Us Army Prior Service Business Rules

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Us Army Prior Service Business Rules – 2/2 Show Title + Hide Title – Bravo commanders love to leverage veterans’ experience, knowledge and maturity, giving them extra responsibilities and leadership opportunities. Staff includes, from left, Sergeant First Class Derrick Dodds, … (Photo credit: United States)

REDSTONE ARSENAL, Alabama – While tough economic times can help with renting, it is not the economy that boosts Pvt. Dale Langer will join at the age of 41.

Us Army Prior Service Business Rules

Us Army Prior Service Business Rules

And with that opportunity, new skills, stable salary, good benefits and purpose.

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This experienced truck driver is now a mobile rocket launcher, having just completed advanced personal training at an ammunition and electronics school. He looks forward to using his new mechanical skills as a soldier stationed in Korea. He also hopes to practice that skill in the civilian world after completing his four years of military service.

“I’m just tired of driving trucks. I want competition. So I joined,” Langer said. “I was the oldest person to come through the door of the recruitment center in my hometown (in Northern California). They said I was the first person there to actually get involved at an early age. It’s a great challenge for me. I want something completely. Unlike others, I want to see if I can do it myself. Or not, and I did.

But before he was cleared to go to basic training in Fort Sill, Okla. Langer underwent a rigorous physical examination that included EKG readings, something that was not required by young soldiers. To prepare for basic training, Langer always runs and lifts weights.

His family was not too sure about his decision to join the group at that age, which kept him away from enlistment for a year, and in most cases at least 22 years older than most other soldiers. .

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“They thought I was a little crazy. But I’m not married and I do not have children. So it’s easier,” Langer said. “My sister thought it was great that I passed the basic exam at my advanced age.”

While standing at Redstone, Langer, now 42, actually won the fitness training title with a score of 90 or higher in all three events – push-ups, squats and runs. Although he is older than the average person, he is in perfect shape.

And with age he came to experience and a greater sense of responsibility, something he hoped would help. Give him better. He already has 17 years of experience working in sheet metal workshops, along with experience working in camps and warehouses and driving trucks.

Us Army Prior Service Business Rules

“I know I’m not as young as other men. But I feel like I have other things to offer,” he said. “I know I have more responsibilities than some kids who like to drink and party. I don’t like it too much. I like structure and discipline.”

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“I get a lot of old jokes, but I just watch them because I am an old person who wants to get involved.”

After many years as a civil servant, Langer said expectations were high at first.

“There are a lot of rules, but I understand that because the police of the department work with a lot of young people,” he said.

The maximum age limit for new recruits is 42, up from 35 in 2006. The ranks for the Navy are 35 years, the Marines are 28 years and the Air Force is 27 years.

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“There really is no problem with recruiting seniors,” said John Towers, market and mission analyst at Arsenal-based Second Recruitment Division. “Anyone can serve.” There is always something for everyone.

“Older recruiters have a level of maturity that you do not often see in the 18-19- and 20-year-olds, or even college graduates.”

However, even in a quiet economy, most recruiters are between 18 and 25 years old. The number of recruiters over the age of 25 is only a small percentage of all recruiters, Towers said.

Us Army Prior Service Business Rules

“The economy is pushing old recruiters, but it is not as influential as you think.” “Older people are not interested in the military because they have more settlements and more options. Many times the old recruits have pre-service and want to return.”

Prior Service Business Rules

There are older soldiers who, even though they have a career, join the army because that’s what they Always wanted.

“For these old recruits, the military is a challenge. It’s something they feel they have to do. Maybe they feel that way because they want to serve their country in a patriotic way. Or they see it as a community service, “said Magdalem.

“Older recruiters usually have a wife or husband and children,” Towers said. “When we talk about benefits, we have to include families. Taking care of their families is a priority for them.”

Towers said they may be able to recruit when it comes to older recruits, especially in the South Central (Texas, Arizona and Mexico) and the southeast, both of which have the largest selection numbers.

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Each year, the military recruits about 300,000 recruits to retain 2.26 million troops, crew, airmen and Marines. In 2008, more than 80,000 new recruits were brought in. While the budget target for 2009 was 65,000, he actually signed 70,045, according to a Pentagon report.

“The whole recruitment order is going well at the moment,” he said. “In mid-August, we may have to reduce our monthly mission because we will be closer to the end-of-year strength for this year. The end-strength will be determined by Congress and will be measured on October 1. “That date is approaching this year. Our recruiters are with our recruiters.”

At Bravo, division chiefs can see the differences of senior commanders in their division. But they do not have to be Langer’s 42-year-old to be among the unit’s senior soldiers.

Us Army Prior Service Business Rules

“If they come in and they are in their early to mid-30s, we see that they are getting older,” Sgt. First grader Chris Patterson said. “This is because we (company employees) are that age and already have a career. The 30-year-old soldiers who have just joined the service have previous life experience.”

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Although veterans are recognized and seen as potential leaders among young soldiers, they still have to deal with rules and regulations that seem completely different from their current experience and knowledge. They.

“The kind of training they are receiving is pretty one-sided and focuses on the 18- and 20-year-olds who have just arrived,” Patterson said. “When the veterans came in, we did not know what kind of people we were. They brought some experiences that we did not have. And we also had to think about their strength and physical ability.”

“If a senior soldier comes with positive experience and good attitude, he can quickly reach the top of the ranks,” Sgt said. Sonia Porter First Class.

“They can use their good life experiences to build easier relationships with young soldiers and talk to them about their future,” she said. They can be good trainers and young soldiers will be able to see their maturity in their activities.

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“But if they are never mature, they can become very dangerous and can develop behaviors that they do not need to listen to their symbols.”

Soldiers in the brigade are accused of preparing soldiers for experiences that often include counseling young soldiers about personal, financial, and emotional issues that may arise during training. With veterans, this work often involves learning about a soldier’s personal and professional history in order to better adapt to the experience.

“You have to get to the root of where they come from and understand their demographics,” Sgt. 1st grader Derrick Dodds said.

Us Army Prior Service Business Rules

“They could have started a small business first, or they could have climbed the corporate ladder and something happened that took them all away. They see the military as a valuable opportunity to keep their family together. Let them stay together. ”

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The platoon often matches the veterans with the junior soldiers, hoping that the guiding situation will evolve naturally. Older individuals often have motivation and desire and need to feel that they are contributing and making a difference in their organization.

“We want to give them a sense of responsibility. They already have responsibilities at their age, so we want to give them someone they can mentor,” Dodds said. Dodds.

“They are more likely to handle things better if they feel they are helping young soldiers. We do not want to reduce their age and experience.

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