may receive commissions to support testing.

Trend Micro Worry-Free Advanced has not only changed its name this time, but also a number of features and its price. In general, it’s a good choice for small companies with deep pockets and no need for patch management or mobile device management (MDM). However, some performance issues and a lack of patch management keep it behind Editors’ Choice winners Bitdefender GravityZone Ultra, Sophos Intercept X, and F-Secure Elements.

Trend Micro Worry Free Security Services Advanced With Xdr 1 Year Subscription

While the product is more feature-rich than the last one we reviewed, Trend Micro has also raised its price. In our last review, the platform cost about $37.75 per user per year, while this latest version costs $59.87 per user per year. That makes it among the most expensive products we’ve seen so far, though we only tested the second price tier, which adds email protection in addition to endpoint protection. In addition, Trend Micro also offers XDR and managed XDR services. Unfortunately, the company won’t reveal pricing for these tiers without contacting a sales representative, so be prepared to negotiate a bit.

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Compared to other offerings we reviewed, Trend Micro Editors’ Choice winner Sophos Intercept X is more expensive, but it’s on par with Bitdefender GravityZone Ultra. Bitdefender also offers more features for the money, but these advanced features appeal to large organizations rather than Trend Micro’s small business customers. However, even in this class, it is competitive with other small business platforms such as Avast or Kaspersky.

Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security Advanced

Concern’s base tier supports endpoint protection for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. We tested the next level, Worry-Free Advanced Services, which adds email, cloud storage, and Microsoft 365 protection. The most advanced levels add XDR capabilities, which given its price, we’d obviously like to see in the version we tested.

Become A Managed Service Provider

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Trend Micro Innovative Network Security

When you log in to Trend Micro’s Advanced Security Services, you’ll see a newly designed interface for the first time. The diagnostic chart makes it easy. They are compromised by known threats, unknown threats, and policy violations. Adding data to these is a simple continuous click. Below this, the infection breaks down through the channels. This includes internet, cloud sync, email, removable storage or local drives. There is also a quick update where security agents are online and need to be updated. Overall, we felt that Trend Micro’s new dashboard shows everything you need to see at a glance, which is a significant improvement over previous iterations.

However, you will need to add some tools and identify some threats to get the important data. To do this, you can add agents from the Security Agents page. It allows you to download the installer, install it on a connected endpoint, or send an installer link. The latter option is mainly for Android, iOS and Chromebook devices (for which it offers a browser extension). When you add a device, it appears in the group selected during agent installation.

If you check the box next to one or more devices, you can update the device or encrypt and decrypt its storage using available native software: BitLocker for Windows or File Vault for macOS. Additionally, you can set and apply policies for each group. that’s good

Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security Advanced

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