Turkish Airlines Business Class Review 777

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I’ve been flying a lot in Turkey lately and this is one of the airlines I recommend to any award traveler. Although it has issues like creating a password or buying multiple tickets, it still offers a deal where most airlines are saving money these days.

Turkish Airlines Business Class Review 777

Turkish Airlines Business Class Review 777

I have done long haul flights from New York to Istanbul as well as flights from Navier to Istanbul.

Flight Review Turkish Airlines 777 300er Business Class Istanbul To San Francisco

What I did not expect on this 55 minute flight was that I would be flying on a 777 with 49 business class seats in a 2-3-2 configuration.

I started with a short hop from Milas-Bodrum Airport (BJV) to Istanbul. The airport was very small but actually had a business class lounge with wide food options and a dedicated check-in

The flight was on time and we were ready to go to the lounge shortly after

It wasn’t surprising that we boarded the far gate, but the highlight was seeing the 777 up close. near

Review: Turkish Airlines Business Class B777 300er, Istanbul

When you compare the 777 on long haul, the 2-3-2 configuration isn’t that competitive, but for such a short flight it’s a real treat sitting in that cabin.

We boarded and considering that business class is divided into two cabins, there was plenty of space for luggage and bags.

I chose the two window seats and it should be a comfortable short trip where I don’t expect to be served much.

Turkish Airlines Business Class Review 777

The flight started with a welcome drink where I opted for an orange juice Turkish Airlines welcome usually has some of the best juices we’ve had in flight and I always look forward to it.

Airline Review: With Turkish Airlines In Business Class To Philippines

Siva’s surprise really arrived they prepared a menu which meant full meals would be served on the flight

It was an early morning flight so scrambled eggs with cheese, potatoes, mushrooms, cheese and fruit was the only breakfast option. Considering the short flight, it was an extensive business class breakfast offering

As soon as we left, the staff immediately started serving the food FA gave me a tray, and soon served the food

At first I couldn’t tell if the eggs would be good or not, but they surprised me. What I love about turkeys, which lay eggs, is that they are never cooked. These eggs are soft, moist and delicious with a little cheese

Review: Turkish Airlines A330 Business Class (short Haul)

I used my dinner as a vehicle for these green scrambled eggs and I couldn’t have asked for a better meal to start the day.

I didn’t expect much for a short flight and didn’t get a chance to make the most of IFE, but Turkey exceeded my expectations. In an industry where some airlines only offer breakfast boxes on 5-hour flights, Turkish isn’t shy and offers full hot meals on even shorter flights.

The cost of this flight is more than economy, I had to pay a little more to get a comfortable seat and a hot meal.

Turkish Airlines Business Class Review 777

I definitely won’t be the last to fly Turkish, but if they fix their customer service issues, it could be ranked among the best.

Review: Turkish Airlines 777 Business Class Istanbul To Singapore

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Some product links on this website will earn an affiliate commission This charge does not affect how and where products appear on this site See our advertising guidelines page for more information In January 2020, before the coronavirus pandemic, I Fly business class from Hong Kong to Istanbul on a Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-300ER. The carrier’s strict top business class product isn’t great, as the 2-3-2 layout lacks privacy and doesn’t offer direct aisle access for all passengers. However, Turkish Airlines excels when it comes to soft products, with excellent cuisine and affordable amenities. Or should I write “awesome” because Turkish Airlines has implemented a drastic reduction in food during the pandemic, now only offering pre-packaged boxes of cold food to business class passengers on long-haul business flights ( So I’m avoiding flying now).

Review: Turkish Airlines 777 300 Business Class

I paid 14,500 HKD (about 1800 EUR) for a return ticket from Hong Kong to Istanbul. I booked the ticket directly from the Turkish Airlines website.

Turkish Airlines Boeing 777 aircraft have two business class cabins in the front. The forward cabin has the majority of business class seats (28 in total, arranged in 4 rows), while the rear cabin has only 21 seats, arranged in 3 rows. arranged in In both cabins, business class seats facing forward 49 are arranged in a 2-3-2 configuration, meaning that passengers assigned to seats A, E and J do not have direct access. Obviously the 2-3-2 configuration isn’t ideal, but on the plus side, the legroom for each seat is fantastic. And while you should avoid this configuration when you’re traveling alone (as you don’t want to end up in the middle seat), it can be acceptable when you’re traveling with family.

The cabin itself has an open and airy feel, although some would interpret this as a complete lack of in-flight privacy as you can easily see other business class passengers during the flight. Turkish Airlines operates two “design” versions of the 777-300ER. The plane I flew to Istanbul was the latter of the two, which means a lighter design (with a comfortable black and red color scheme), between the seats. Large TV screens surrounded by privacy dividers and silver white panels (a nice. added touch).

Turkish Airlines Business Class Review 777

Turkish Airlines plans to upgrade its Boeing 777-300ER aircraft over the next four years with new business class seats that will provide direct access for every business class passenger.

Review: Turkish Airlines 777 300er Business Class Los Angeles To Istanbul

The maximum pitch of Turkish Airlines’ B777 business class seats is 78 inches (198 cm), defined as the space between one point of the seat and the same point of the seat in front. Seat width – defined as armrest distance – 22 inches (63 cm).

There is a tray table in the center console (between a pair of seats), which has to be removed. The console has a panel with seat controls, which are easy to use although not intuitive (I still don’t know what the “M+” or “MR” options mean). The interior side wall of the seat has a reading light, an in-flight entertainment headset and a sliding partition (so when you’re not traveling with your partner, you can turn your seat into a small self-capsule. Pocket side. Seat – below Central Armrest – Has a small storage area and also has a USB socket

The storage options around the seat are great, as the ottoman doubles as a storage box, big enough to hold a regular-sized bag, purse or laptop case. The ottoman also doubles as an extension of the seat in bed mode and, it must be said, the seat in bed mode is very comfortable: instead of the tiny legroom of most business class cabins today, the bed – which is about 2 meters or 78 inches Long – is open and has room to stretch. Especially if you are a side sleeper.

Turkish Airlines does a great job of providing an unforgettable culinary experience at 30,000 feet, which is why it ranks among the airlines with the best flights. Carrier catering is provided by Vienna-based Dow & Co. (which is also responsible for Austrian Airlines’ competitor catering). For each long-haul flight there is a “flight chef” – dressed in white and high-waisted – who greets passengers at the plane gate as they would at a restaurant and serves all Responsible for business class meals. Turkish Airlines is also the only airline to offer a candlelit dinner in the cloud as its elegant table setting includes accessories such as silverware, bread baskets, olive oil and S&P, and is battery operated. Candles included.

Review: Turkish Airlines Business Class Boeing 777 300er (sfo Ist)

During the flight from tonight

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