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Triumph Business Capital Fuel Card – TriumphPay, the payments and operations arm of Triumph Bancorp, has completed the first phase of what it calls “fulfillment,” where it built organically and through acquisitions last year from HubTran to fully automated “soup to nuts.” “Factoring of Payments.

CEO Aaron Graft took the opportunity of the company’s fourth quarter 2021 earnings call on Friday to announce the deal, which was all done this month. It appears to refer to the development of technology to make the first telephone call, when Alexander Graham Bell said the famous words “Mr. Watson, come here” to his assistant.

Triumph Business Capital Fuel Card

Triumph Business Capital Fuel Card

Melissa Forman, the company’s strategy manager, said in an interview with after the earnings call that five companies are involved in the venture. He refused to tell them.

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However, Forman was responding to comments from Derek Stanley, CEO of Engaged Financial, one of the companies involved in the first phase of the transition. “This is as exciting and significant as our first landing on the moon,” said Stanley, “We expect more transactions from the TriumphPay Payments Network.”

Forman said the deal solved a longstanding problem of processing payments without a phone conversation. That process will not only have to be completed to get the information into the hands of the payers and the payers in the enterprise. But as Forman noted, it is still necessary to confirm that the shipment actually took place and on what terms.

Putting it together as an exchange would be possible without HubTran, Forman said. “But it will take years of development that HubTran has invested in.”

HubTrans’s responsibility both before receipt and in the transaction is to review the invoices to be considered, confirm the validity of the terms of the agreements and parties involved. HubTrans name has been changed to TriumphPay Audit.

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“HubTran brings the company’s knowledge and technology to understand how to verify invoices and how to make sure that the payer and the payee are in agreement.” as the bill says,” Graft said after the call.

With the ability to review the agreement and follow its current terms along with TriumphPay’s fast payment and processing, the compliance process can be completed in just six. Seven months later, HubTran was shut down.

On the earnings call, Graft said there are still 11 manufacturing companies still waiting to start switching. One bank that has yet to implement the changes is Triumph Capital Markets, an arm of TriumphPay parent Triumph Bancorp (NASDAQ: TBK ). But Graft said integration into Triumph Business Capital’s ability to meet the market should be in the first half of this year.

Triumph Business Capital Fuel Card

“What makes the exchange unique is that the entire process of presentation, analysis, payment and cash application can be done in an automated environment,” Graft said during the phone call. “You can think of this as the difference between cashing a check at the grocery store 30 years ago and using a credit card today.”

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Part of the growth in the number of compliances is to bring more companies into the TriumphPay audit. Three factor companies were added to TriumphPay Audit’s list of clients in the fourth quarter, Graft said, bringing the total number of companies to 69. The number of companies in TriumphPay is now 554, which includes users of TriumphPay, TriumphPay Audit or both. .

Another statistic that has increased is the number of employees using TriumphPay. Graft said it added 12,000 carriers in the quarter, up 15.3% in the quarter. At 91,000, this is 72% higher than the fourth quarter of last year.

TriumphPay was in development and did not contribute to the bottom line for Triumph Bancorp. And Graft said it won’t be until 2023 before TriumphPay shows “revenue growth” as the company lowers its advertising costs. “The smart thing to do is to let the consumer market use it and see the results and then build it afterwards,” he said.

“We have two segments that contribute and one segment that expands,” Graft said, referring to the business arm of Triumph Business Capital and the community bank as partners and TriumphPay respectively. organization was created. “And it will continue this year.”

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Discussing the gold transfer business, Graft said it could slow adoption of the integration that TriumphPay brings to the market. The strong market makes it possible to override some of the negative activity during busy times, but the decline in activity “will … act as a force for participants” to get the best results they can, and we will be ready be to welcome them at that time.”

But Graft expressed concern that mass shipping could have some drawbacks. Graft said something similar, drawing an analogy from oil producers’ long-standing fear that too high a price would be good for their balance sheet but not good for the economy.

“I don’t know if $2,400 invoices are good for the business, honestly, it’s like $100 gas,” he said. “It benefits people in the short term, but I don’t know if it’s healthy for the whole ecosystem. We think that something in the $2,000 range and above is good for the managers in the long term. It’s obviously very good for our business, and it is hopefully something that the executors of the business of the state can afford to succeed.”

Triumph Business Capital Fuel Card

-TriumphPay processed approximately 4 million invoices in the quarter. The dollar amount of payments processed at TriumphPay is approximately $5.2 billion, up 25% from the quarter alone and up 173% from last year. For the third quarter, annual operating costs are $21 billion.

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-Triumph Business Capital’s factoring arm purchased an average of $60 million in invoices each day during the quarter. Total volume was just over $4 billion, an increase of 63.8% from a year ago. The average invoice price is $2,291 and the company has purchased approximately 1.7 million invoices. This is 8.7% higher than the third quarter and 40.4% higher than a year ago.

– Although the first quarter is always slow, Graft said the average large invoice in the first few days of January was $2,454. This is said to be the highest average the company has ever recorded. “I’m going to be very careful about using it to contribute to what’s good for the rest of the year going forward because I don’t think the whole business is involved,” Graft said. “I thought a lot of trucks stopped, but I didn’t see that in January.”

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