Ultimate Guide To The Presidents

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Ultimate Guide To The Presidents – S1 E1 E Ku’u (1825-1789) Released January 15, 2013 44m America is a brave worker for a great crisis. The 8-year war of independence was followed by intense political debates that established a popular government. In a world ruled by kings and emperors, this is a new experiment where democracy is divided into three branches – the judiciary, the legislature, and the executive. It’s a difficult balancing act that’s left up to interpretation.

S1 E2 Power to the Nation (1849-1824) Airs 15 January 2013 44m The era of the Founding Fathers has come to an end. Six presidents in the next 25 years will represent the country’s transition from old traditions to more land, power and opportunities.

Ultimate Guide To The Presidents

Ultimate Guide To The Presidents

S1 E3 A House Divided (1865-1849) Aired 16 January 2013 44m In the mid-1800s, America was expanding thanks to the bold but controversial decisions of presidents like Jefferson, Jackson and Polk. But the problem of slavery must be solved.

The Ultimate Guide To The Presidents

S1 E4 Peter Executive (1865-1901) Airs 16 January 2013 44m Civil War breaks out and America desperately needs a leader. The president who saw the country at its worst conflict died and left no road map for peace.

S1 E5 Call of Duty (1921-1899) Aired Jan 17, 2013 44m Since the end of the Civil War, the deep pockets of Congress and big industry have blocked the way for the country, but a president will fight for the common people. That’s all. Like the start of a brutal world war

S1 E6 The Changing of the Guard (1920-1945) Aired 17 January 2013 44m With the end of World War I, the economy begins to flourish. America is depressed.

S1 E7 Hail to the Boss (1945-1964) Aired Jan 18, 2013 44m After World War II, America emerges as a superpower. cold War

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S1 E8 Mantle of Power (1965-2013) Aired Jan 18, 2013 44m The President is driven by the personal crimes of those in office, and Congress is determined to regain power. The Cold War is coming to an end, but global terrorism is becoming more complex.

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