Turkish Airlines Business Class 777 300er

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Turkish Airlines Business Class 777 300er – What impressed me about the Turkish Airlines 777-330ER Business Class flight from Los Angeles to Istanbul was not the quality service or the in-flight meals, but the seats.

Turkey10 Los Angeles (LAX) – Istanbul (IST) Monday Dec 17 Departure: 18:30 Arrival: 18:35 Duration: 13 hours 05 minutes Aircraft: 777-300ER Seats: 3K Turkish Airlines 777-300ER Business Class seat

Turkish Airlines Business Class 777 300er

Turkish Airlines Business Class 777 300er

Turkish Business Class 777 2-3-2. In general, we think business class seating 2-3-2 is old and competitive. I would never consider it competitive, although I bet the product has an expiration date.

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I call it convenience. Because you have more legroom than many business class seats on the market, especially in sleep mode. Instead of using a contracted floor, the chair is open, with an ottoman that attaches to the bed when lying down. There is plenty of room to spread out, especially if you sleep on your side.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I want the middle seat if I can avoid it, but this seat (which I’ve reviewed on LOT Polish Airlines and Uzbekistan Airlines) is very comfortable.

The seat controls also feature multi-function settings, power outlets, USB ports and LED reading lights.

Turkish Airlines’ 777-3ooER business class has 49 seats (seven rows of seven, four rows in the front cabin, and three rows in the rear cabin).

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At first I thought, wow…this is a nightmare. The blankets provided on the seats are nothing more than economy class blankets. Pillows are “business class” quality, but still thin.

But after catering, an FA offered my bed. He got a great mattress and comfort from the overhead bins in the back of the cabin. I breathed a sigh of relief. A bed is essential for a good night’s sleep, and while the Turkish bed isn’t the best (United’s business class still holds that honor), it’s comfortable.

Let’s back it up. Turkish Airlines has the best in-flight product…one of the best. However, Turkish Airlines is not very reliable in terms of operations. Looking back, I’ve been on almost every long-haul flight with Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines Business Class 777 300er

Tonight’s flight from Istanbul was delayed, initially we were an hour late, then it became two hours. I’m here to tell about the delays, traveler embarrassment, and my miscommunication with Frankfurt that got me a night in Istanbul (at the airport).

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My advice is to plan for a long layover and be mentally prepared for delays when flying Turkish Airlines.

On boarding, an FA seemed to offer me and the girl next to me pre-departure drinks. He was funny, introduced himself and promised to take care of us both during the flight. I painted a picture on the drink tray.

About five minutes later, after apparently talking to a colleague, he came back and wondered why I was taking pictures. I’m not much of a fan of pulling blogger cards, so I told her I run a travel concierge (I call it a rewards specialist) and take lots of pictures on planes to show what I’m capable of. Customer Documentation. The classroom experience is similar to Turkey. In my previous photo she asked me to make sure I didn’t take her name tag and told me not to tell anyone her name…  

I found it odd, but he and his colleagues provided excellent service throughout the flight.

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After dinner, an FA offered to make my bed without asking for my opinion. This is always a good move and a sign that FA cares.

Finally, when we (roughly) landed, I dropped my phone on the seat. I had to either try to fix the seat or do it myself, so I enlisted the help of two FAs. They held the mobile phone carefully, and finally managed to locate and retrieve it after 15 minutes.

Post-flight service begins with mixed nuts (including pistachios) and a drink of choice. I drank lemon/mint juice before the flight and opted for strawberry juice after the flight. Fresh juices are always the best in Turkey… well, almost always (see next section).

Turkish Airlines Business Class 777 300er

Turkish Airlines flights have a business class chef, or at least an FA in a chef’s uniform. Chefs hand out menus and fill out breakfast cards with pens. As with many airlines, on Turkish Airlines you decide what to have for breakfast before you go to bed so that last meal arrives faster.

Turkish Airlines Cabin Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

Here is the menu and wine list for the flight. I was very impressed with the wine selection, including rosé:

FA meticulously prepared a dining table for each business class passenger with placemats, cutlery, glasses, bread baskets, tableware such as olive oil and S&P, and finally a battery-operated candle that burned like a real candle . sublimation.

First, the main food service is provided by trolleys, but in a very professional manner. Started by choosing a starter with soup. I opted for the turkey meze which was good but the pumpkin soup was amazing.

I wanted to have lamb but it wasn’t on the menu so I opted for beef as a main course. The meat with potatoes and vegetables was well cooked and very tasty, especially with the spices provided.

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Dessert was another great treat…pecan pie, tiramisu and fresh fruit. There was even cheese, although I didn’t take it.

The menu includes on-demand sandwiches and in-flight cake snacks. I thought they would have drinks set up in the corridor between the two business classes, but when I got up to use the lounge, I found nothing but a few bottles of wine.

Two hours before landing, the lights change from purple to glowing white in preparation for the pre-arrival meal.

Turkish Airlines Business Class 777 300er

The first course is yogurt, cheese and seasonal fruit, all ripe and sweet. The croissants were hot and fluffy.

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Turkish coffee is also great. While you can’t go wrong ordering Turkish coffee, there are also filter coffee and espresso drinks if that’s too strong for you.

We are all snobs of all walks of life, and I agree that I am an orange juice snob. This means orange juice is high in sugar and I only drink fresh or recently squeezed orange juice…not concentrated or stored for weeks. When breakfast came, I spit out the orange juice…no way to keep it fresh! I asked the FA and he said it was too new. I insisted no and she brought the container.

It’s “100% orange juice” but pasteurized…completely ruined. He sat me down and asked if he could get orange juice “from Istanbul”. She did, and it made all the difference.

So totally a first world challenge, but if you start your trip in the US, ask Turkey for orange juice…  

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The washrooms in Business Class are beautifully furnished. In addition to the comfort of Molten Brown, you’ll also look for greenery, large bowls, and plenty of room to move.

Turkish Airlines provides shoes to every business class passenger. These are cute, but too small and skinny for my feet. I love this shoe bag for storing my shoes during the flight.

The travel kit is Bentley-branded and includes socks, eyeliner, earplugs, dental kit and some standard packs of moisturizer and lip balm bearing the Bentley logo.

Turkish Airlines Business Class 777 300er

Turkey has the largest IFE collection with a wide variety of Movies, TV Shows, Games and Audio. I didn’t watch any movies on this flight and would rather sleep. It’s not always easy…

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Before landing, gate information is displayed on monitors at each seat. As the country moved toward a theocracy, so did Islamic religious material.

Wi-Fi is free for Business Class passengers. Your seat number and last name will give you access. Wi-Fi worked well during the flight: I was able to book a first-class ticket in the air as I approached Istanbul.

As I mentioned before, Turkish Airlines has low operational reliability. It wasn’t fast enough to fly to Istanbul and turn Western Europe. But now that the US-Turkey visa issue has been resolved, I will not hesitate to take the long-distance flight with Turkish Airlines again. On-board products are worth the long drive. On this particular flight, I was surprised to find that I liked the business class seat.

Finally, keep in mind that Turkey not only offers affordable business class fares, but also plenty of award seats. There are no fuel surcharges when you book with Aeroplan, LifeMiles or MileagePlus.

Turkish Airlines Boeing 777 300er Business Class Seats Editorial Image

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