Trust Dispute Lawyers Near Me

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Trust Dispute Lawyers Near Me – Michelle Castillo is a California estate planning attorney based in Granada Hills, CA whose practice focuses on helping families plan for the future. He is a trusted Spanish speaking attorney in Granada Hills serving people in Los Angeles. His areas of practice are estate planning, living trusts, wills, health care directives, powers of attorney, guardianship appointments, trust administration, probate and asset protection. Feel free to call us at (818) 825-8143 or fill out our online contact form to learn more.

Attorney Castillo has over 15 years of experience in real estate, mortgages and insurance. She is the wife of a US Navy veteran and the mother of three teenagers. He understands the needs of military families and families with children. As a trusted advisor, Attorney Castillo reviews the client’s overall assets and ensures that the client’s assets are well protected and maximized.

Trust Dispute Lawyers Near Me

Trust Dispute Lawyers Near Me

Michelle Castillo is an attorney in Granada Hills, CA who specializes in helping families plan for the future. He speaks Spanish and understands the importance of helping the Latino community. Su area en que can help to do as said in the United States, Estate Planning, Life Trusts, Wills, Health Directives, Power of Attorney, Guardian Appointment, Trust Administration, Protection and Asset Protection.

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Attorney Castillo has 15 years of experience and is the mother of three daughters and the wife of a US Army Veteran. With his military experience and family, he knows that family and family unity are important, with attorney Castillo, he protects you and your assets are in good hands. If you have preguntas sobre como le puede ayudar, llamanos al (818) 825-8143.California lawyer Scott Rahn resolves contests, disputes and litigation related to trusts, estates and conservatorships, providing clients with a state of mind. Representing heirs, legatees, trustees and executors. He uses his experience to develop and implement strategies that quickly and effectively resolve financial issues, fiduciary duties and emotional complexities in trust contests, estate disputes and probate litigation.

Committed to providing relief to those grieving the loss of a loved one, Scott works closely with his clients. Prosecuting and defending claims involving incompetence, incompetence, undue influence, breach of fiduciary duty and other similar disputes. His advice and counsel include the prevention and remediation of parental financial abuse.

Scott is known for his thorough financial investigations and his astute handling of family dynamics and decades of family friction. He has extensive experience in litigation, mediation, arbitration and dispute resolution forums throughout California, as well as through strategic partnerships in major retreat centers in the United States and international locations.

His clients typically litigate inheritance disputes, trust contests, will contests, undue influence of caregivers, influence of stepparents, undue sibling influence, improper estate administration. from the duties of a trusted investigation, allegations of abuse, fraudulent conduct, wrongful withdrawal of property, and breach of fiduciary duty. Focus on identifying and correcting where the behavior is wrong, and where there are allegations of wrongdoing.

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While Scott tailors strategies to the unique needs of each client and each case, the overall goal is to achieve the best results—as quickly as possible for the lowest legal costs—to move the client in a positive direction. continue. his life

Inspired by his Midwestern roots and a close relationship with his grandmother, Scott brings family values ​​to his family and the empathy he brings to his client engagements.

Scott has defended the rights of clients in numerous parental, guardian and sibling disputes, contests and inheritance disputes, including in this recent case:

Trust Dispute Lawyers Near Me

Increasingly, Scott tackles issues related to the baby boom generation and its unique longevity and wealth transfer. Wealthy families often have multi-country and increasingly global footprints, and Scott’s global connections support clients in Canada, Mexico, France, Italy, the UK and beyond.

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Scott’s effective resolution of the most complex trust and estate disputes has earned him recognition as “Trust and Estates Litigator of the Year” by the Century City Bar Association and has been featured in Vanity Fair, Super Lawyers magazine, Los Angeles Business Journal, Accepted. honors and distinctions from and National Law Journal. Scott is chairman emeritus of the Beverly Hills State Planning Board.

Just a day after a judge denied Britney Spears’ request to remove her father as conservator of her estate, the wealth management company poised to take on her estate’s conservator friend filed for bankruptcy. NBC National Correspondent Miguel…

Attorney Scott Rahn discusses the latest updates on Britney Spears’ conservatorship. Last week, Britney Spears appeared in the New York Times “Framing Britney…

Scott Rahn in Reuters news about the conservator of Britney Spears Britney Spears has explained how frustrated she is with the legal settlement that has controlled her life for 13 years, but the singer will have to be patient before she gets her freedom … “Everyone thinks that you go alone. to court with your case and the judge goes…

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RMO LLP, a national trial and probate law firm, today announced that CEO Scott Rahn has been recognized as a “West Trailblazer” by The American Lawyer.

National succession and inheritance disputes attorney RMO LLP announced today that Chambers & Partners has named founding partner Scott Rahn as a leader in personal wealth disputes in the “2022 High Net Worth Guide.”

National evidentiary trial attorney RMO LLP announced today that founding partners Scott Rahn and Shawn Mintz have been recognized as “Legal Visionaries” by the Los Angeles Times in its second annual Business of Law magazine.

Trust Dispute Lawyers Near Me

Please note that communications from you to RMO LLP or your attorney through this website do not create an attorney-client relationship between you and the firm. Do not submit any proprietary or confidential information to the Company through this or any other website unless instructed to do so in writing. Trusts are an important financial resource for many families and individuals. People who create trusts do so for a variety of reasons, all of which can benefit the family after death. Although not everyone is qualified to create a trust, those who are often find it a useful way to manage assets.

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Although trusts are often trusted, trust law is ultimately complex. Legal issues and disputes can arise during trust administration. This can cause ongoing problems and delays for you and your family, which can be very painful when grieving a loved one.

Trust litigation is the process of resolving any issues that arise between beneficiaries and trustees. Unfortunately, this is a fairly common situation. With the help of a trust attorney, you can resolve trust issues and move forward with trust administration and other important aspects of the death of a loved one.

Our firm has been helping families with trust disputes for over 30 years. Our team of attorneys is highly trained in this field, and we have a deep understanding of complex trust law. This gives you an advantage in the courtroom and helps ensure that your loved one’s wishes are respected and protected.

This area of ​​law is very complex. Many law firms do not have the training to handle these cases, but Barry Law Group is different. Our experience has given us unparalleled expertise that can benefit your case, no matter how complex. We are ready to work diligently with you and your family to find a solution to your problem, and we are not afraid to use the full extent of the law to ensure that justice is done.

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Trusts are a popular form of trust agreement, but many people don’t fully understand what they require. The agreement allows a third party, also called a trustee, to hold the assets for the beneficiaries who will eventually receive them. In many cases, this bypasses the probate court and allows the family to benefit from their loved one’s property.

For example, a grandmother can hold her assets in trust for her grandchildren (beneficiaries). She named her son as her guardian, which means her son is legally in control of her grandmother’s assets. When the grandmother dies, the son must distribute the assets to the grandson because he is the heir. By doing so, the grandmother helped her family avoid probate court — because the assets were not in her name when she died, they did not have to go through the probate system. This maximizes the assets that end up with the grandchildren and minimizes the amount taken by the state.

Trust litigation occurs when there is a dispute over the administration of a trust or trust. This conflict is often between the beneficiary and the trustee. Some common conflicts include:

Trust Dispute Lawyers Near Me

These claims can be for both legitimate and illegitimate reasons. Sometimes, the heirs

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